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Meth Addiction Help

Updated on August 8, 2007

God Help The Meth Addict

You Don`t Have to Look Like This!

Methamphetamine is a very addictive stimulant drug that activates certain systems in the brain. It`s chemically related to amphetamine but, at comparable doses, the effects of methamphetamine are much more potent, longer lasting, and more harmful to the central nervous system (CNS).

Methamphetamine is a Schedule II stimulant, which means it has a high potential for abuse and is available only through a prescription that cannot be refilled. It is made in small, illegal laboratories, where its production endangers the people in the labs, neighbors, and the environment. Street methamphetamine is referred to by many names, such as “speed,” “meth,” and “chalk.” Methamphetamine hydrochloride, clear chunky crystals resembling ice, which can be inhaled by smoking, is referred to as “ice,” “crystal,” “glass,” and “tina.”

Methamphetamine is taken orally, intranasally (snorting the powder), by needle injection, or by smoking. Abusers may become addicted quickly, needing higher doses and more often. At this time, the most effective treatments for methamphetamine addiction are behavioral therapies such as cognitive behavioral and contingency management interventions.

Health Hazards

Methamphetamine increases the release of very high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which stimulates brain cells, enhancing mood and body movement. Chronic methamphetamine abuse significantly changes how the brain functions. Animal research going back more than 30 years shows that high doses of methamphetamine damage neuron cell endings. Dopamine- and serotonin-containing neurons do not die after methamphetamine use, but their nerve endings (“terminals”) are cut back, and regrowth appears to be limited. Noninvasive human brain imaging studies have shown alterations in the activity of the dopamine system. These alterations are associated with reduced motor speed and impaired verbal learning. Recent studies in chronic methamphetamine abusers have also revealed severe structural and functional changes in areas of the brain associated with emotion and memory, which may account for many of the emotional and cognitive problems observed in chronic methamphetamine abusers.

Taking even small amounts of methamphetamine can result in increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and hyperthermia. Other effects of methamphetamine abuse may include irritability, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, tremors, convulsions, and cardiovascular collapse and death. Long-term effects may include paranoia, aggressiveness, extreme anorexia, memory loss, visual and auditory hallucinations, delusions, and severe dental problems.

Also, transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C can be a consequence of methamphetamine abuse. Among abusers who inject the drug, infection with HIV and other infectious diseases is spread mainly through the re-use of contaminated syringes, needles, and other injection equipment by more than one person. The intoxicating effects of methamphetamine, however, whether it is injected or taken other ways, can alter judgment and inhibition and lead people to engage in unsafe behaviors. Methamphetamine abuse actually may worsen the progression of HIV and its consequences; studies with methamphetamine abusers who have HIV indicate that the HIV causes greater neuronal injury and cognitive impairment compared with HIV-positive people who do not use drugs.

The good news is that methamphetamine abuse can be prevented and methamphetamine addiction can be treated. People do recover, but only when effective treatments that address the multitude of problems resulting from methamphetamine abuse are readily available. Primary goals of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) are to apply what our scientists learn from drug abuse research to develop new and enhance existing treatment approaches and to bring these effective treatments to the communities that need them.


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    • profile image

      J U L Y 2 years ago

      It isn't any of our god damn buisiness what she chose(s) to do with her own life. She's still human like every one of us and still a lady in my eyes.

    • profile image

      Sgt.Wilson 3 years ago

      I have had to deal with a few Meth heads and at times I almost felt bad for them! but in the end the damage they cause to themselves as well as anyone around them, made me feel maybe they are better off dead! this drug is like no other! they are willing to sell their newborn to get high! how low do you have to fall before you realize only you can get yourself out of this hole full of shit. If your weak to begin with? you don't have a chance so the best way to treating this problem is to let kids see what you will become and hope they chose never to try meth! people will always see people who use meth as nothing but trash so if you want or believe you are much more than that "don't do meth" because the truth is people will look down on you for life, its a label you don't want! and if you rather look like a crack head instead of being fat! I will take the fat chick over the meth head, who knows what she has had to suck to get meth!! so it's your choice

    • profile image

      Stellar Phoenix Review 4 years ago

      This content is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader happy. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost..hehe) Great job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! Stellar Phoenix

    • profile image

      Heisenberg 4 years ago

      Be patient for some months more my fellas

    • profile image

      leslie 5 years ago

      please people i need to talk to someone about my addiction i want to quit meth but im alone no family,friends just fake people that walk all over me.

    • profile image

      Supermodel609 6 years ago

      To Tory,

      I don't think you're screwing up, but smoking pot everyday is a little much. I don't smoke, so I don't know the long term high effects of it, but it's not a drug that has been proven addicting or violence-related, I choose not to date or be friends with smokers because they tend to be boring and have no ambition. You are 18 though, you are probably going to be needing to get a job soon, or attend college. Attending an interview high isn't going to get you anywhere. People can tell when someone is high or lit up, look after your future, go to your community college.. take some english classes, and brush up on your reading and writing.

    • profile image

      Supermodel609 6 years ago

      I tried meth, smoking it a couple times in last two weeks (over 3 grams), I'm still wondering what's so addicting about it? What kind of high are you getting, my pupils got huge and I couldn't sleep. Who would want to stay up for days?? Not I, I need my sleep!

    • profile image

      Sharpencil 6 years ago

      My personal views on substance use, abuse and addiction.

      I believe a large portion of the reason for such widespread substance use and abuse by such a large number of people in the modern civilized world is because we have become spoiled to surviving with such an easy existence. We no longer have daily worries about obtaining food and shelter as we used to in the past. Instead, we take them for granted and more and more so as we blindly and selfishly drive our materialistic lives into the modern future.

      My point is that in the past when the majority of the population’s daily immediate concerns were for basic survival – such as rent, food, electricity and things needed to exist – the other non essential things quickly become less important, that is unless you were already an addict.

      I know that substance use and abuse has been, and still remains, a way to escape both the physical and mental drudges of life itself. But, when a place to live and food in the refrigerator become an expected part of simply being alive – our expectations and desires tend to find other less necessary and actually unimportant things to focus on.

      To live in a prospering country in the civilized world today gives way to a mental sense of a guaranteed secure basic existence. But, to live in a less prosperous country, a person might work a full time job and barely make enough money to afford food and shelter for themselves, let alone an entire family and a substance addiction. In other words, we do not appreciate the easy lives we live here in the modern civilized countries of the world; we tend to look for flaws in the current system for many different reasons and to what result or end? Maybe to spread the general wealth to make the following statement become literally true – “all men are created equal”. But, to actually spread the wealth between all citizens will not stop substance use and abuse – it would only make the problem worse.

      I also know that to live in a situation where working a difficult full time job to simply be able to exist can be an even more inspiring reason to use, abuse, sell or even become addicted to substances. However, when a society tries to make and sustain a social (political) system where no person suffers from hunger or basic survival needs, it also has its negative consequences.

      The modern “politically correct” and accepted standard for living leaves loop holes for widespread abuse of the system itself, by those who find ways to do so. Then, once this happens on a large scale, what is the rest of the sober population to do about those who wander into irresponsible lifestyles? We send them to rehab and hope they feel enough guilt to change their substance altered ways of thinking.

      When looking at the general modern civilized situation from a “big picture” perspective, I see it from several different, however, related angles.

      Let’s start with the positive angle. No one wants to see another human being needlessly suffer. So, the system, however weakly, is geared to make sure that the poorest individuals have food, shelter and the basics for survival. I admit it is a very basic existence, and it could be made better – but to what result?

