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Acupuncture in Cary NC

Updated on August 18, 2011

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

You have most likely heard of acupuncture and you may even have thought about visiting and acupuncture doctor. While acupuncture is still not common in the United States, it has been in Chinese medicine for centuries and remains prominent even today.

In fact, acupuncture is one of the few forms of alternative medicine which even has support from studied done by the World Health Organization. However, the Western world has still been slow to adopt the treatment and it is widely considered a novelty. But many people are left wondering how it really works.

tapping in acupuncture needle
tapping in acupuncture needle

The Belief Behind Acupuncture

You first have to understand that Chinese medicine and Western medicine have completely different views about the human body. The body is broken down much differently by Chinese doctors and they approach treatments in much different ways. Acupuncture doctors have a Chinese view of the body and approach treatments in a much different way.

Without getting into too much detail, acupuncture specialists believe the body is divided into many different pathways. In order to stay healthy, these pathways need to maintain a strong and constant flow. If the areas begin to stagnate, acupuncture can be used to reinvigorate the body.

What Happens During an Acupuncture Treatment?

Let us use a common headache as an example for an acupuncture doctor. In Western medicine, you would simply ingest an analgesic such as aspirin. But in acupuncture, the specific points in the face and head which are believed to trigger headaches would be targeted in addition to the webbing of the thumb, which is also believed to be related.

The acupuncture specialist would insert very fine metal threads into the specified points at a very shallow depth. The patient would rest while the needles are in and the acupuncture doctor may apply pressure to the area of the thumb during this period. After a short duration, the needles would be removed and the patient released.

What Can Acupuncture Help With?

In 2003, the World Health Organization released a long list of ailments for which they determined acupuncture had positive effects in treating. While the Western world still maintains this skepticism, Chinese acupuncture doctors have been practicing their craft for ages. Acupuncture is used to treat a wide variety of ailments and the only way to know if an acupuncture doctor can help you is to visit one.

It is understandable why many Americans still question acupuncture. In appearance, a person with a dozen needles in their face looks just a little frightening. And having to reconsider the notions of how the body works may be difficult. But acupuncture is considered very safe and many Americans may have a more open mind if they just paid an acupuncture doctor in Cary NC a visit.

Acupuncture Treatment

Add Acupuncture to Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight problems in America have reached what are epidemic proportions. Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of individuals who meet the definition of obesity has more than doubled over the past two decades. Approximately 65 million American adults might be considered to be clinically obese.

Acupuncture is being researched for its benefits in aiding fat reduction, previous studies have shown mixed outcomes. A 2003 research discovered Acupuncture to work in weight reduction therapy. In that sample, weekly ear acupuncture helped women lose extra fat much much more successfully.

An Australian trial has added credibility to the concept that Acupuncture can help within the fight against weight problems. The outcomes using the trial, published in a recent issue of Medical Acupuncture, suggest that Acupuncture could be efficient when utilized along with a dieting and exercise program in helping obese people shed fat. It produces benefits beyond those found with dieting and physical exercise alone.

The exam involved 30 adult patients who had been recruited from a general practice clinic in Australia. All of those selected had been considered to be clinically overweight, had been not suffering from any kind of debilitating illness and weighed between 172 and 265 pounds at the beginning of the trial.

In the control group, patients had been instructed to follow a restricted diet plan that had them consume only two-thirds of their usual dietary intake and limit fat consumption for five weeks. They had been also asked to comply with an aerobic physical physical exercise program that consisted of 20 to 30 minutes of walking, cycling or swimming three times per week.

Sufferers in the Acupuncture group had been asked to comply with the similar dieting and exercise plan as the control group, but also received 20 minutes of Acupuncture twice per week for five weeks. In addition, a little patch containing a stainless steel pellet was taped over the hunger point of each ear and worn throughout the study. Sufferers had been asked to press on the pellets for one minute upon waking, prior to each meal or snack and sometimes each morning and afternoon.

Analysis of measurements taken before and after the study showed considerably greater extra fat loss within the patients who obtained Acupuncture compared to those who did not. Patients within the Acupuncture group were able to lose a typical 10.6 pounds per individual. Patients who followed the diet and physical exercise program, but who had been not treated with Acupuncture, only lost usually 5.3 pounds over the identical time period.

Nine Acupuncture sufferers lost at least 11 lbs throughout the course of treatment; only three of the control sufferers experienced a similar kind of fat reduction. The outcomes of this research show that Acupuncture is definitely an effective addition to regular physical exercise and sensible diet plan for the promotion of extra fat loss.

Acupuncture Treatment The Basics


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