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Choose Life, Don't Rush, Please.

Updated on August 8, 2016

Adrenaline rush or life at rush!!! Joy of few seconds can be costly.

“Life can be adventurous and fun, but not at its expense." Well every now and then all of us love the adrenaline rush, so we engage in things that give us that. We race bikes, cars, jump from undefined heights, try adventurous stuffs just to get that flow of adrenaline. After all we are all humans and our instinct demands it. The joy after that is fulfilling.

Remember that day that you took a shortcut and covered a distance from your place to school in just minutes in busy traffic, the day you rode your bike at 110 km/h on a free road, that long drive to hill stop in a matter of hours, rushing to office being late and drifting your car wildly along the way,. All these seems to be normal in anyone’s life at some point or the other but giving a little thought into it we can easily see being little careful, not rushing things, being protective wouldn’t have costs us anything but only the safety and peace. Yeah that’s right, what if that day while rushing to school you were hit by some vehicle, what if that day on that free road you lost control of your motorbike, fell and no one was there to attend to you for very long, what if somehow your vehicle drifts off the cliff from the hilltop and what if your car be smashed by a running truck on the road. It would have been devastating from the point of life. Your careers, your family, your loved ones, what would have happened to them, think!!

So hey friends, why not be safe and sound, choose safety before rush, choose life before minutes of joy.Trust me I myself is very adventurous and I just love the rush of adrenaline. There were times when I used to race in the most crowded streets just to feel that, on so many occasions I almost got myself in very risky places and situations, and yet I survived narrowly. It was fun and interesting. And then one day recently I met with an accident, a car speeding wildly smashed me from back, and I was tossed above, got my legs and hands bruised badly, luckily I was wearing a helmet. Suddenly my life came to a standstill though not fatal thanks God, my work, my daily engagements; literally my life came to a halt.

Now these few weeks with nothing else to do then bed rest, I reflected on how irresponsible I was, though it was not me rushing that day, that car gave me the very clear view how I might have looked to others or risked life of others along with mine only for that little fun. I am not saying that one should leave fun and adventure but why not with care, safety and peace of mind without rushing. After all life is too precious, to be risked every now and then. I promised myself that from now on its ok I will get on to schedule a little earlier, but as much as possible avoid that rush which may costs dearly.

I urge everyone to please consider life before those few minutes of rushing joy.I know we all can do that much.


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