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Acupressure Sandals For Overall Health

Updated on November 11, 2011

The Foot Is Important !

Did you know that your feet hold the key to your overall energy and well being? Absolutely! Apart from providing you balance as you walk or run, the feet can be the right place to bring relief to most ailments you may have. True, we all love beautifying our feet with an excellent pedicure. But, giving yourself a foot massage applying pressure to certain points on the foot makes you stressfree and improves blood circulation. You might wonder at this. But, this works on the reflexology principle since the feet are connected to all the organs in the body. A Foot Chart such as the one in the picture below shows you which area of your foot is connected to which part of your body.

Foot reflexology or acupressure for the feet or foot massage can be done as part of your daily exercise routine or you could choose to wear the readily available sandals made for the purpose. These can be worn for a few minutes a day and slowly you could increase the amount of time you wear it for best results.

Benefits Gained From Foot Reflexology

  1. Improved circulation
  2. Relaxes and energizes you
  3. Stimulates internal organs and major energy medians that end in the feet
  4. Improves sleep
  5. Maintains your overall health
  6. Prevents sickness

In China, self therapy measures such as foot massages are part of the daily regimen and help take control of one's overall health effectively. Therapeutically used, foot massages can be helpful in healing of specific diseases or used to maintain one's health.

Reflexology Foot Chart depicting pressure points connected to various parts of body

Acupressure Sandals

Acupressure is generally associated with sharp needles that are thrust into the skin to pinpoint the exact pressure points that are connected to particular organs to relieve troublesome conditions. One need not be bothered about needles if using the acupressure sandals giving you the same effective results.

Acupressure sandals are footwear, based on acupressure and magnetic treatment therapy with foot reflexology. The pair consist of pressure points and magnets for powerful results. Based on the principle that the pressure points in the soles of our feet influence every part of our body, these sandals are a great way to relieve any pain or simply to destress, while rejuvenating every part of your anatomy. They can be used by anyone and are available in various sizes to fit correctly for maximum benefit. If you cannot give yourself a foot massage or do not have the time to find the correct reflexology points from a foot chart before pressing on, and yet want a short cut method to the benefits, these acupressure sandals are for you. You will soon find yourself to be a more relaxed, energized individual with great improvement in overall health.

Foot Massages Based on Reflexology Part 1

Part 2


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    • SamboRambo profile image

      Samuel E. Richardson 

      9 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      I start to relax and go to sleep just reading your article. I love for people to scratch my feet.

    • ahbless profile image


      9 years ago

      Another way to have healthy and strong feet is to always stand with your weight evenly distributed when standing for long or short periods of time.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      10 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      Excellent hub! I will be ordering 2 pair of the slippers. Had a pair years ago and liked them. Thank you for the very good and helpful information. Rated up and awesome


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