      Anyway, the modern system uses the financial assets of its legally functioning citizens to support those who are unable to support themselves, no matter what the reason for their specific situation. This is how the wealth of a modern political system is shared for all. Again, I admit there are available assets to make it much more effective and much more fruitful for these recipients, but also again, to what result? In other words, to make an easily obtainable stable existence for those who struggle with substance use and abuse will only make the problem get worse. Think about it, if a person can be irresponsible and obtain an even better place to dwell than is currently the standard for little or no positive effort at all, there will quickly be more and more people jumping onto that band wagon.

      The single aspect of this situation that continually comes to my mind is that the sober population must deal with the drama, irresponsibility and legal / financial problems caused by the substance addicted – and then the sober population must then also finance the rehab to reverse or adjust the addicted individuals perspective and eventual situation.


      This brings me to another angle, which is the financial machine all modern societies are perpetually dependant upon. We all know that money talks and most everything else walks.

      Allow me to explain a couple of things here. The first things to consider are the Capitalist system and its rules of engagement. To legally conduct business is not the same as conducting morally correct business. In other words, to be politically correct does not mean you are morally correct. With that said, large pharmaceutical companies can legally produce and sell products that may do more harm than good to any individual, and when the Federal Government approves these products for sale, it actually puts both entities into a hypocritical situation concerning substance sales and use. We all know this but neither the legal sales and use of damaging drugs nor the illegal sale and use of any drug is a cure for the problem. The cure lays in each individual’s decisions not to use substances to deal with life’s problems.

      The point that the huge pharmaceutical companies and the Federal Government are correct with is… if you incur health problems directly from an FDA approved drug, you can hire a lawyer to legally sue the company for damages. However, if you buy a substance off the street and your life quickly turns to crap, who can you sue for damages to try and recover something of your previous existence?

      By the way, just because a doctor prescribes a mind altering substance, that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution to the problem. It’s more like putting a Band-Aid on a severe arterial laceration. But prescribing mental Band Aids has become not only “politically correct” and acceptable; it has also become an expected bad habit by those who seek a physician’s advice.

      I do understand that there are people that greatly benefit from the prescribed and even the illegal substances due to health or mental issues caused by things beyond their control, but the majority of addicts simply wish to relieve their minds from some sort of stress. To numb your mind from reality does not change reality – it only allows reality to continue without your sober, conscious minded attention to make decisions to make your reality better for you.

      Another angle to the substance abuse problem is the general mindset of “The American Dream”. Allow me to explain. For those in legal and illegal business that prosper from the sales and use of both legal and illegal substances, addicts are a sure sign of job security, and these business people wish to keep business running as usual for personal profit. These are the people that have vacation homes in Florida, drive fancy new vehicles, have plenty of money and seem to live fuller lives. (Allow me to state here that I know there are many successful business people with financially prosperous lifestyles that have absolutely nothing to do with the sales of substances.) However, I still believe a large portion of the population tries to achieve or obtain this financially blissful lifestyle, but usually fail and this depresses them into turning to substance use, abuse and addiction for a cushion from a failed attempt toward a better lifestyle. Or possibly they simply realize that a financially prosperous lifestyle will never be obtainable.

      I know each person has individual circumstances and reasons for using mind or mood altering substances, but for one to place themselves, family, friends and loved ones in difficult or worse situations directly due to substance use or abuse is one of the ultimate examples of selfish behavior.

      In other words, two wrongs do not make a right.

      Most of us have some kind of issues. Whether it is from childhood or later in life, most of us have internal mental issues from something in our pasts. Some are more sev

    • profile image

      OBAMA4REAL 6 years ago

      WEll obviously im in the same boat as FedUp. Meth turned my life around. With the help of methamphetamines, i was able to rally Americans and become the first black president. I am in the process of legalization. Stay strong my friends.

    • profile image

      IMUR PUSHER 6 years ago




    • profile image

      tory 6 years ago

      im 18 n a cheerleader at my high school

      im a smoker n a drinker

      i consider myself as a normaul teen

      i belive that everyone will adventually do some type of drug

      so i say " if everyone is smoking n drinking why not do it the smart way"

      i dnt drink as much i tink?

      its only like on weekends but who doenst DRINK on weekends. i know drinking can fuck up yup...

      but smokein WEED? i dnt see the problem....

      i smoike everyday... and i still feel good EVERYDAY

      my first time i ever took a hit was in the 6 grd...


      so what do u think about my LIFE

      do you think im fucking up???


    • profile image

      IMUR PUSHER 6 years ago





      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cops, DEA Agents,

      & Customs Officials !!!!

    • profile image

      kalia 6 years ago

      do not do it!!!!!!!! never!!!:) (:

    • profile image

      Quintana 6 years ago


    • profile image

      joey 6 years ago

      They actually prescribe meth to kids now. Research Desoxyn.

      I only tried it once back when I was a cokehead teenager and just that one try I knew it was too strng and powerful and good. I was stretchin and had so much energy and was up for almost 3 days on my one and only baggie of crank.

      My advice to people who are thinkin of tryin meth, try to avoid it, if you MUST get high occasionally stick with weed & shrooms its safer and more fun. And if you're gonna do uppers at the very least do adderalls at least you know its pure and legit. The hard stuff is only fun in the beginning though eventually itl bite you in the ass

    • profile image

      lesbianforthenite 6 years ago

      I was once warned about using meth....I was told that once you've entered its horrific nightmare, it is extremely difficult to quit. I saw the plus side of being able to fit into my pants again. I was living with users and was unaware of it. I naturally suffered with insomnia so my roommates staying up all nite wasn't odd to me.

      Being diagnosed with a.d.d. and using this drug was great because I could focus and I was on top of things at wrk. Slowly, without realizing it then, if I wasn't spun I had little to no energy at wrk. The sound of someone talking would irritate me, almost shrill like. I would become easily annoyed, I had never gotten into a fight before but for whatever annoyed me I wanted to hit it or them. Because at that time I was experiencing a troubled relationship, I tried on several occasions to get us killed in a car accident. Time was taking its toll. It affected my work performance and sanity. And for whatever the issue was I wanted to kill them or it as a result. Granted my highs took me into many phases, I began to write a novel, then jumped into playing my flute, I even had a t shirt cutting phase. I was blind to how the drug was affecting me, and ultimately I was hospitalized due to a mental breakdown. I won't be a hypocrite and say "don't do meth" you'll make your own decisions. But be aware of the changes you may not see in yourself because of that usage, control the drug don't let it control u if u decide to try...and good luck!

    • profile image

      dan 7 years ago

      THANKS to the "Fed Up!!!" comment I've decided to give it a go!

      Your post really convinced me that I HAVE to give this one a try aswell :)

      I have tried most other drugs and used them responsibly and can get them cheap (incl meth) so the money part will never be a problem.

      Oh and to those stuck in addiction: I'm not making fun of you and know how hard it can be to get out of a drug addiction and know you will think I'm silly to think i can just "have a try" and let the drug go again or atleast only use it once in a while, but hey, I can. I have been able to do so with every other drug I have tried (incl heroin)

      anyways, if your stuck in addiction and cant get out of it I truly feel sorry for you and hope one day you make it back to the brighter side of life.

