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Medications for our elderly

Updated on November 7, 2007

self care for medications

I am new at this..and my mom is 88 years old and is very independent...she insisted she could handle taking the pills she has taken for years on her own.... she didn't think it was worth it to have the nurse administer them at a cost of $5.00 a day.

Well I had to remember she lived during the depression and was used to hanging on to every I got her a 7 day pill box and each Friday I would refill the she had her pills for the week, and keep her feeling of self control.

Well at first it worked out very well. However I began to notice that either she forgot to take them on certain days...or she took them twice. The chemical balance was need to take them as we (mom and I) decided that it was safer to have the nurse give her , her Meds on a dailey basis.

Now each of our loved ones has a different problem , or they wouldn't need to be in an Assisted Living Facility, but i have found many of them have memory problems. Including my now she has a nurse give her the medications on a dailty schedule. I feel safer and know mom won't either overdose herself or not get the meds as needed.

All this takes time...and understanding..and love...My advise is to be patient,caring and always respect their needs.


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    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      Great tips! Thank you for sharing.