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AcneFree Therapeutic Sulfur Mask - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on June 6, 2011
Photo by: jcm_blabs
Photo by: jcm_blabs

Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

With so many acne products on the isles of the retail jungles, choosing an effective one can be frustrasting and intimidating. This is especially true of products that you may have never heard of, or seen, until it is actually sitting on the shelves.

A lot of us have struggled with stubborn acne in its many aggravating forms and discovering that ah-ha cleanser, cream or mask can take years for some people. That was true for me as my skin is a combination skin being both oily and dry. On January of this year, 2011, I went to Wal-Mart looking for something that will not only rid my face of impurities, but also leave it feeling fresh and without discomfort.

That is when I stumbled upon AcneFree™ Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, with Vitamin C and Copper Extract, made by University Medical Pharmaceuticals. Its display on the shelf proclaimed to be "America's #1 Best Selling Acne Treatment System." They also claim to be better than Proactiv®, which I had tried using in the past. So, after 15 minutes of indecisiveness, I purchased the 1.7-ounce mask tube. I was drawn by its natural component of 3.5 percent sulfur. It is said that sulfur was used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians for a miriad of purposes including treatment of skin afflictions.

The first evening using it, I was surprised. I was expecting for the mask to dry on my face and create an irritating sensation, but it did not. Instead, once rinsed off of my face with warm water, I felt that the mask had a pleasant cooling and skin-tightening feeling leaving a smooth feel and texture. I was also worried that the scent of the product would remind me of a fourth-of-July weekend with the smell of gun powder, as sulfur is used to make gun powder in fireworks, but the it was pretty tolerable.

Within a week of me using it, I noticed that my break-outs, especially the black heads that never seem to go away, were very minimal. I appreciate how the manufacturer throws in a one-dollar and a two-dollar-off coupons within the packaging for a future purchase of another sulfur mask container and/or one of their complete AcneFree™ systems.

Who knows, it might be a silver lining for you in this cloudy acne time!

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