      I will comment back here how my meth experience went as soon as I get a hold of some. :)

    • profile image

      Faith D 7 years ago

      I think meth is stupid

    • profile image

      Floyd Gayweather Sr. 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Joshua 7 years ago

      I lost my best friend, brother and true compadre to meth amphetamine.

      He has been a meth and crack cocaine addict for 22 years now.

      I tried to save his life by attempting to lead him to another town so he could live... With no success.

      To this day, at times, I still shed a tear when he comes to mind. Feeling like I let him down.

      Meth destroys more lives than the lives of those who use.

      Why I still feel guilty? I do not know! He was a true brother in every sense of the word.

      He's no longer the same human being from what I understand and many say he now looks to be over 55 years old at the age of 38.

      I can't bear to go see him as another friend warned me not to visit him after doing so recently.

      His words of warning were "Don't go see him! It's not worth it. It will only leave you scarred to see him like that. I'm sorry but his life is over..."

      Here's to you my old friend!

      To the days when we played football, baseball and skated the quarter pipe together for hours on end.

      To all the days when we laughed so hard we could barely breath.

      To the days when drinking a beer was all we knew. The days before meth.

      To the days when you lit up all of our lives each and everyday with your energy, enthusiasm, amazing generosity, comedy and true kindess.

      To the days before you innocently stumbled upon the Devil and made a life long pact with crack cocaine and meth amphetamine.

      We all miss you very, very much!

      You're buddy J.C. ...

    • profile image

      Katarina 7 years ago

      Wow. I was reading this for an assignment I didn't want to do, a presentation on meth,its legal and illegal uses, etc. I wanted to put some cool pictures up, and I got sucked into reading these posts. They make it so real. My sister was addicted to heroin and we were barely able to rescue her and help her get back to life. The memories of what we saw and how it tore apart our family will always be with me. So not worth the highs.

      Meth is a powerful drug, it affects three different neurotransmitters. There are so many things in the body that it effects negatively and damage that it causes to blood vessels and the brain. People lose their emotional expression, the joy of life. In small controlled doses it can be therapeutic but the addictive effect is so overwhelming that very few can resist it.

      I feel deeply for all the addicts that have posted and I hope they will stop. There's no better time today, and the long and painful withdrawal is the price you have to pay for a new life.

    • profile image

      Dee 7 years ago

      Horray for parents that think it's acceptable to do drugs in front of their children, or anywhere near them. They are NOT parents, they are worthless pieces of crap. To sit here and justify drug use is flat out ridiculous. While I do believe that drugs should be legalized for the sheer fact that violent crimes statistically decrease, not to mention the government makes money by taxing them, I don't believe any parent should subject their child to that. I'm fat, and you know what? I would much rather be fat than a skinny 23 year old that looks 80. I don't care who you think you are, and how super-human you think you are, drugs will hit you, and you will become an addict. The comments I've read have been ridiculous on the most part. I'm in school to be a Chemical Dependency Counselor, and what I've seen has not only disgusted me, it has made me sad. As a mother, I could NEVER subject my daughter to something so terrible. Addicts are SELFISH. PERIOD. Whether it be pot, meth, heroin, anything. And okay there will be those of you out there that say "Oh you're wrong, I'm not hurt, I can quit, I won't die, etc" but you know what YOU'RE WRONG. I can't tell you how many teenage boys I've seen with man boobs from their excessive pot smoke, and the countless other addicts around here that look like creatures from a bad B rate horror movie, and I live in Baltimore. I'm not here to sit around and preach on how screwed up your life is, you do what you want with your life, I don't care either way. But for the love of God, don't screw up your children. They never asked to be born, and they do NOT deserve what an addict subjects them to. And that's the end of my rant.

    • profile image

      addressing the ignorant 7 years ago

      I gotta tell you, after reading FedUp!!!'s post, I had to comment.

      I'm sorry that your military life wasn't up to your ideal, but you're there to serve your country, not get a fucking handout. Maybe you grew up getting the (wrong) idea that everybody owes you something, but the reality is, you don't get jackshit. Hell, you're damn lucky you got anything at all. You didn't get the job you signed up for because you probably weren't qualified for it. You got stuck in a job because you were too damn dumb to read the fine print of your contract. Don't even bother trying to get all high and mighty with me, because I was smart enough to join Air Force before I fucked up my life. I'm a medic too.

      If you want to be a low-life piece of shit, fine with everybody around you. You're a damn waste, and I'm sorry that you wasted your time for people who no longer care who you are or what you think is entitled to you.

      Get clean dude, because you're a fucking loser. Or don't, because from the sounds of it, you're too much of a pussy to do so.

      Say whatever you want, you can't justify this to anybody who's worth a damn. And thank your buddy for the ass chewing. Comment back, but you can't even fathom the amount of fuck people don't give.

    • profile image

      Kalaka 7 years ago

      I am taking a University course on Toxicology when I came across this site.

      I want you all to know that drugs of this type is an instrument of the devil. There is a war going on for your immortal souls between God and satan, and satan will use every device to bring you on his side for eternity; he needs that kind of hero worship, because he is jealous of God. Now satan would have you all believe there is no recovery from this, but I tell you that satan is a liar, and a fool, because he had it all in the beginning, but he wanted to be his own boss, with his own following, BUT HE THREW IT AWAY. Now if you think that satan will back off and make withdrawal easy for you, you are wrong. Like I said, there is a battle going on, and you have to summon the strength of Jesus who said "ask, and it shall be given to you." Ask Jesus for help in your battle against satan. Ask Jesus' Holy Mother, Mary, to crush the head of the serpent and end your torment. You were born a child of God; don't let satan have his way with any of you. You can win this. PRAY!

    • profile image

      Peter Sudyka 7 years ago

      To Christine, congratulations on kicking the habit, but it is only your fault that you got yourself into that shit in the first place. Peer pressure is not an excuse, otherwise just about everybody on this planet would be addicted to something thanks to their friends. A strong human being with real values, morals and virtues and any sense of personal integrity would never let someone force them to do anything harmful to themselves. Only weak, empty and insecure people would.

      Anyway, hope all you drug addicts enjoy your miserable existence and false euphoria, but know that if any of you come near my family, friends and other loved ones for money or whatever to support your disgusting habits, I'll fucking kill you, since you usless breathers/breeders are of no use to this world anyway.


    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      yall losers don't smoke anything stick anything in yourself darrrrrrR???R?R?R?R?R?R?

    • profile image

      So close... epic failure 7 years ago

      I can't say for sure, but based on this websites description of the after-effects of the meth come-down, I think it is currently playing a role in the separation of me from my family. My (former) fiancée has endured physical violence from me during withdrawal, and I have no explanation or excuse for it other than that I was provoked and lashed out in anger. It was never any kind of hospitalizing, visible marking, police involving violence; instead it was more like last-resort violence, like get off of me or I am going to hurt you (she would sometimes hold me down to 'make' me listen to her methed up rantings) and then after saying that she would continue holding me down, I'd throw her off of me with a huge amount of force. She also threw something at me and hit me in the eyeball, then all of a sudden I'm standing over her floored crying self with the need to breathe really hard. This was during a come-down that was five or six days deep. you know, the, 'my back hurts just let me sleep' phase.

