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Adorabelly Design Creates Fun G-Tube Covers that Eliminate the Need for Gauze and Tape

Updated on June 11, 2019
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

What is Adorabelly Design?

Adorabelly Design is a family owned company that creates fun, fashionable g-tube covers for people of all ages. Not only are these g-tube covers extremely attractive, but the covers themselves provide an excellent alternative to gauze and tape. Since Adorabelly Design g-tube covers are reusable, using these beautiful covers can also reduce costs and skin irritation around the g-tube itself.

A Sample of G-Tube Covers Created by Adorabelly Design

A sample of girl-inspired g-tube covers designed for a tubie by Julie. The photo is used with permission from Adorabelly Design.
A sample of girl-inspired g-tube covers designed for a tubie by Julie. The photo is used with permission from Adorabelly Design. | Source

G-Tube Covers from Adorabelly Design are Functional, Fashionable, and Fun to Wear

One of the most common side effects of wearing a g-tube is tissue granulation and skin irritation. In addition to being fun to wear, Adorabelly Design can create just about any pattern you are interested in, this unique g-tube cover also helps to reduce tissue granulation and skin irritation. Each g-tube cover from Adorabelly Design is created with a triple layer of fleece, cotton, and flannel and secured around the g-tube with a snap. The three different layers of material are used to increase comfort and absorbency. Each g-tube cover from this family-owned company is uniquely finished to reduce fraying, even after washing.

Complete Tubefeeding: Everything you need to know about tubefeeding, tube nutrition, and blended diets
Complete Tubefeeding: Everything you need to know about tubefeeding, tube nutrition, and blended diets
Nervous about your child getting a feeding tubie? Check out this informational book that will relieve your fears and help you determine what to expect.

The Inspiration for Adorabelly Design


The Inspiration for Adorabelly Design

By now, you are probably wondering who came up with such a fun, useful product for kids with special needs? If you guessed a doctor or nurse, you would be wrong. Adorabelly Design was created by a mom, Julie, who realized that there was a need for an alternative to gauze and tape for children wearing g-tubes. Julie came to this realization when her infant son required a g-tube. Simon, Julie's son, was born in March 2013 and has several health issues that required the need for a g-tube. Julie states on Adorabelly Designs' Facebook page that she, her husband, Eric, and big brother, Archer, are lucky to have Simon in their lives. She goes on to say "We can't change that he has a feeding tube, but we can change how we embrace it." For this reason, and so many more Julie created Adorabelly Design. Her hopes are that "tubies" can live life to the fullest, and she feels by creating Adorabelly Design, she is giving back to other tubies and their families.

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Glow-in-the-Dark Tubie Covers from Adorabelly Design

Glow-in-the dark tubie covers are an excellent  way to celebrate Halloween and can also make nighttime tube cover changes easier to do, even in low light.
Glow-in-the dark tubie covers are an excellent way to celebrate Halloween and can also make nighttime tube cover changes easier to do, even in low light. | Source

Reasons Patients may Require a G-Tube

There are many reasons an infant, child, teen, or adult may need a g-tube. The most common reason is to provide nutritional support, but there is a variety of underlying reasons this type of medical equipment may be required. Below, are the most common reasons a patient may need the aid of a g-tube.

  • A functioning gut that does not take in enough calories
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Severe gastroesophageal reflux
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Severe food allergies
  • Poor growth or malnutrition
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Cystic fibrosis

Custom Orders are Adorabelly Design's Specialty

Not every infant, child or adult that needs a g-tube cover has the same likes or dislikes, and Julie and company know this. For this reason, Julie accepts and welcomes special orders. I have known Julie for a little over twenty years and wanted to support her in her new endeavor. I could have simply donated money, but I wanted to do more. At this time, I remembered that someone my husband worked with had a young son with a g-tube. I contacted Julie and gave her the child's approximate age and offered a few ideas for g-tube cover patterns. The rest I left up to Julie since this is her specialty and not mine. It also helped that Julie's son, Simon, is approximately the same age as the child I was purchasing g-tube covers for, so she was familiar with the likes and dislikes of a child that age. A few weeks after talking with Julie and paying for the g-tube covers, the covers arrived in my mailbox. Immediately, I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship put into each of the dozen g-tube covers that I purchased. When I gifted the family, actually my husband did the gifting, they were very impressed with the covers and continue to use them on a regular basis.

