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Act Your Age When It Comes To HBOT Therapy.

Updated on October 10, 2011

To look at some of the less scrupulous commercial websites you would be forgiven for thinking that hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT therapy for short, is the elixir of life for the modern age. Some of them wax lyrical about the powerful anti aging action of the therapy. They also go on about the energizing and detoxifying ability of pressurized oxygen. Unfortunately some of these pseudo scientific sites emphasize the outstanding improvements to autism symptoms, ADD and cerebral palsy. HBOT therapy builds muscle control and aids brain function, they claim.

The only thing that can be said for sure is that HBOT therapy cures atmospheric sickness and air embolism. There are a further 9 conditions for which the FDA recommend and support the use of HBOT therapy.

Of course if you have more money than sense you can follow in the footsteps of image obsessed celebrities. Remember Michael Jackson splashed all over the tabloids in the '80s in his personal hyperbaric chamber. His search for eternal youth has proved to be sadly misguided. Unfortunately many health cultists continue to seek the holy grail by spending lots of time in their own hyperbaric chambers and claiming cancer remissions and many other improvements to chronic diseases.

Where there is demand there will soon be suppliers. So portable HBOT therapy units are popping up in spas and clinics all over the States. The wealthy can also rent or buy units for domestic use as and when they feel the desire to turn back the body clock again.

HBOT therapy unit manufacturers of course have no responsibility for the end use of their products. They are not cheap. The 'Shallow Dive' is made by the Summit and Sea company and is 70cms wide and just over 2 meters in length. It is complete with its own compressor to fill the 'chamber' with filter air at a pressure of 1.2 ATA. It costs just $7000.

HyperbaricsRX is another company who have a model called the Grand Dive portable chamber which pressurizes the user in 1.3 ATA and gives pure oxygen via an integral mask for true HBOT therapy. Both models are meant to treat altitude sickness and can be rented on a daily basis in the mountains. Neither unit will hold back the body's natural aging process. We are all prisoners of our genes for this.

Clinical HBOT therapy is very different from these portable affairs. Hospital HBOT therapy involves multiple occupancy chambers, atmospheric pressure up to six time above normal and of course pure oxygen. HBOT therapy under medical circumstances is under strict regulatory control and is undoubtedly efficacious for a range of conditions and speeds up the healing of wounds.

In the final analysis oxygen is essential for life, but air is only 21% oxygen and human beings have adapted to that atmosphere. Pure oxygen is an energy giver. It feeds fire in an explosive way and it boosts blood flow and all bodily processes including healing. But doesn't that just say it also boosts aging? Far from anti aging, HBOT therapy is a fools errand.


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