      Well we had given it up for a while previous to that, and we were fine and happy, having good times, still loving each-other, making love, playing with our kids, kissing, holding, all that good stuff. The aforementioned events began occurring subsequently to the re-introduction of the good stuff. All of that has led up to one final culminating moment, when all of the love goes away, and she scoots into another mans arms, before my very eyes. Still high she is, mind you, she is not herself, nor am I. Take it from me. Meth will cause you to suffer in the long run no matter what, if you choose to do it. No matter how you do it or how much. My fiancée started out with a little bit, but was then denying me intimacy because I told her I wouldn't spend another $60. I wanted to quit, she wanted to get skinny(er). Its all methed up now. The sooner you quit, the less suffering there will be. Quit now, while you can, if you can.

    • profile image

      Christine 7 years ago

      To Peter Sudkya, you have no idea...I am a good person, raised in a good family, two uni degrees and everything in the world going for me and I still managed to become a meth addict...we come from all walks of life...those who judge have no idea the power that meth has over changes the core of your being...changes your morals...changes who you are as a person...I am four years clean now and back to who I was before I was an addict, if not better! All it takes is someone peer pressuring you into trying it once and before you know it it is all you think about and you don't care who you hurt or betray in the process of getting the next fix...although as soon as you get that fix, the conscience comes back the guilt sets in, and you hate yourself for once again hurting the people that you love and who would do anything to see you be well again...That is the awful truth about IS soul destroying...and life is so much better without it! I wish it had never been invented...I think about the poor people who are suffering hell on earth who are still in the grips of their addiction...and I pray for them...because I know what it is like, the need for something that has turned you into someone you never thought you would become...the self-hatred you have for being unable to stop...all you want is to stop but it feels's only when you hit rock bottom, lose almost all the people who love you, all the possessions you own, all the dignity you had left when you finally accept you cannot do it on your people who are feeling like this now...get help while those feelings are still fresh!! Life does get better! I have all my friends back, I have an awesome relationship with my family...I have possessions, I go on holidays, I have no debt, I hold down a job, I have my own home, I laugh...the list goes on! To those who are curious and want to try it just once...DON'T...there is no one time with meth, it's like a cancer it eats at you from the first moment you ingest it until you have nothing left! To survivors of addiction - I applaud you! It has taken strength I'm sure you all thought you didn't should be so proud of yourselves for taking that first step and getting help! It's going to be an uphill battle but that first step is the hardest! Life is always going to throw us challenges but if we can make that first decision to quit then that is the hardest thing we will ever have to can do it! I have done it! Four years clean, I don't even see myself as a meth addict anymore...I am at the stage when I don't want any form of is the biggest high there is! I can guarantee you that!!! Good luck to you all xxx

    • profile image

      Christine 7 years ago

      To Peter Sudkya, you have no idea...I am a good person, raised in a good family, two uni degrees and everything in the world going for me and I still managed to become a meth addict...we come from all walks of life...those who judge have no idea the power that meth has over changes the core of your being...changes your morals...changes who you are as a person...I am four years clean now and back to who I was before I was an addict, if not better! All it takes is someone peer pressuring you into trying it once and before you know it it is all you think about and you don't care who you hurt or betray in the process of getting the next fix...although as soon as you get that fix, the conscience comes back the guilt sets in, and you hate yourself for once again hurting the people that you love and who would do anything to see you be well again...That is the awful truth about IS soul destroying...and life is so much better without it! I wish it had never been invented...I think about the poor people who are suffering hell on earth who are still in the grips of their addiction...and I pray for them...because I know what it is like, the need for something that has turned you into someone you never thought you would become...the self-hatred you have for being unable to stop...all you want is to stop but it feels's only when you hit rock bottom, lose almost all the people who love you, all the possessions you own, all the dignity you had left when you finally accept you cannot do it on your people who are feeling like this now...get help while those feelings are still fresh!! Life does get better! I have all my friends back, I have an awesome relationship with my family...I have possessions, I go on holidays, I have no debt, I hold down a job, I have my own home, I laugh...the list goes on! To those who are curious and want to try it just once...DON'T...there is no one time with meth, it's like a cancer it eats at you from the first moment you ingest it until you have nothing left! To survivors of addiction - I applaud you! It has taken strength I'm sure you all thought you didn't should be so proud of yourselves for taking that first step and getting help! It's going to be an uphill battle but that first step is the hardest! Life is always going to throw us challenges but if we can make that first decision to quit then that is the hardest thing we will ever have to can do it! I have done it! Four years clean, I don't even see myself as a meth addict anymore...I am at the stage when I don't want any form of is the biggest high there is! I can guarantee you that!!! Good luck to you all xxx

    • profile image

      Peter Sudyka 7 years ago

      Addicts of meth, coke, heroin etc. are the dumbest, most pathetic antisocial losers around. You all who are on this shit and other lethal drugs should be left to rot and wallow in your own shit far away from us, and if you cause shit to support your habits, you truly deserve to be exterminated in death camps or worked to death.

      How can you do this to yourself and to your loved ones? You are not human beings, only hollow shells in human form. Go to hell, the lot of you!

    • profile image

      rh 7 years ago

      stop kidding yourself.

    • profile image

      Gio 7 years ago

      When I started doing it I did it to lose weight. I use to weight 158 pounds I've been doing it for a month and now I weight 147 pounds. I will stop doing it as soon as I get to 125 pounds and I know that I can stop doing it whenever I want because I don't have a weak mind like most of the other people that do meth.

    • profile image

      BG 7 years ago

      As a wife to a Meth Addict my family is torn to pieces. I suffer my kids suffer. Its real if you are a Meth addict you crush all the people around you. I have to come to the realization we will never have a marriage, my kids will not have a father bcuz of this drug. I love him I want to help but at the same time I am gaining all these health problems from all this stress. To all the meth addicts or drug addicts, don't let your kids go to bed tonight not knowing where you are at, don't let them cry them self to sleep anymore. Don't let your family suffer no more turn your life over to Jesus he can heal you. I wish my husband would repent and turn his life over to Jesus. His excuse is he tried everything to stop but its not true he hasn't tried JESUS. I hope and pray one day he will get his life together..I pray for all of you i hope GOD will give your the strength to quit.

    • profile image

      Amused 7 years ago

      lol @ all these Meth addicts trying to justify their habit....Ive been smoking weed since I was 14 and now I do it occasionally. Im 21 now and I can tell you that my face hasn't change as drastic as ones would on meth by now lol like come on. why would you want to look like that? Take it from a girl who once had dreams of being a model, just smoke weed if you MUST get high because seriouslyyyyyyy weed doesn't give you withdrawls symptoms like meth. && again Ive been smoking for a long time now, no skin problems and serious health problems. None of you meth heads can say you can go a week without meth huh? Can you still get a good night sleep if you skip a day or two? YEA, shut up.

    • profile image

      Ah 7 years ago

      I feel so bad for you people who have been through abuse because of a meth user. I have been down this long road before. I tried Meth right after I had my first child. I never did it around him he would go to grandmas for the night, but anyways, it was only on the weekend and only for a few months. I am not going to lie, I liked it. I have always had a weight issue, and after having my son I was pretty heavy. This was the hardest thing I ever did. I hated doing the drug, my husband wanted me too. I am a follower not that is an excuse but he kind of made me do it. Then I thought it was not so bad. Until he became addicted. I did not know he was using and pretending to be asleep for the week. I had no idea. I just knew we were having awesome sex and I was losing weight. I don't use drugs anymore...My husband forced me to have sex with him on numerous occasions because he was so high he could not get enough. I would be torn and bleeding and he still would not stop.I am now a mother of three, my husband and I are still married a long journey I have been through. He does not use meth anymore but he does do a line now and then. The only reason I wanted to share my story with you all is because for me the thought never has gone away. Not that I was ever addicted, or want to do any drugs, not because I am fat again either, I have dreams, and I sometimes smell it. I know it is weird but I do. I pray all you going through withdraws and family problems find your light. I have one side effect from using this drug, anger...I believe it is because I feel guilty for letting myself get to that point of where I always said I would never go...

