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Acupuncture For Acne - Chinese Approach Towards Curing Acne

Updated on April 13, 2011

So you may be asking this question to yourself 'why the heck should one relate acne to acupuncture?'. It's common that people consider most of the time acupuncture as the unique Chinese method for treating physical problems. That's actually a misconception then. Acupuncture is not something dedicated for curing one type of disease but it's just a great collection of treatments for all kinds of diseases prevailing on the planet. Fortunately, acne is of no exception and thus came out to be a very nice option for those who want a cure with no difficulties.


Acupuncture treatment is very effective for acne and a lot of people have clearly shared their reviews and personal experience undergoing the same. It's safe, 100% natural and totally effective. One added advantage of acupuncture over the traditional acne treatment is the fact that it provides over all prevention of acne in the years to come. Yes, something like immunity towards acne. Though, all people are not the same with same body conditions, this treatment has shown diversity in showing results like time taken to cure acne or other minor aspects. But it's effective for sure.

All you need is to know what the causes and symptoms are. Don't worry, you need not research and find out those data yourself. The acupuncture practitioner would closely examine you before undergoing the treatment. He will ask you a series of questions ranging from the most general ones like diet and eating habits up to deeper ones like hormonal disorder, etc.

If you have watched any Chinese movies mentioning acupuncture or any such documentaries about this treatment, then you would surely know about their habit of looking at your tongue. Well, it's not a habit actually, it's the way they reach into the right perspective of your acne condition and thus the treatment mode which is right for you. By the way, tongue is an indicator of your internal body chemistry.

Is Acupuncture Painful While Treating For Acne?

Not at all. If you can bear an effect of slight pinch then you won't call it a pain actually. You will notice the momentarily touch of the pin while the practitioner does the treatment. That's all for the pain. And as you know, the acupuncture needles are way too different from the conventional or injection needles. They are specially designed in such a way that they never tear the tissues but applies pressure on the portions of the skin.

Other Medicines You Need to Try

They are actually not medicines like the ones available from our local stores. The Chinese medicines are all herbs with great effectiveness. And it's not just one herb but a collection of herbs and they advise you to consume it in a unique way they instruct for maximum effectiveness.

How Quick Is Acupuncture for Acne?

Here comes the interesting thing. You need not wait for months or years to see the difference and effectiveness of the treatment. You can experience while undergoing the treatment itself. Yes, in just a matter of day. But it takes around a month for the body to completely re-adjust. Still, it's quick.

The advantages and facts about acupuncture for acne cannot be completely mentioned in this single article since there are too many interesting things about this mode of acne treatment. And hope this simple article was helpful to you in providing an overview of what 'acupuncture for acne' is all about.


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    • profile image

      chiropractic marketing 6 years ago

      Great Hub. Very Informative.

      Regular acupuncture treatment maintains the body's good health. It has many benefits such as: improves the immune system, releases stress as it calms the mind, relaxes the muscles & tendons, improves sleep, and detoxifies the body, as it releases beneficial hormones such as endorphin & dynorphin.