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Addictions 101

Updated on December 29, 2010

 Addictions can range from alcohol to smoking. What defines an addict, i think that would be better defined as what it is that makes people wanna have the addiciton. It could be something as ( i wanna be cool), or it could be ( everyone else is doing it) or maybe its just the basics of what the addiction causes.

Smoking causes comfort and relaxation. but it also cause cancer and gingivitas in ur mouth and can lead to a long term problem with ur teeth and even bad breath. so many dont realize this.

Alcohol can cause a numbing sensation, and depending on the persons mood can cause anger, depression, anxiousness, even a (i'm on top of the world ) feeling. But many people dont think bout the long terms affect it can cause when not done in small moderations. Many people lose their jobs, their homes, their cars and worst of all their families. Alchol affects everyone around you.

Another very fast growin addiction is gaming!  For the average person who sits down and plays a game, its no big deal win or lose. But for the addicts, it is. These masters of the controller or keyboard hot keys, are so indulged in these so called fantasy worlds, that they are not aware of what goes on around them. For many , life passes them by, and before they know it, its now friday and they still havent dont anything that week. It consumes the mind, allowing it to forget what the indiviual need to forget. It allows the mind to go numb. Like any addiction it can and does cause marital issues, job lose even separation anxitiy. 20 yrs ago when nintendo came out who would have been able to foresee that people who be so consumed by something that dont exist but in a fake world!

What every your addicition is, seek help. it may sound dumb but this is a serious issue for many many people. chances are that many who will read this have dealt with it or know someone who has. I strongly encourage help. A true friend is only a call away. or maybe even sitting on the couch in the other room. So ... step away from the computer right now, and go hug and kiss that special someone in your life, and let them know you are sorry and you wont allow addiction to take away what they hold dear. make your addiction into a positive and make your addiction your family or your friends, heck even your pets!


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    • Winkster78 profile image

      Winkster78 7 years ago

      please remember to vote up! its above the comments. id really appreciate it ty

    • profile image

      Lisa Gehringer 7 years ago

      This is a very good way of putting so try not turning on your computer for 2 whole days BIll.Starting tommarow! Bet you you could not do it lol. But anyhow this is a wonderfull blog.

    • profile image

      Jon Bailey 7 years ago

      Being a recovering addict myself, I agree strongly with your words. My addiction is meth. I've been clean 7 years 10 months and find a sense of euphoria for being clean.

      I have to admit that I have found that one of the games I play seems very addictive and I try very hard to remember that I must walk away from it once in a while to help keep it "just a game" and not another addiction to have to overcome.

      Your words hit home so many different ways I can't describe them all. But, suffice to say that your blog was excellently expressed and taken to heart.