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Acupressure for Lovers: The Power of Touch

Updated on March 8, 2010

Acupressure for Lovers: The Power of Touch

Acupressure for Lovers: The Power of Touch. Have you heard of that before? It is amazing how the power of touch can give pleasure specially to lovers. Know the basic of acupressure for lovers and you will never regret it. There is nothing like enjoying intimate moment with your loved one. A well satisfied lover emotionally and physically works very well toward a lasting relationship. Sexual intimacy between a lover is maximize when one knows how to know just where to touch your loved one. Acupressure the art of traditional and alternative healing works in applying pressure directly to the spot (acupressure points) using your thumb et al. to the portion of the body to ease pain or for pleasure purposes. It is a traditional Chinese medicine and is used as an alternative form of healing. Acupuncture Is synonymous with acupressure but the main difference is that acupressure the thumbs, palm or hand instead of needles. So come and join me in discovering acupressure points to increase the power of touch for your loved one. Its exciting isn't it? Acupressure for lovers and the power of touch, seems magical and yes indeed it is. It is fun and I know you will enjoy the consequences.


Objectives of this articles are:

  • To bring the readers attention to the different acupressure points which serves as stimuia;tion point (erogenous zone) to really enjoy the intimate moments with your partner. I will utilize a video to explain further the concept of acupressure and where the points are located
  • To discuss in brief what acupressure is and the history of acupressure
  • Part of the discussion is the benefits you derived using the technique of acupressure in your love life
  • Based on the discussion, a conclusion will be supplied

intimate moments starts with good knowledge of acupressure points
intimate moments starts with good knowledge of acupressure points

Benefits of lovers acupressure

  1. To enjoy intimate moments with your partner as a loving sexual moments is a good way of relaxation and to relieve stress
  2. Enjoy lasting relationship with your partner through good intimate moments using acupressure
  3. Sexual intimacy is a good way of communication for a lasting relationship

Acupressure points for intimate enjoyment

the point where the neck and back meets the spine is one of the main acupressure point for lovers
the point where the neck and back meets the spine is one of the main acupressure point for lovers

What is Acupressure?

  • Acupressure is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in which physical pressure is applied to points by the thumbs, hand, elbow, or with various devices. It originated in China and it has been used for thousand of years and it is proven effective for the healing of certain diseases.
  • The main point of acupressure is releasing the energy in acupressure points for the release of energy and give relief to your body. it goes with the concept of meridian meaning the acupressure points are not the ones who are directly cured bu it works fir the other parts of the body corresponding to the acupressure points.
  • The pressure points are the same with acupuncture and it is also used to balance the Qi, or flow of energy, which is believed to run through invisible channels known as meridians. The difference is that instead of using needles the treatment of acupressure is carried out by firm massage.
  • Acupressure is not considered as a cure but more as a way of relieving symptoms and can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Success is claimed in the relief of the following ailments: allergy, arthritis, asthma, back pain, circulation problems, depression, digestive problem, insomnia, migraine, and tension.



History of Acupressure

The power of touch to stimulate a person has been discovered a long time ago, as old as humans themselves. People use touch to please a lover. Chinese use the traditional method of healing and acupressure is one of it. Acupressure is a way to enjoy the power of touch with your partner and enjoy intimate moments. Finding the acupressure points is necessary and to know exactly where it is located then you can work on it for your pleasure with your partner.

It has been said that "the ancient Chinese hypothesised that energy circulated in the body via specific channels, which they called meridians. They considered that the balance and transmission of this energy from side to side, top to bottom and from the inside to the outside of the body was of great importance. They expressed this idea using their doctrine of Yin and Yang, which considers that everything is an amalgam of opposites (the opposited being called Yin or Yang). Yang was associated with activity, fire, the sunny side of a hill or the male principle and Yin was associated with physical substance, water, the dark side of the hill or the female principle. The balance between these two opposites was considered to be constantly fluctuating, in other words it was a dynamic balance. If one was out of balance, in an energetic sense, the principle of treatment would be to re-establish that balance."

Stimulation of acupressure points for good intimate moments

  • Along the tendons of the shoulder it is also good for stimulation and gently massage it using your fingers, gently massaging is also good during foreplay or actual intimate moments
  • For men try massaging their back, and back of their legs as well, and stimulating the feet and massaging it as well will make them in the mood and to elevate their sexual senses
  • The point where the skull is connected to the spine is a good acupressure points as well, touch it and massage ti gently while kissing your partner, or during actual intimate moments. It is sure to make your partner enjoy your intimate moments.The tingling sensation that it creates is good.
  • Rub gently the arms and back of arms of your partner, massage their upper arms and it will send a goose bump to them
  • One of the acupressure points for lovers is the point just behind the knee and it is found behind the crease of the knee in between the ligaments, massage it while giving your partner a gentle massage for foreplay. You can also hold onto the knee in this part during intimate moments.
  • One acupressure spot is "found in the crease on the thick tendons where her legs join her abdomen near her hipbone". "This area may be highly ticklish, so lean into these tendons gradually with the heel of your hand and apply pressure for one minute."


Acupressure how it works


  1. The TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine utilizes an alternative way of health satisfaction and overall method of alternative healing putting into mind, soul, body and mind. Acupressure like acupuncture is as old as humans so to speak, and they have been effective and people in the Eastern world have been persusing It for thousand of years, until precipitated to the western world.
  2. There is nothing like intimate moments with your loved one and acupressure is one way to maximize loving moments with your partner. After a days work, we are expected to be pampered by nobody else but by our partner in life. Good loving and intimate  moment is  one way of maximizing a good relationship.
  3. It is my opinion that when you mixed acupressure with aromatherapy and other form of alternative way of looking at health in general to boost your intimate love moments you will reach the most enjoyable intimate moments with your loved one.

You can also check my other article about using aromatherapy -- How to Perk Up Your Romantic Life With Aromatherapy


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    • marimccants profile image


      7 years ago

      Excellent hub. Useful and interesting.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great information. Sometimes we all seem to lose track of what to do at the right time. Stop and think and I get back on track.

      Thank you for this Hub


      Also As Always Rprcarz50 Keep on Hubbing



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