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Adrenal Stress Index Test now available for at-home testing

Updated on September 12, 2011

Adrenal Test For You


What does adrenals mean to you?

You may not know what your adrenal glands are or what they do; but I bet you know about stress. Stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern life. The adrenal glands are our body's system designed to help us when we are under stress. If you are exposed to chronic stress, it can overburden your adrenal glands.

Now there is a salivary test that can assess the function of your adrenal glands. The test shows how your adrenal glands are currently operating. The name of the test is The Adrenal Salivary Stress Index test or ASI test for short. The Adrenal Salivary Stress Index test (ASI) is a measurement of your body’s cortisol levels over the course of a day giving a picture of its circadian rhythm. With this information you can extrapolate things like whyIt is hard to get up in the morning or why you have low energy levels during the day or part of the day.

Other useful information gathered from this test are:

Muscle and Joint Function: Tissue healing can be effected by poor adrenal rhythms. Consequently this can cause muscle and joint soreness and eventually chronic pain.

Bone health: The Adrenals can also effect how well our bones can re-build. This is important for postmenopausal women to know.

Immune health: The immune system is influenced by cortisol cycles. Stress whether short-term or long-term can suppress the immune system.

Sleep quality: Melatonin has been shown to have an inverse relationship to cortisol. REM sleep is restorative, but this can be interrupted by high cortisol levels at night when it is supposed to be low.

Skin regeneration: At night our skin regenerates, but this can be interrupted by high cortisol levels.

Thyroid function: Thyroid hormone production is influenced by high cortisol levels. The effect on the thyroid can be in the areas of fatigue and low body temperatures.

Grain intolerance and stress: The adrenal stress response can be activated by digestive stress when consuming grains.

For a simple at-home test that is reasonably cost-effective; a lot of useful information can be gathered. It can be done initially as a baseline; then repeated to see improvement over time.The test is done in the comfort of your home. Once completed the test is mailed back in a shipping box provided. Test results are mailed to you along with lifestyle recommendations.

If this sounds something you'd like more information about, go to


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