    • profile image

      I HATE METH USERS 7 years ago

      I Hate meth users..

      My step father!!!!

      abused me every night since 6years old till now 16yrs old, he raped me countless times when i was 11 til 13..

      The abusewasnt just slapping across the head!! it was linning me up against a fence with BB guns shooting me in the knees/ ankles... it was him giving me rope burn! throwing a hot iron at me,the most twisted things you could think off, i have scars up my legs that are finally fading, he would only do this when my mother was not home so one day ,I told my mother and the police! he was on the run, he came looking for me at my school with a gun wanting to blow my head off i wasn't there and the police just missed him, he turned up to my mothers house and had the gun to her/ and her friends head about to kill them!! he said he ( would have killed me by now ) because he believed he never did such a thing, that he actually believed his own lies. the police got him, after 3hours at my mothers, saying threats waiting for me to come home , he is know in prison he doesn't get out till july, i have now had to leave the country, my friends/my family, MY Home!!!! because me and my mother are scared he is going to come after us again!! I will forever hate meth users after what iv been threw..

    • profile image

      bookworm 7 years ago

      read crank by ellen hopkins disturbing yet powerful but also upsetting then glass the sequal guys seriously ths sis crazy do weed all u want and kill urself or hav probs later in life but stop there don't try anything else i mean at least weed and shrooms watev is a plant im not encouraging u to do it but meth and other DRUG drugs are chemically made and all ths shit if ur lonelt find god cuz trust me hes my closest friend that i can tell anything to and i love him even more for that

    • profile image

      goldie 7 years ago

      to help with reversing the damage to the brain from using meth try high doses of fish oil tablets(omega 3's) there is medical proof showing in time they can help reverse alot of the damage associated with the damage meth does to he brain recepters in regards to depression the emotional aspects etc

      never judge a person on there addiction this drug turns good people into something they would never imagine to be always offer love and support for when they choose to get help and fight there demons and to any1 who is in the process of turning your life around be strong and remember you are a good person you just need to believe that in yourselves

    • profile image

      WAFFLES 7 years ago

      haha. u all (ppl tht r 4 meth) hav no idea wat ur doing to ur self. get a life, literaly, find something betta to do in life then get high.

      meh mom (i'm like 15) works for a company tht helps the kids of meth addicts, she has lots of freaky things tht hav happenen to these poor kids bc of meth. i cant say now bc of confidencality or watev :)

      luv mehhhh

      p.s Oi chick, u r rite u r smarter than the weird druggies :)

    • profile image

      Meth head from hell 7 years ago

      my question is why are yall spending yalls day on this stupid computer when you could be out smoking long chrome strips of what if we smoke meth man we are all gonnna get ugly and die anyway so why not die happy and get all geeked up and just die with a gram of dope in our hands i love ice and i will never quit it makes me who i am

    • profile image

      Jack 7 years ago

      they're out to get me.. someone.. i can't sleep, they'll find me..

    • profile image

      meth user 7 years ago

      I believe that everyones reality on meth is different. Some have little or no problems using, some have severe problems. Here is my meth reality. I am a f in my early 40's, I have 2 teenage girls and I have never been married. I am disabled cause of a work injury. I have been using AGAIN for about 5 yrs after being clean for over 11 yrs. I can try to blame it on my ex who I got back together with after 8 yrs of him being married to someone else but that would b taking the easy way out. I used, its my fault! When we got back together he was using, I wanted to b with him as much as possible and he was up all night so I took that pipe out of his hand one day and I hit it. And I honestly cant think of 1 day I have went without hitting that pipe since then. During my 11 yrs of being drug free, I still had NORMAL problems in my every day life and relationships but they were normal problems. Prior to my 11 yrs, my oldest daughter was born with meth in her system, I couldn't or wouldn't get clean although I had physical custody of her, the state had legal custody for the 1st year of her life. 2 years later and smoking aprox a 1/16 a day, I got very ill and physically could not use. My Mom and my Nana took care of my child. I finally went to the hospital after 3 weeks and I had a very bad stomach virus and I was pregnant. Never used again for 11 yrs. Life was normal as normal goes. Camping on weekends, in a scuba diving club, made dinner every night, cleaned house, really enjoyed life. Now 5 yrs later, I sit here writing this with a pipe in my hand. I was supposed to start day treatment today but i couldn't find the synthetic urine i purchased a couple months ago when I thought I was going to have a urine test because of a custody battle with ex. Instead of urine, I had a hair folicle test which of course despite the $300 worth of hair cleaning products, i failed. He doesn't want to pay child support so he goes for custody, same man I got back with. He is now clean for 9 months. I love my daughter and I would like to say it has not affected my kids, but I can't. I had never been arrested or been in any trouble until March of this yr. I got pulled over 3 blks from my house and had about a gram and a pipe with me. $100,000 bail, cost $10,000 through a bond but I had to be out by morning cause I had court to get temp full custody of my daughter who i found out 5 days earlier had been raped by her "step-brother" at her dads house. She 14, he 19. I couldn't go to court in shackles. Got out bout 3am, came right home and hit the pipe. I signed up for day treatment so it would look good when I went to court and of course, true to my addiction, I missed my first day. I honestly want to be clean again but I am so afraid of coming down that I keep using. Both of my kids know what I was arrested for and think I am not using, at least that is what I want to believe. I want to believe that I have everyone fooled but in reality, I don't know if I have anyone fooled. I have never been honest about this before but I need to be honest somewhere if I ever expect to stop using so I chose right here because no one knows me here. Everyone has there own reasons for using and it doesn't make us low life's or pieces of shit, it makes us human beings who make mistakes like everyone else in the world. Looking back at my life do I wish I had never used? I cannot honestly say no. As horrible as that may sound, it is an honest answer. I am an addict and always will be, I now know that. 11 yrs of being clean did not take away the fact that I am an addict. I only hope that I can get clean and live my life the way I want to live it, not the way the pipe wants me to live it.

    • profile image

      vera  7 years ago

      i've lost so many friends n loved ones to this drug...... users have little or no insight into the effects of their addiction..... if anything they think they perform better when under the influence... maybe that is true - cause they sure as hell can't function once they come down..... my highest praise to all that escape it's grip.... and my deepest hope for all still caught in it's clutches....

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      Thanks JZ for those words.

      God is the answer to all addiction problems!

    • profile image

      JZ 7 years ago

      Not all people who use meth do it because they want to. Stay away from people who use any type of drug and you are less likely to be involved in this lifestyle. Most addicts will hide their addictions and not want help. But, the few (like myself) didn't intend to get into that lifestyle. I am three weeks sober and still feel horrible, but at least I am on my road to recovery. Meth destroyed everything in my life. Lucky for me, I have people that care and love me still. Not all people are fortunate. When an addict first starts they never imagine themselves near death or dead. People usually have this mentality that it won't happen to them. An addict is not much different than a non-user, from my perspective. The only flaw is that they trusted the drug and not themselves.

