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Adeno Viral Kerato Conjunctivitis

Updated on November 13, 2022
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Dr Kulsum is an Eye Consultant. She likes writing on various medical and non medical subjects. She is God fearing and loves God's creations.

Red Eye..... intense conjunctival congestion & 'hages


Adeno Viral Kerato Conjunctivitis

Adeno viral Kerato Conjunctivitis is a viral infection of eyes in an epidemic form. It involves infection of the outer eye affecting Cornea and Conjunctiva. It involves both eyes and is very contagious and affects the entire family sooner or later.

Causative Agent :

It is a viral infection which involves the outer eye and pre-auricular lymph node which becomes larger in size and it is painful and tender to touch.

Epidemic Kerato Conjunctivitis.....sub - conjunctival 'hages


Signs and Symptoms

Patient experiences watering, itching, redness, and pain in eyes along with swelling of the eye, especially the eyelids. There occurs a marked redness of the eye and many a times sub conjunctival haemorrhages are seen. This adds up to the redness of the eyes. The onset is sudden and quickly involves the cornea in the form of Superficial Kerato Conjunctivits or SPK as it is called in medical jargon. With the onset of corneal involvement patient experiences blurring of vision in one or both eyes. If there is a superadded bacterial infection, there is presence of muco purulent discharge and gluing of eyelashes in the morning on waking up.

SPK ..... Superficial Punctate Keratitis


Corneal Involvement ..... SPK

Blurring of vision occurs on involvement of the cornea which shows punctuate corneal opacities due to infiltration of the corneal tissue by the virus. These opaque spots are multiple and do not show a fluorescein staining as the lesion is in superficial corneal tissue with intact epithelium.

General malaise and fever may occur with dehydration and general feeling of ill being.

Red Eye


Local regular instillation of Eye Drops



Locally in the eyes anti viral gel such as Virson gel is to be instilled along with an anti biotic, anti inflammatory and a good lubricant gel. If pre auricular gland is involved, a systemic antibiotic, analgesic, anti inflammatory pills are given.

The patient should be advised rest and needs assurance that things will improve in due course of time. A good nutritive diet, milk, fruits and salads along with a good multi vitamin, minerals pill or syrup will go a long way to a speedy recovery.



Aftermath of the illness

A hygienic routine needs to be followed for full recovery and prevention of re infection. Frequent change of handkerchief, towel and pillow cover with adherence to the prescribed treatment will prevent a relapse.

Blurring of vision lingers for a long long time post viral infection. The SPK spots on the cornea takes a long time to fade away and disappear; sometimes it is a few weeks or even a few months or years and may still not resolve completely.

Prevention :

Adeno viral Kerato Conjunctivitis is better prevented in the first place. Avoid contact with or use personal belongings ( fomites ) of the patient with viral infection. Proper hygiene should be followed. Relapse should be prevented.

© 2017 Dr Kulsum Mehmood


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