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Addiction : its types, causes and methods to overcome

Updated on August 22, 2015

Some Things Might Cause You Headaches


Addiction is very often associated with drugs, alcohol, gambling or sexual obsession. However, almost any other activity that we abuse and become dependent on can get us addicted. It can be work, food, music, internet, money and etc. Some people are more tentative to get addicted, some less. However, I think that all of us have our own addictions, which vary in their damage towards us and the people we are surrounded by as well as by the power that a specific addiction has over us. In the hub I want to show why and how people get addicted, what could we do to get free from things that bound us and maybe mention a few preventive means in order not to get into various psychological and physiological bondage.

How we get addicted

1. Generally speaking we get addicted because of our desire to feel good and experience something new, uplifting. Drugs, alcohol, sex and many more things provide us with the feeling and it is this pleasant feeling that those things stimulate gets us into trouble and if we are not careful and not take appropriate measures we can get obsessed with the above mentioned things very fast. So, anything that is enjoyable, although it may not be bad in itself, can turn into a strong addiction. When we start forming habits towards those pleasurable things, our bodies start craving for the activities that give us a satisfaction. As I do not feel competent to talk on all aspects of addiction I am not going to talk about things that happen in our brains when or before addictions are formed.

2. When we get hooked, addictions start captivating our minds, bit by bit we start identifying ourselves with our hazardous habits and after a while we cannot imagine ourselves without this or that addiction. It means that the thing has become an inseparable part of our lives. At this point a habit becomes pretty difficult to break.

3. Another way that we get addicted to bad habits is through stress. When we are under stress there is a great tendency for us start using some chemical substances such as alcohol, nicotine, drugs or turn to activities that would seemingly provide us some relaxation. As you know this relaxation is usually short term and after it is gone we usually feel even worse than before, which forces us again to search for some relief and continue cherishing our addictions. So, try to avoid stress as much as possible for it not only destroys your body but also increases chances to get addicted in one way or another.

4. Another usual way how people get addicted to some evil habit is through influence of friends. Friends share their beliefs, likes, dislikes with us and they also share their good and bad habits. In a circle of friends we do not want to differ from others and try to do what they do: drink, smoke, and possibly even take drugs. If it continues for some time and we do not change friends a bad habit develops. There are a lot of people who became addicted because they followed the crowd, fashion, wanted to be like others and partook of the same problems – addictions.

5. On the other hand some people have genetic tendency for different kind of addictions. Again, the field of genetics is very vast and not entirely uncovered so it is difficult to say whether that person developed an addiction because of this or that reason. However, I do not believe that we are doomed even if there is something wrong with our genes. If we really want to change even hereditary things in our genes will not stop us. We can work our way through those bad habits to freedom and have control of our lives.

6. Lack of love and attention from parents and close people can create a lack of emotional warmth that every person needs and can try to compensate the lack by chemical substances and activities that usually lead to addiction. Therefore, parents have to spend time with their children communicating, showing love, playing, going for a walk, spending leisure time together and not just letting their kids spend time on their own.

Is addiction a disease (video)?

Addiction and stress

How to overcome addiction

Now let’s look at some ways how you can overcome your addiction or addictions.

1.The first step that you should take in order to get on the way to freedom is to acknowledge your problem – you are addicted. Most people are not able to quit doing harmful things because they do not admit that they are out of control with their bad habits. One of the biggest problems of the one who is addicted is that he is lying to himself about his addiction. He thinks that he is still in control and can kick the habit any time he wants. But only when he tries to do that he starts feeling the power of the chains that the habit has put on him. So, admitting the problem is the first step.

2. The second step is to seek help from outside. Very often a person who has been in the habit needs help from other people in order to overcome his habit as he is not able to get rid of it himself. If the addiction is very harmful like drugs or alcohol there are special rehab centers where people are specially treated and they stay there until they finish a full rehabilitation program. In case of other addictions the person might attend special anonymous clubs, visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist on a regular basis for some psychological help.

3. Another thing that a person would need to do is to get rid of the old environment and friends. Old friends very often become a stumbling block for a person who wants to take control of his life, but old friends with old habits keep on dragging him down. A change of place and making new friends is a must if one really wants to be free from captivating habits.

Addiction prevention

Preventive work should start from childhood. Parents should be very careful about their children education. They should always check what their children watch, what kind of friends they have. Parents also have to listen what their children are talking about in order to answer problematic questions at home rather than allow their children get those answers in the street.

Society also plays a very important role in a preventive work. Schools, churches, different kind of organizations with preventive programs to name a few can help our kids stay away from addictive activities and grow up strong and ‘healthy’ personalities. Kids have to get relevant information about different addictions in a way that would decrease their interest in addictive activities.

If people get addicted we should seek to apply preventive means to reduce possible damage for both the addicted ones and people who are close to them. A famous 12 step program is one of the best known ways to help people get rid of their addictions and continue living sober lives. Although it mostly deals with alcohol and drugs’ abuse, the program works very well for other addictions as well.

Then people should develop some ‘healthy’ habits and learn to discipline themselves. Going in for sports, reading, sober way of socializing, physical work, helping others and many more activities help a person not to form bad habits.

I do not want to expand any more on the topic as I have intentions to continue it in my next hub which is going to be about intervention. I beg you not to forget that it is always better to stop the problem before it gets out of control, but even if somebody around you or maybe you get addicted, it is never too late to quit and there is always hope. Live free from all kinds of addictions!

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    • profile image

      Nancy  6 years ago

      I love your closing comment the attitude plays such an important role

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      It really does. A positive attitude helps to get rid of all addiction. It's part of the package to freedom.

    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 6 years ago from Ireland

      Very interesting and positive hub about a terrible affliction. I believe gambling addictions are very underated as to the harm they can do to the person and their family.

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Yes, gambling is among top addictions and it has destroyed very many families. It should be treated with the same seriousness that drug and alcohol addictions are.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      Nice job on this hub fibo. So many of us are struggling with some addiction to a certain degree. I remember in my internship as a therapist, I worked with a young man who was addicted to running. I know it sounds like a healthy thing but it did end up hurting his life in many ways. When he quit using alcohol he just substituted running as his fix.

    • Dennis Pace profile image

      Dennis Pace 6 years ago

      great hub! I am getting addicted to kefir and loving it. Is there such a thing as a 'good' addiction?

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 6 years ago

      Yes, there is. Either we have good or we have bad addictions. However, I think somebody would have to write a hub just purely for the purpose of explaining good addictions. Maybe I will do it sometime in the future.

    • profile image

      RAVI D,MUMBAI 5 years ago

      i am addicted to share trading what to do pls suggest

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 5 years ago

      Changing your attitude to share trading could be the first step to your freedom for this addiction. Start seeing it as a business. Try to see long term picture and make a plan how you can trade one time a week and maybe even less. If you become an investor, not a day trader you will be able to solve your problem. I do not know more about your addiction, so it is difficult for me to say anything else. But I do believe your attitude is the most important thing to begin with.

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