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How Can Toxins Contribute to Diabetes?

Updated on October 23, 2012

Activated Liquid Zeolite

What is diabetes and why is it one of the top three most common health disorders in our society today?

Diabetes is a serious hormonal and metabolic disorder where the body is unable to deal with carbohydrates and sugars. The current thought is that it is an autoimmune disease that is inherited, and that it is then triggered by external factors like diet and toxic exposure.

Diabetes is characterised by high blood sugar, and it is a disease that can cause many complications and some of these can have acute symptoms. It was reported in 2006 that 171 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and this number seems to be increasing annually at alarming rates.

The major contributor to the disease is a poor diet- a diet low in fibre and complex carbohydrates, and high in processed foods like fats, sugars, and meats (particularly processed meats). What is common to these processed foods is a contaminant called toxic nitrates, and studies have shown that high consumption of this toxic substance can lead to both cancer and diabetes.

Nitrosamines are found most readily in processed red meats as they are used for preserving and processing the meat. These nitrosamines are toxic to the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for insulin production and secretion.

Both forms of Diabetes contribute to other diseases in the body. These include cardiovascular disease, circulatory problems, kidney failure, eye problems, ulcers, amputation, stroke, psoriasis, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

While the pharmaceutical companies’ profits are soaring, our health is becoming deeply affected by the toxic burden our bodies are being subjected to on all fronts. Many of the diseases and illnesses that arise from the toxic burden are not recognised by mainstream doctors as being caused by toxins and pesticides. This is why it is extremely important at this time to educate yourself about your health, and take responsibility for your well-being.

What Is Zeolite And How Can It Help?

Zeolite is a mineral that has been used for centuries as a supplement to promote vitality and health. Clinically proven to significantly reduce toxic burden, Activated Liquid Zeolite is one of the safest and most effective naturally detoxifying minerals. It attracts and captures toxic particles, including heavy metals, radioactive particles, viruses, and toxic substances. These toxins are then safely and effectively eliminated from the body. At the same time, it acts as an antioxidant by trapping free radicals.

Glucose is a slightly positively charged molecule and zeolite is negatively charged, and its structure is like a matrix of cages. Unlike the toxins, that become trapped in the cages of the zeolite, the glucose binds to the mineral, and thus cannot be reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Pure Body zeolite will help to reduce the toxic burden your body may be suffering from.

Structure Of The Mineral Zeolite

Activated Liquid Zeolite also absorbs the nitrosamines found in the blood stream and gastric juices, thus reducing their absorption and preventing them from reacting with the bodies’ biochemistry.

Zeolite will continue to search the body for toxic substances and chemicals, and eliminate them, and this in turn will help balance pH in the body, which is important for a diabetic.

What Does Stewart A. Lonky M.D. Say About The Product?

Dr Lonky says- “Because chemical and toxin exposures are impossible to avoid, and because the accumulation of these toxins definitely have health consequences, I believe that the use of a chelating and detoxifying agent such as Activated Liquid Zeolite should be a part of every person’s daily regimen. There is no better gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.”

Why Is Activated Liquid Zeolite So Effective?

One of the reasons that Activated Liquid Zeolite is the best- selling mineral detoxification product on the market is the process that it is put through before it is bottled. Zeolites by nature are the cleaners of the planet- they naturally absorb toxins and chemicals in the environment. Therefore, when the raw minerals arrive at the processing plant, they are purified and detoxified and then the powder is micronised, in order that the molecules are small enough to cross through the digestive tract and into the blood stream.

The reason this is so important is that it enables the zeolite to travel all around the body to the parts where the toxins are stored- in inactive fat and tissues, organs, bones and the brain. Activated Liquid Zeolite differs from other products on the market in this significant way, as other products have a molecular structure that is too large to leave the digestive tract. There are several different brands of zeolite on the market however the most extensively researched and clinically proven zeolite is available here -----> Pure Body

Who Can Use Activated Liquid Zeolite?

Zeolites are not absorbed at all by the body, which is why they are safe for pregnant women, breast- feeding mothers, young toddlers, and pets. They take between 3-5 hours to pass through the body, and this is why you need to take them on a regular basis. After using the product for a while, the body gets used to being in detox mode, and soon begins to release into the blood stream previously sequestered (stored in the inactive tissue) toxins, which are then easily mopped up by the zeolite. This is why it is important to take the product over a period of time, say three months, to give your body a chance to release long-stored toxins.

Activated Liquid Zeolite

How Much Do I Need?

4 drops three times a day.

One bottle will provide one month's supply at 4 drops 3 times a day.

To try the product for yourself go to Activated Liquid Zeolite

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should always seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner or vet.

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    • profile image

      xen 7 years ago

      I did not know that nitrates and toxins were involved in diabetes and, with family members having the disease, and myself at some risk, it seemed to be something that you just had to put up with, with medication.It is a huge relief to find there is something natural we can do to help ourselves and I am relieved that my having already started zeolite may also fend off my getting diabetes. Thank you for being so informative and clear.

    • Spiritual Growth profile image

      Spiritual Growth 7 years ago from Bristol, England

      Thank you Marina. Yes, it all starts with a question - what is best for me? Love and blessings.

    • profile image

      Marina Lester 7 years ago

      Interesting, we definitely have to think about our health in a different way in today's world. Thank you. :)