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My experience with Adrenal Fatigue

Updated on March 24, 2012

The largest deficiency in the usa

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, wrinkled skin, dry skin, dizziness, panic attacks, anxiety, joint pain, arthritis, and i could go on forever! and your doctor can find nothing wrong with you! and people keep calling you a hypochondriac and that its all in your head? THEN TAKE NOTE, this is for you.

The largest deficiency in this country is lack of essential fatty acids, so if you don't eat fish (real fish not fish sticks or fillet o fish) or leafy green veggies then you can be sure you are deficient.

essential fatty acids are called essential because you have to have them, if you do not then strange things start to happen.

Essential fatty acids are used by the glands ( thyroid,adrenals etc.) and these glands regulate the body.

the adrenal glands use these acids along with cholesterol to make all the hormones, these hormones control blood sugar, blood pressure, salt and water balance and the like.

by the way vitamin D is actually a hormone and even with the proper amount of sunshine you will have trouble making vitamin d in the body without Essential fatty acids.

one of the hormones that the adrenals make is called cortisol, without it you become fatigued and are prone to respiratory illnesses.

I personally had many symptoms, fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety, dry skin, dehydration, illness after emotional or physical stress, hypoglycemic episodes, mental fog, poor concentration, poor short term memory, electrolyte imbalances, small bumps on the back of the upper arms, palpitations, pain, painful joints, popping joints.

After trying many supplements, doctors telling I'm fine all tests are normal (in range), people telling me its all in my head and I'm a hypochondriac. i finally came across information about essential fatty acids and started to research it.

i would type essential fatty acid deficiency and ....... put a symptom on the end and to my surprise it was there every time.

knowing i had nothing to lose i started to take salmon oil within 2 weeks i began to see results!

i upped my dosage and now take udos oil, (in the refrigerated section of the supplements store)

it is a balanced oil, i eat fish 3 times a week and also still take the salmon oil capsules as well.

my symptoms and health are fast returning to normal.

Update: i have added salt to my diet! i put a pinch of celtic sea salt into my water, i eat a pinch here and there and eat salty snacks! this seems to agree with me and as long as it tastes good and feels good i will do it. amazingly my blood pressure has dropped to 123/66, WOW! i did read that people with adrenal fatigue lose a lot of salt because they are not produceing alderstone. i feel great and my doctor said as long as it makes me feel better and my blood pressure does not go above 140/90 then do it!


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      Healing Herbalist 6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

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