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Addressing the Problem of Abortion

Updated on February 14, 2013

By Anthony M. Wanjohi

Abortion, and especially an induced one is a subject of much heated debate and controversy. It is an ethical issue which is informed by ones religion, value system or intrinsic moral principle of what is right and wrong. This article briefly discusses some of the key measures that can help in addressing the problems related to abortion. These include birth control, sex education, enforcement of child support laws and education of conscience.

Birth Control

With the availability of sufficient methods of birth control, there is no apparent reason why people should seek abortion. For instance, there are emergency contraceptive pills. These may contain higher doses of the some hormones such as estrogens, progestins which are found in regular oral contraceptive pills. They are taken after unprotected sexual association. If every child is provided with comprehensive sex education and offered easy access to various contraceptives like condoms and the morning-after pill, the risks of abortion could be reduced to a greater extent. However, this view is subject to much debate among people of different faiths and who hold varied ethical values.

Sex Education

The percentage of students in public schools who receive some form of sex-education has been increasing over the past few decades. Studies have shown that sex education tends to reduce sexual activity among youth. This in return reduces the number of early pregnancies. With this reduction of teenage pregnancy, automatically the rate of abortion is reduced.

Enforcement of Child Support Laws

Aggressive enforcement of child support laws can lead to a reduction in the number of abortions. Enforcement of child support laws may reduce the number of abortions by giving women the resources they need to bring up their children and by pushing men to take responsibility in parenting. Statistics from a number of sources have routinely shown that economics is the reason why many women choose abortion. Fathers can also be held responsible for the children they produce by enforcing fornication and adultery laws against men who fail to take care of their children. Literature shows that at least 8 per cent of aborted pregnancies are as a result of promiscuity and irresponsibility. Fathers fail to fully offer support to mothers during their pregnancies. Thus enforcing child support laws might have a significant effect on the rate of abortion.

Education of Conscience

This is personal inner voice which is based on how one has been socialized. A conscience which is misguided or “killed” may not value life. As such, one sure way of addressing the problem of abortion is education of conscience. People have to be socialized in the right way so as to have noble respect for human life at whatever stage!


The views about the concept of abortion are varied. The subject remains deeply contested. Whatever ground one holds, the value of human life at any stage of development is indisputable. We all hold as a universal truth that human life is noble. As such, let us treat LIFE with dignity.


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