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Addicted to Depression

Updated on December 17, 2017
Ab Abdullahi profile image

I've been fortunate enough to have had access to great facilities and resources that helped me combat my co-morbid Depression.

Where It began

One of the most difficult things to do especially when it comes to early stages of Depression is to find out the root cause. Sometimes it may be something traumatic that happened in someones early stages of life or later, where as other times it's a chemical in-balance. Most of the time it's the later.

Depressed | Source

Addicted to depression

How Support during recovery and treatment can become another source of Addiction.

How do you know?

How do you know that you're letting your addictive tendencies are take control of your recovery:

  • Take inventory first, By first looking at your current state.
  • Ask questions like, "Am i doing this for me or for acknowledgement of others.
  • Start to become aware of what you feel and how you communicate.
  • Take time to ask others about you and what they think you could do better, "feedback is your friend"

How did I Know?

I became aware that i would get this Euphoric feeling when i did "good" in view of others.

1. All in your Head:

Having had tried to "take the easy way out" multiple times through out my life, I came to understand that no matter how much my mind kept telling me that everything would be better for everyone if i was gone, that wasn't the case. True i may have seen things that way but that wasn't always the case, especially because I can't read minds.

2. Not the answer:

In my experience when i got to the point of trying to kill my self, a good example would be the most recent one which happened about 4 years ago, I was in the process of slitting my wrists, when i got to my second wrist, i had this strange sensation of being calm at the same time, something in my head told me "This isn't right".

3. Turning around:

So let's say you've managed to get over that hump and are now on your way to full recovery after realizing that you don't want to go. You live everyday with the new mentality that things will get better, which is great, congratulations give your self a pat on the back, because you just did something most wouldn't even begin to understand.

4. Re-addicted:

Recovery programs, Meds' and support groups, much like anything else in life especially with addicts, must be moderated because who's stopping you from attending all and any AA/NA all day everyday. Now this leaves other aspects of your life neglected just like with the previous addiction.

Better Days

Better Days
Better Days | Source

It does get better

There are a million and one ways to do something, it's just a matter of finding what works for you.

What can you do right now

1. See a specialist:

You might say that it's not as bad, or i can control it, Great, but what happens when you can't. Letting your life fall apart when you can no longer manage it isn't the end of the world, there are people out there who's career is to help guys like us, get back on track.

2. Exercise:

No really, this is no joke. This is one of the few things that regardless of who you are will work in your favor, the results may not show immediately but they definitely come, so just keep at it.

3. Talk:

One of the hardest things to do when you are depressed is to reach out and talk to someone. On the other hand though, true they may not understand, but that could be the lifeline that pulls you out of the darkness.

4. What you're feeling will pass:

At the moment, the entire world may seem like a dark and terrible place on top that you generally just feel terrible. That's the case TEMPORARILY, meaning what you're feeling will pass, it may take time but it will pass.

5. The 10-10-10 rule:

This is one of the best pieces of advice I've gotten. Look at an event this way, especially when you messed up. First find out if what happened will matter in ten days, if so, check again in 10 weeks (I guarantee, unless it's something short of getting thrown in jail) won't matter, and if it still matters check back in 10 months.

There are many, MANY people who suffer from various types/stages of depression, and more-over there are even more treatments and programs anyone can use to help, especially when almost everyone now a days has access to the Internet. It's just a matter of experimenting and learning what works for you and what doesn't.

© 2017 Abdullahinur Abdullahi


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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      21 months ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      I totally agree! We can easily get addicted to the "helping" mentality! For me, I thrive on approval from others. Sometimes, to get me out of my depressive rut, all I need to do is go help someone that I know will appreciate me for doing it. The high I end up with is much more healthy! The hard part, though, is that when I am feeling good, I know that I need to find someone to help that may not appreciate it. That is the real test, to keep from putting myself on a downer when I don't get that appreciation!


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