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Act Wisely And Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

Updated on August 6, 2012

Many people suffer from lower back pain. You may also be one of the sufferers. The problem is that you will not be able to enjoy anything in your life if you have this pain. But, many people commit the mistake of ignoring this pain. Some of them think that it is because of aging they are having this pain. This notion is wrong. There can be quite a few reasons for this pain.

Experts categorize lower back pain into two types. One is the acute type and the other is the chronic type. Acute pain may not last for a longer period. You may have it for a brief period of about two or three days. Some people may have it for one or two weeks. But, if the pain is chronic, you may have it for a period of three months or even longer.

In general, the cause for this pain is the incorrect posture you use for sitting or while lifting heavy items. If you try to have an intense workout also, you may have this pain. Many ladies get this pain during pregnancy because they may not be comfortable with the baby's weight. In women, complications like the ovarian cysts or fibroids may also cause this pain. Hernia or kidney related problems like stones or infections may also be the reasons for this pain in both men and women.

The main advice you will get for getting relief from this pain is that you should improve your posture. If you are in a constantly slouching posture, you are prone to be affected by this pain. It has been found that slouching increases the pressure on your lower back by 15 times. Those who sit and work on their desks for longer hours may also be affected by lower back pain. That is the reason you are advised to get up from your seat once in 20 minutes and have a stroll. Nowadays, you get ergonomic chairs and they give good support to your neck and spinal cord.

In many cases, the mattress people use for sleeping may be the reason for this pain. You should ensure that your mattress is not very soft. Firm coir or cotton mattresses are very good and they will not cause any pains on your back.

Experts even go a step further and advise that you should not get up with a jerk when you wake up in the mornings. If you make it a habit to get up gently even if the alarm bell alerts you that you have over-slept, you can avoid such back pains.

When you lift weights, you should bend your knees and try to lift them instead of bending from the waist or stooping. You should also take steps to tone or flatten your tummy because a fat belly may lead to pain on the back. You are also forbidden from doing your exercises when you are having your back pain. The only exercise you can do when you have this pain is walking. You should not use pain killers excessively because it has been proved that they cause harmful side effects.

You should keep all these points in mind and act accordingly. You can get rid of your back pains soon if you act wisely.


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