      Of course meth will help you lose weight! But it will also make your teeth and hair fall out, make you get horrible acne and dry splotches on your face and body, and you will be emotionally disturbed. I would prefer to be what I was like before I used. I was 30 pounds heavier, happier, and my body wasn't aching constantly like now. I was beautiful, still am.... cuz I stopped. But not being able to poop right is not a good trade off for losing weight. Being constantly cold and having other health problems associated to meth use is not what makes meth addiction "cool" by any means.

      If you haven't used, do NOT use meth. Your whole life will be about how can I get high or who can I trust to get me high? I knew people who made the drug, and their lives were even more pathetic.

      As soon as I started praying to God because I was scared at night, I wanted to get clean. I have always been the last person to say that God will do anything for someone until now. It took me a looooong time to realize that I am just a person and that God does exist.

    • profile image

      Oi 7 years ago

      Tbh, most of you people are idiots. Meth is not a cool thing to do, I mean you can go along your stupid little ways and be like "oo meth heheh. yay lets go hit it up" your dumb. you need to grow up! seriously! Your gonna kill yourself.. you all say how bad it is, and your happy that your sober now. but don't start in the first place. just because you have something bad going in your life, turning to drugs is the stupidst idea ever! seriously the guy who was in the militery, your supposed to be working for your country and your doing your job high? who does that! be a role model seriously! im glad meth is illegal. the only drug i do/ever will do is weed. cause at least you don't kill yourself on it, at least you don't look like shit. and to those that are like i'll get skinny.. maybe if you don't eat so much food, your'll lose weight you dumb people. oh and btw before i go. i'd thought i'd point out i'm 16 lol. and im smarter than half you lot commenting here!

    • profile image

      andre 7 years ago

      i would like to feel that balls on fire thing thanks alot for the advicee :)

    • profile image

      angela 7 years ago

      hello :)

    • profile image

      Alyssa 7 years ago

      my mom was addicted to meth for most of my young live i am 17 and have been in the system on and off because of this now i am in a foster home living a much better life then i was when i was with her she has been clean for a year now and is doing better but she has relapsed so many times before i just hope she stays clean this time

    • profile image

      whoops 7 years ago

      i thought it was prescribed meth

      didn't read ur thing through

      wheres the life saving part

      ok, but u didn't have to use it

      not everyone is as strong willed

      u used it responsibly

      OBVIOUSLY an older person is stronger mentally+phsically+self control wise than a teen+younger

      that's who the web is trying to prevent from taking drugs

    • profile image

      top fed up 7 years ago

      thet's PRESCRIBED meth

      we're talking of abused meth

      the poem talks about CRYSTAL meth

      they didn't give you that

      asprin does kill...when abused

      the real thing these sites are to destroy is drug ABUSE

      Non addicted ppl hate marijuana as much as meth

    • profile image

      to balls on fire 7 years ago

      you'd give up your life to get a "balls on fire" feeling?!

    • profile image

      Don't take drugs 7 years ago

      Meth gives you the illusion if more energy

      not more energy

      therefore, when on meth, you may attempt to do what is beyond human ability and the body just stops working

      Trust in God

      And you shall be healed

    • profile image

      to all addicts 7 years ago

      have faith and Jesus shall come to save you

      you have to try too

    • profile image

      Girlfriend helper 7 years ago

      Try Tea: I was wondering what the measurements or recipe for that, shall we say tonic, for helping to heal the body death.

      My boyfriend used for only a little while and every day he comments about how horrible he thinks he feels and looks because of what meth did to him. If this could help him feel better, I would be VERY interested to know more about it.

    • profile image

      try tea 7 years ago

      i found that using Yerba Matte mixed with Pau D'arco with a pinch of coriander dramatically reduced the horrible withdrawal, and helped my body heal from the death that comes with this filthy drug.....Oh and if you are standing up for meth you are an idiot. Get help

    • profile image

      try Tea 7 years ago

      I found that

    • profile image

      John in JUSHUA FOREVER 7 years ago

      GOD made you to live and to live forever in the flesh.Believe in living and you will worship HIM in the way HE wants to be worshipped. Don't defile the temple that HE has made and lives in. Take care of what HE has given to you, your life, and HE will live in you FOREVER. This is a promise from JUSHUA, who truly loves you with unconditional LOVE.

    • profile image

      balls on fire 7 years ago

      my balls get all tingily and hot when i do makes me and them happy! :D

    • profile image

      cute forever 7 years ago

      pple who do drugs do it because they think they have no way out if u do drugs im sorry for u because soon ur goig to be dead. u need to no that one day ur not gonna be here. soon ur gonna see transformations in ur body and ur face wich means no girlfreinds or boyfreinds. and if ur friends r smart they would try to help u not encourage.p.s stop doin it or ur gonna die.

    • profile image

      WaakHond 8 years ago

      Better to take a walk outside when feeling bad or weak. I'll seriously reckon that meth is going to kill you.

      So keep your nose clean and kiss the sky.

      Look at it anytime and tell your friends about it !

      Grtz Paul

    • profile image

      Fed Up!!! 8 years ago

      You know people this is all about propaganda! Of course every site you see on Meth is going to talk about how terrible the drug is. They will post 10 pictures out of the millions of users that look the WORST and show the world how "scary" it is. They will tell you how it's SO dangerous, all the chemicals used to make it..oh noooo! So terrible! Right?

      Did you know MORE people die from ASPIRIN than Meth? Did you know there are more people ADDICTED to marijuana than Meth? (and yes pot heads love to say they are not addicted but just TRY to take it away from them!)..the reason they wont ever shine a good light on it is because such a drug is not marketable, controllable, or taxable. Anyone can make it just about anywhere! So since the govt can't profit off it like any other pharmaceutical, they will DEMONIZE it.

      Look up the side effects of most LEGAL pain killers, and is NO DIFFERENT people, but you don't see anyone demonizing those. You see them demonizing ABUSE of the drug. They simply slap warnings on the bottles and continue on marketing them..right?

      Meth is NO different!

      I will stand up now in the face of all these whiners and say Meth Amphetamine SAVED MY LIFE!

      I was in the military, stationed out in the desert boonies of California. 45 minutes away from the nearest town, stuck on base, in a job description I did not choose!! Surrounded by the uncaring, I turned to the Naval psychiatrist for help..just to hear her tell me everything I felt was wrong, every thought I had was wrong and condemn me to a cocktail of anti-depressants. I was miserable..tried to kill myself 3 TIMES! No one knew it. I went to work and back every day wanting to end it all, wishing I had never joined. I confessed to my friend how I was feeling..he told me "I got something that might help."

      He introduced me to the crank. Taking this drug, I began to EXCEL in my physical PT standards..before Meth I could not run a single mile..after Meth I was able to run 3 miles, NO problem, cause it actually helps your breathing by clearing out your lungs and pumping blood to your muscles at a faster rate than normal. You just had to be responsible and watch out for your heart rate, know your body. I also began to tolerate my work..I was able to pay attention and focus, I was diligent and sharp! With all my energy I was able to do what most of my lazy co-workers did NOT want to and I did it with a skip in my step because even if I hated my job and co-workers I was naturally euphoric off the drug.

      I was able to cope with a terrible life in the military. The world suddenly had value, had matter how dark and cloudy the skies, Meth would make it all seem so beautiful and worth it. Every day was an adventure. Oh..btw..I worked in a hospital, that's right. Healthcare.

      After I was done with my time in, I was separated from the military..returned home. I no longer had need for the drug. I bid farewell to it and let it go, cold turkey. Once you get over some of the physical withdrawal (which is not severe if you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF), the only thing left is a psychological dependance (who wouldn't? It's simply wonderful!) for a few years..but physically you are over it.

