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Addiction The Death Of

Updated on March 31, 2016

It is safe to say that every person has been touched by addiction at some point in their live whether it be yourself, friend, or family member. Addiction becomes you the person you once were or knew is no more. So how do you deal? You don't! You try to keep it to yourself right? You don't want or need people thinking bad about you or the addict in your life because your not this person, their not this person; you love you and them. You keep this secrete crying around every corner, going without in order to feed the addiction that now has complete control of every aspect of your life. Enter the lies, the emotional and physical pain and constant worry. You finally reach out knowing you can no longer do this alone but to no avail. The system is broken and recovery programs fail you. Their eyes lay empty and a once brilliant mind sit in ruin the addiction takes president to everything and you watch helpless. Addiction doesn't last for every but it's affects forever remain. Their is only two ways out of addictions grip death or sobriety. Death leaves behind miles of carnage family and loved ones will never recovery from, and sobriety is a death and rebirth with a life time of constant battle with ones self. You don't have to fight this battle alone you just have to be willing to fight!


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