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Addiction and the 12 step program

Updated on January 23, 2014

The 12 step program

The 12 step recovery program is one of the most known support systems for addicts and individuals with substance abuse problems, amongst other things. A forum and a group that started as a support system for alcoholics in Usa has now expanded to include various types of addictions, including, but not limited to, drug addictions.

Identifying and accepting your problem

The 12 step recovery program works so well because it helps the recovering addicts to accept their problems, the first step of the program is identification and acceptance of the fact that you have a addiction. This program works so well because it consists of a group of like minded people who have the same addiction as you do, seeing a diverse group of people going through the same problems helps you identify and take steps towards your own recovery.

You meet all knds of people in meetings

In recovery at 12 step meetings you will meet people from all parts of life, and you will see that it do not matter where you come from, the addiction is the same.

Start trusting in yourself

New research has shown that addiction is a disease, just like heart disease or diabetes, but in our society addicts are still blamed for their addictions, and therefore they blame themselves for it too! Having a support group helps you realize that you are not helpless, and that you can recover by sheer power of will. WHO have been in the front of this reaserch and has defined addiction as an disease and this have helped a lot of addicts to find help and start on their recovery.

Learning from other people’s stories

A 12 step recovery group is all about sharing. People tell their stories and share their insights on what have made them stop using one day at the time and start recovery from addiction.. They let complete strangers look into their deepest fear of using and their cripplinging weaknesses that makes them use time and time again. This sharing enables the group members to bond and learn from each other. When you have an overwhelming urge to use, you can use other people’s coping techniques to suppress the urge and continue on your path of recovery. In these groups you will also meet people who have lives outside of their substance abuse issues, these people reinforce your belief in the importance of recovery for your addiction.

You have a safe place to go where you won’t be judged

Most addicts have difficulty baring their souls or showing their emotions because they believe nobody would understand them, or people would judge them. Being a part of the 12 step recovery group enables you to share your feelings without the fear of being judged. Since the group is anonymous it ensures the protection of your privacy. The group also gives you a safe place to go to in case you have had a bad day or have an urge to use.

You are constantly reminded of the consequences of using again

After being the program for some time you may begin to feel that you are not an active addict any longer, and that you can start controling your use of drugs or other addictions, and you may want to go back to using the drug of your choise. You may even start drinking and suddenly you find yourself back to using your preferred drug afther a short time. You should keep in mind : once an addict, always an addict. Meeting newcomers who have come to the group for the first time and listening to people who have repeatedly relapsed enables you to see that you can relapse and that the recovery process you need to take by yourself.

It is light in the end of the tunnel
It is light in the end of the tunnel

This video looks at the stages of addiction


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