      Be a RESPONSIBLE user! YES, it will give you energy..but DON'T do a million jumping jacks your heart may explode! YES, it keeps up up for days..but don't be an idiot and stay AWAKE the whole time, rest your eyes for 5 hours at a time..put ice on it, take SHOWERS even if you lose track of the days. YES, you will lose your appetite but REGULATE IT! What idiot on this earth does NOT know by now that they need to eat 3 times a day? Hydrate!! If solids are too much, drink 3 bottles of Ensure daily PLUS take multivitamins. Stay FIT so your body can cope with the extra energy and/or any mood swings (which I had none). Be responsible..don't get swept away by it!

      An addicted junkie of Meth is a WEAK willed person who would rather blame the problems of their lives on the drug and keep using it regardless. Then the entire world feels sorry for them and demonizes the drug. It's NOT the drugs doing, it's your OWN. Meth doesn't jump in your system, it's not airborne..YOU and you ALONE used it and let yourself GO.

      I used it for over a year, been 5 years clean since then..and I promise you my IQ is no less than someone who has never touched it, if anything, I boast it may be higher. I probably use better grammar and spell better than HALF of you here.

      I find all these posts very insulting and aggravating ESPECIALLY from people who have never tried it or people who do it for the wrong reasons or those who watch someone sink into the drug and they don't see the underlying about fixing that FIRST, genius, then the drug would not be NEEDED in the first place!

      My life is great now, I have a career going, no depression and no health issues and I look back fondly at the drug that saved my life. I would NOT be alive today without it and it makes me very sad that I could have spent time in prison for using a god sent miracle. It's extremely unfair.

      The only ones who should spend time in prison are the losers that give this drug a bad name!!! So there's MY bit of "PRO"paganda, this drug is recommended to those functional few who just need to see the bright side of life for a while.

    • profile image

      Lil Jj 8 years ago

      is meth important in your life?...if it is go to rehab u don't need that kind of drama in your life

    • profile image

      Jordyn & Jolene 8 years ago

      we're doing a project on meth and we would like some info.

      if anyone reads this could you please email me:

      please and thank you,

      ps. space trans, your very strong. keep living girl!... i think.

    • profile image

      aryn 8 years ago

      how dareth you. to the poet trying to make a meth poem, that's insanely inaccurate, haven't you heard of not using on a daily basis, it will help with the "addiction" process. in fact, addiction is only a state of mind,more like an excuse abused by individuals to exploit a feeling of euphoria.

    • profile image

      Blake 8 years ago

      I don't know why I feel the need to keep posting stuff on this site, but this just blew my mind.

      This is what you are voluntarily putting in your body when you do meth:


      Battery acid

      Coleman fuel

      Red Devil Lye

      Hydrochloric acid

      Anhydrous ammonia

      Toluene (sulphuric acid)

      Muriatic acid (brick cleaner)

      Drain cleaner (sulphuric acid)

      Acetone (fingernail polish remover)

      Red phosphorus (match strike pads)

      If you didn't know what these ingredients created you would think this was a freaking suicide cocktail right?

    • profile image

      Blake  8 years ago

      I ran across this rather sobering poem while doing reseach for school and thought it did an excellent job of conveying a powerful message. What do you think?


      I destroy homes, I tear families apart

      I take your children, and that’s just a start

      I’m more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold

      The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold

      If you need me, remember, I’m easily found

      I live all around you, in schools and in town

      I live with the rich, I live with the poor

      I live down the street, I may be next door

      I’m made in a lab, but not like you think

      I can be made under the kitchen sink

      In your child’s closet, and even in the woods

      If this scares you to death, it certainly should

      I have many names, but there’s one you know best

      I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is Crystal Meth

      My power is awesome, try me, you’ll see

      But if you do, you’ll never be free

      Just try me once, and I might let you go

      But try me twice and I’ll own your soul

      When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie

      You’ll do what you have to, just to get high

      The crimes you’ll commit, for my narcotic charms

      Will be worth the pleasure you’ll feel in your arms

      You’ll lie to your mother, you’ll steal from your dad

      When you see their tears, you should feel sad

      But you’ll forget your morals and how you were raised

      I’ll be your conscience, I’ll teach you my ways

      I take kids from parents, and parents from kids

      I turn people from God and separate friends

      I’ll take everything from you, your looks and your pride

      I’ll be with you always, right by your side.

      You’ll give up everything, your family, your home

      Your friends, your money, then you’ll be alone

      I’ll take and I’ll take till you have nothing more to give

      When I’ve finished with you, you’ll be lucky to live

      If you try me, be warned, this is no game

      If given the chance, I’ll drive you insane

      I’ll ravish your body, I’ll control your mind

      I’ll own you completely, your soul will be mine

      The nightmares I’ll give you while you’re lying in bed

      The voices you’ll hear from inside your head

      The sweats, the shakes, the visions you’ll see

      I want you to know, these are your gifts from me

      But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart,

      That you are mine, and we shall not part

      You’ll regret that you tried me, they always do

      But you came to me, not I to you

      You knew this would happen, many times were you told

      But you challenged my power, and I chose to be bold

      You could have said no and just walked away

      If you could live that day over, now what would you say?

      I’ll be your master, you’ll be my slave

      I’ll even go with you, when you go to your grave

      Now that you’ve met me, what will you do?

      Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you

      I can bring you more misery, than words can tell

      Come, take my hand, let me lead you to hell.

    • profile image

      Blake 8 years ago

      It is beyond me why any rational person would do meth the first time. It is almost common knowledge these days that meth has a near 100% addiction rate. In other words you almost certainly WILL get addicted.

      Since people often do drugs like meth because they are depressed or are unhappy with their lives in general, next time you feel like crap about yourself and think meth can't make things worse try this:

      1) google image search "meth addicts".

      2) Look at a few pictures of how incredibly f***ed up and pathetic meth users become.

      3) Think to yourself, "hey, atleast I don't look like them. You know what maybe my life isn't all that bad after all. And do i really want to take a drug that will make me look like them?"

      atleast try it.

    • profile image

      gary (sydney) 8 years ago

      Meth RULES!

    • profile image

      meth.bad. 8 years ago

      Meth so isn't cool. i hate people who say "im goin to get skinnier coz of meth!" or "Meth is so much fun". it is one of the worst drugs in the world, anyone who uses it is officially a Class A Loser and should jump off a bridge, at least then you'll die faster.

    • profile image

      rhettmeister 8 years ago

      methamphetamine is a hell of a drug...

    • profile image

      Zee 8 years ago

      I am in love with the love of my life. This man has literally saved my life. The man that I love has become a man that I am afraid of. He quit meth a few months before I met him. He had done it for over ten years. I never knew he had such a dark past until he recently relapsed. I don't know how to help someone who won't let you help them. I don't understand how someone can be clean for so little time and save someone else’s life the way he has. I don't want to walk away from him. He held my hand threw the dark and led me to the light. As soon as I found light he falls into the dark because of a relapse.

      Any advice would help

    • profile image

      sheila 8 years ago

      I'm a mother of a meth addict. Use of this drug has tore our family apart and made my child a habitual liar and master of manipulation. It's so sad that a person can turn their backs on the parents, siblings, children all for that next fix. He's been to rehab several times. He knows what he needs to do to get clean. He knows weve been through sessions with him and see the manipulatin and lies. Meth took my child as I know it away from me, his father and his brother. Our lives will never be the same.... Please stop using this drug that steals your soul.