Pokemon G-Tube Covers


How to Vent a Child's G-Tube

G-Tube Covers from Adorabelly Design are Reusable

One of the first questions I had for Julie, when I ordered a dozen g-tube covers, is whether the covers were reusable. I was glad to hear the covers are reusable. In fact, the covers are easy to care for. Julie, who uses her own covers on her son, Simon, every single day recommends that the covers are hand or machine washed after every use. For ease in laundering, Julie recommends using a small mesh bag, often called a lingerie bag, to launder the g-tube covers. Since the skin around the g-tube itself is often very sensitive, she also recommends washing the Adorabelly Design covers in very gentle laundry detergent. After laundering lay the covers flat and allow them to air dry. Once dry, you will be ready to reuse your g-tube covers as often as needed.

My Adorabelly Design Tubie Cover Order

This is a collection of the tubie covers that I ordered from Adorabelly Design. Photo is used with permission from Adorabelly Design.
This is a collection of the tubie covers that I ordered from Adorabelly Design. Photo is used with permission from Adorabelly Design. | Source

How Adorabelly Design Gives Back to Other Tubies

When Julie first created Adorabelly Design, her goal was to provide other tubies and their families with a loving alternative to gauze and tape. Once that was established, she set her goals even higher and wanted to give back to tubies everywhere. After just a few months in business, Adorabelly Design has sold tubies all over the world and donated to a variety of hospitals as well. Adorabelly Design finds it important to donate their tubie covers to other families that may not even know that there is a fun, functional, and loving alternative to the medical equipment they are already using. If you are interested in donating to Adorabelly Design so Julie and her family can share even more tubie covers with patients like her son, you can contact her directly on her Facebook page and she will be glad to provide you with the information you need to make an informed, responsible donation

Adorabelly Design has Created a Tubie Community

In addition to creating a product that builds self-esteem, embraces the g-tube itself, and provides a functional alternative to traditional medical supplies, Adorabelly Design has also created a tubie community. I have followed Julie's youngest son's journey on Facebook from the time he was born and continue to today. On Adorabelly Design's Facebook page, Julie doesn't just promote her products but has created a tubie community.

Here, wearing a tubie is something to be celebrated and embraced. Julie refers to her customers as her tubie friends and even encourages parents and other tubies to send her pictures of them wearing Adorabelly Design g-tube covers so she can share them on Facebook. With the creation of Adorabelly Design, Julie has found a way to make sure every belly is simply adorable.

Used with permission.
Used with permission. | Source

Adorabelly Design Products for Children with Special Needs

Not all children with g-tube covers have the same needs. Julie, Simon's mother, understands this more than anyone. As a result of her work with mothers like her all over the world, Adorabelly Design also offers other products for medically fragile children.

One of the company's newest products is medical alert straps. These straps can be attached to bookbags, car seats, strollers, and much more. What the straps do is politely inform others of a child's special needs. A medical alert strap is especially useful in case of an emergency. For instance, if a child is in a car accident, first responders would immediately know the child's condition and whether they had verbal skills or not. Allowing first responders to immediately recognize a child's challenges can help them better care for the child.

© 2014 Tawnya

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    • profile image

      Patricia Mulder 

      3 years ago

      Do you by chance donate any of your products to kids in need? I run a day care for medicall fragile children and we are in need of your products.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I luv the idea of this product! I don't know any tubies, but I love the idea of this product. I am very interested in donating some of these to the children's hospital.


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