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Adderall, Three Reasons You Can't Get It

Updated on February 23, 2013

Adderall, Three Reasons You Can’t Get It

Adderall, Three Reasons You Can’t Get It
Adderall, Three Reasons You Can’t Get It | Source

Adderall, Three Reasons You Can’t Get It

Adderall, Three Reasons You Can’t Get It

The shortage of the prescription Adderall, is incredible or is this how the world drug manufacturers and government agencies are going to short the world. What we’re trying to say here is if your one of the few million that takes this popular ADHD drug, Adderall, you’re not going to find it. You will not find the generic Adderall, but you will find the Brand name, Adderall that can cost about 400.00 for a 30 day supply, compared to the co-pay you use to pay for generic. It is only one of the most popular medications in the United States made by Shire Pharmaceuticals. This medication has been in what is called a ,”Drug Shortage”, where most are blaming Shire than the DEA for this shortage of Adderall in pharmacies around the United States. Let’s face it , popular schedule II narcotic that is helping several million people out with their problems , yet making Shire extremely wealthy from sales and the DEA says the quotas have been met for this medication. The, “quota”, means that the DEA sets a limit on how much of the drug is allowed into the United States and manufactured for drug product such as the pills called Adderall.

Adderall prescriptions have been on the increase each year with so many Psychiatrist and medical doctors writing millions of triplicate prescriptions for Adderall. The reason these are in triplicate prescription forms is one has to go to the DEA because this medicine is a class two narcotic, therefor holding doctors and pharmacies to blame for what is happening now, shortages. When there is an increase in a product, there will be a higher demand, which is elementary. How is it then that our DEA cannot figure this simple formula out for adhering to the upsurge of patients taking this medication? By the accuracy of the forms sent in to the DEA each year, it would be quite evident that supply and demand are not being met. What is frustrating to most people is America is concerned with the drug cartels in Mexico, and the idea that America cannot even keep a popular narcotic on the shelves in our own country seems ludicrous, if not dumbfounded. Do we blame our DEA agency for this shortage or do we blame the Shire drug manufacturing company? It’s a hard call.

The Shire manufacturer is making a killing off the generic Adderall being off the shelf. The brand medication of Adderall is about 3.50 per pill on average. If the DEA has put restrictions on the manufacturing of Adderall , thus causing a problem with prescription administration to the general public, would that not surprise a person living in the United States where actually not much is making sense coming out of government. Conspiracy theories are looking more valid when problems with getting medication for a normal condition that effect almost every family in the United States in one way or another is frightening. Is this Adderall problem just the beginning of a bigger problem with getting medications needed and not being able to because of a governmental estimate may have been incorrect , such as Adderall going to affect cancer patients and HIV patients.

You bet this is only the beginning to the end of how we live in our America, or is it our America. You look on the internet for Adderall and you will find some junk that can possibly make you sick from buying from foreign countries. Is this a radical way of quietly telling the American people that you shut up and listen and put up with it , like communism. It sure reminds some of this sort of idea. In researching this report there were speculations all over the internet as to why Adderall is not available to only the rich, in that it is by the brand name. This weeds out the poor, and uninsured that cannot take off from work and drive 100 miles to pick up a prescription that is widely used in the United States.

We can only thank God that this is not a life or death medication, yet this will have some influence on people’s lives. This is showing us that we are not in control of our own government and some other force is. Let's look at it this way, none of this is opinion, these are facts from a few web sites and this one .

God bless America, land that I love , stand beside her and guide her till the night turns today , and the Adderall is away. We have lost all control over our medical benefits, our money that is highly taxed, an economy that is the dump, and it’s licking our sweet noses as we still try to move ahead to a better America. Is that really true or are we surviving with a sense of credit card debt and movies that take our minds off what is really happening to our country. I hope you find your Adderall, it took me two days and 400.00 and the brand name was available, just by chance at almost all the stores that use to have generics.


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