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Addiction Solution

Updated on August 12, 2013

Finding A Solution

Lets see if we can find a solution to your drug or alcohol addiction. I want to try to spell out a few ways I think would help you with an addiction solution.

First off, you must ask yourself, do you really want to find a solution to our addiction problem? If you have answered yes, then you are ready to free yourself from your alcohol addiction and start living the life you should have been living all along, which is the life of sobriety.

I have written many articles on alcohol addiction and ways that I found that helped me become clean and sober, but here I sit wondering, what could I possibly say to those with an addiction and make them understand and see the light before it may be too late.

As for myself, finding a solution to my addiction was quite easy, even though it had taken many years to figure out.

The pure secret that was hidden in me became alive, and it was after all those years living in denial. No matter what anyone said to me or what I knew deep down in my heart, the secret never was revealed because I was just not ready to quit drinking.

When I thought about and looked at my life and where it was heading in the future, I had to stop and think. I asked myself how can I get out of this horrible habit and rut that I am in? There must be a solution to overcome my addiction.

This was the biggest problem for myself and the biggest problem for those who deep down inside know they are doing wrong, but they are not ready to surrender to their addiction.

Quit drinking and start a new life not only for yourself, but your family and friends as well.


  • Look at your life years before your addiction.
  • Look at your life now after being addicted.
  • Ask yourself which life you would prefer now.
  • Change your outlook on life.
  • Get Negativity out of your vocabulary and out of your life.
  • Start to think nothing but Positive Attitude thoughts.
  • Give yourself a goal to accomplish.
  • Look at your family and friends and see how your addiction is effecting their lives.
  • Start believing more in our God and he will help you through your addiction.
  • Think of a Dream you want to fulfill and go a achieve it.
  • Never give up hope on yourself.
  • Always tell yourself that you can and will achieve Sobriety.
  • Unfortunately you will have to steer clear of your drinking buddies.
  • Believe and you will Achieve always in life. (You Must Believe In Yourself)
  • Learn to love yourself.
  • Think of what you are doing to your once so healthy body.
  • Start to put exercise into your everyday life.
  • Eat healthy to cleanse those toxins out of your body.
  • Drink water NOT alcohol.
  • Think about this... Would you sit down and drink 12 (12oz) glasses of water in a couple hours like you would drink 12 (12oz) beers?

How To Surrender

So many people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs for that matter have been convinced to seek Professional Help and possibly enter a Rehab Center in order to try and get clean and sober.

I say convinced, but I should say sometimes threatened by their spouse, mother, father or their best friend.

The problem with this is that they go into these Rehab. Centers with the intention to become sober, but deep down in their hearts, they are not willing to surrender completely. Some may be told by a Judge in our Legal system that they must go to treatment for the crime they committed, whether it be a DUI, robbery while being under the influence or anything that would make an individual to commit something against the law while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

They do this because they were force to and not because they asked for help on their own.

So, they put their time in and mostly do great while in Rehab. but they count the days and the hours until they are permitted to leave and go out into society again. Some may be thrilled with their new life being sober and continue on living in a sober living house after rehabilitation is over. They may feel that it might be possible that they will relapse and ruin what months that they did so well in life sober.

How must they surrender to their addiction and live a normal life again? The answer lies within each individual in many different ways.

Surrendering to your alcohol addiction is really quite simple, but many of us make a huge deal out of it.

The secret is this. It is all in your mind and how you want to handle this addiction problem. We trained our minds to love the drugs and alcohol that we forced into our bodies and in turn we can train our minds to hate, despise, this addiction that will or already has ruined your life.

You need to throw this horrible addiction into reverse and regain your life back and start to live healthy, happy, fulfilled, full of love, energetic and most of all sober.

You have the POWER to overcome your alcohol addiction IF you put your mind to it. Thinking with an Positive Attitude is one of the top things that helped me overcome my addiction and believe me it surely works like a charm if you let it work for you.

Never Stop Believing

© 2010 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Denise, Thanks for the congrats on the 100 and my get well wishes too for the DSS. All done and writing to write.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ fucsia Thanks for your comment and you are so right. If one person put that small good drop into the sea of life could you image just how beautiful our world would be.

      I always helped people though out my life,not by writing but answering ones question or helping with material things. Now my quest is to hopefully help people through my writings.

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 7 years ago

      I believe that your hub may be of help to many people.

      Every person who puts a small good drop in the sea of life helps to make life better for all.


    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Very well written, Mark. BTW Congratulations on your awesome achievement: 100 hubs! Good for you. You are a positive role model for many. I wish you well tomorrow at the dreaded DSS. :)

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ Daniela Daljac, Thanks you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    • profile image 7 years ago

      I have rated this up! Great hub and adding it as a link in my last hub.

    • Daniela Daljac profile image

      Daniela Daljac 7 years ago from AUSTRALIA

      Great Hub! Voted up!!!

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      @ carrie450, Thanks so much and I truly hope the articles will help someone regain their live back from their addiction.

    • carrie450 profile image

      carrie450 7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      These are great hubs you are posting on addictions. I'm sure these hubs will inspire many who are trying to overcome their addictions. rated up.