    • profile image

      Zoey 8 years ago

      Please people of america if you have any comments or if you'd like to comunnicate with me just send me another comment and i will answer your questions and you'll remain anonymous

    • profile image

      Zoey 8 years ago

      I think that if you do meth that you are wasting your time. If you are beautiful why risk it it? Everyone is somebody and you don't need to turn to crystal meth for comfort because it doesn't work. just look at the people who took the risk and got addicted and did it get them anywhere? no. so i just want everyone to think about what they're getting into before they actually do it. i mean take it from me im only 11!

    • profile image

      SpaCeTraNce 8 years ago

      Because of meth:

      I lost everything, twice

      I spent 2 years in prison then 2 years on parole

      I wrecked countless of lives

      Lost my dignity

      Let down my family


      You can beat it. In prison I said to myself, "Im through" I spent every chance I could in chapel services. Now five years latter I am living the life I never thought I could live. Free from all drugs... I have a career... I am involved in helping others... If you are reading this... there is hope.. you can change

    • profile image

      Fried 8 years ago

      sleep is forrbiden...must have speed...canot sleep...will die if sleep...they'll get me...

    • profile image

      m2 8 years ago

      We only use a small part of our brain. Start using new cells. Eat a lot of fruit and let the body find it's new balance. Even if you can't go all the way back (everyone changes anyway), you will still feel better and move forward in a more positive spirit. And when you fall of, dust yourself off and try again to be better eventual you will always be a little more better and a lot less low. Just say Jesus Christ stop my addiction for me. He will come. Don't think about meth anymore and do other stuff. Just annex it from your life, conversation too. Just walk away and say thanks God for getting me out of that one.

    • profile image

      Noel 8 years ago

      Fuck meth, not the people who do it. It's sad if they do. There's never been a time in my life when I've ever wanted to do meth. I smoke weed all the time though and that's all I ever want to do. Oh and shrooms. And acid on occasion. Oh yeah and sometimes I shoot smack but not often. And there are times when I just feel like I HAVE to do some coke. And I'll never say no to some X. Oh actually my friend just called me and said he's about to get some meth and asked if I want to do it so I'll comment back after I try it.

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      i have family members who use, a cousin of mine who use to be a real cool person has totally changed in the last year andive watched her do this. She is constantly wanting to beat people up for no reason and cant evn look after who small children who are being abused by drugs at such young ages of 1 and 4. She was quite a big girl but now how withered away to a shadow, i wan to help her badly but she won't stop for anybody i hate that fact that drugs gets the better of people and changes them it sucks! Never touch them!

    • profile image

      dear people 8 years ago

      well im 13 and this lady came to my middle school and showed us a bunch of stuff of how bad meth is and im a weird child so i like to research crap like this on my extra free time. i loved this one thing she showed us it was a commercial and this one kid was doin meth the first time and there were weird people by him and he said "ill do it once and then quit" and all the other people just laughed at him.she also showed us some crap that there doin like putting marajana and shit in candy.there doin crap like tht. ive nvr done drugs and hopefully nvr will ...some of my friends smoke marajana but when i see them i go in there face and take deep ass breath and say"this is wat its like to be free". and hope fully they'll get annoyed of me and stop doing crap like smoking cause it doesn't do good for you, they say ull get skinny but thts only couse u stop eating all togheter then u die.

    • profile image

      jack 8 years ago

      yall are losers. smoke weed

    • profile image

      Nina 8 years ago

      I have been clean for three months now. Tried to kill myself coming down from using for five years. So, hospitals, then treatment center now IOP (intensive outpatient). also have co-occuring mental ilness, you know, major depression....etc. Anyways, I go to Narcotics Anonymous all the time and I think those meetings are what helps the most. I never want to use again. My choice of using the nasty drug ruined ALL areas of my life! Sure i have my bad days, but none of them are worth using again. Seriously, Three Months clean and i feel better every day! That's bullshit about meth use creating permanent brain damage! Show me proof please. My IQ is fine! Just a wee bit moody at times. But if i keep on my meds as the doctor orders, and do what people say in NA, I am getting a little better every day. I am seriously getting back to the "cool me" I used to be! YOU CAN TOO!

    • profile image

      inapickle 8 years ago

      i have used for about 9 years. i have smoked, snorted, and stuck a needle in my arm. i quit once for just over a year. not a day went by that i didn't have at least a thought of using or a memory from when i was. during that year i never had the energy i needed to feel very good at all. i relapsed after a year of not using and it was the first time since the last time i felt normal at all. it seems to me that without it i am depressed, weak, and incapable of having an opinion (life sucks). i don't know what to do. the only way it seems for me to stay away is pain pills. the only problem with this is that an opiate come down is worse. i know jesus loves me and will take care of me, but i wish i was strong enough to do his will that he has for me. if anyone has any advice let me know, or at least tell me how you have any energy at all without it. until then i will keep being "fake happy" one bag at a time.

    • profile image

      Briz. 8 years ago

      Well I'm doing research on meth, because my phsychology teacher Ms. Casinelli told us to do..

      Anyway.. meth is horrible.. but the thing is they shouldn't be putting this type of shit out there about how u can lose weight.

      i mean I'm sure ppl wanna do it because of that shit right there too and then they think they'll quit.. anyway that comment from anonymous made me laught but thats fucked up because ppl are addicted to this shit.

      i hope ppl will be smarter about this and not try it out..

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      i will sooon be skinny thanks to meth.(:


    • profile image

      jessie baby 8 years ago

      they ugly

    • profile image

      Dear Dolly 8 years ago

      I quit 5 years ago and haven't relapsed. It's a personal decision not to live in reality when you use. And when your alter reality becomes uncomfortable and lonely. Which it will if you continue using. You will want to stop. Just bear down through the withdrawals that's just the many side effects from it leaving your system. And they will continue for a year at least, anxiety, depression, paranoia, lonliness while in public, complete self hatred, nightmares, bed wetting. These stuck with me for about two weeks quitting cold turkey. And some still stick with me today. Taking responsibility for these things and recognizing them as symptoms of brain damage is what you have to do. Build your knowledge on the things which you are able to see yourself as doing as a result of the drug. And never touch it again. It's taken me a very long time to begin to build me life back and to become social and able to stand and speak in front of people. But I did it. I am successful today reguardless. I am not a victim of the drug I was a user and a victim to my self-destructive actions.

      Live on. Don't let yourself die. It's all in your mind. You CAN quit. 818-970-0887 if you need to talk

    • profile image

      shauna 9 years ago

      You know I used to think the exact same way, until I got cleaned up. I mean that while I was doing it I was very unhappy. I have relapse 4 times and I know that when I am clean I laugh and I am more outgoing, you just have that wieght of the addiction lifted off of you. I just recently relapsed since a week ago. I was clean for 3 wks. And I think that it is the hardest thing I have had to deal with ever. I have a hard time with my bf cause he uses too, and when I dont use we don't get along at all. Well good luck, remember you would enjoy life without the drugs cause that is what makes u unhappy.

    • profile image

      mike  10 years ago

      I already know the damage in my brain from long term exposure to meth has already been done. my question is, Now WHat? If i stop now , will i never be able to enjoy life again? If meth kills brain cells forever does this mean that im finished,washed up, forever doomed from being a normal happy productive human being? I need to know! Why would i want to quit and be unhappy till i die? If its too late then my only other option is to continue using until i die, right?