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Adult Bed Wetting Problem

Updated on October 22, 2011

The bed wetting during night sleep, also called nocturnal enuresis is very common and normal amid the children up to five to eight years. Primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE) is when a child has not even detained dry on a regular basis. But when an adult or a child starts wetting once again after keeping stayed dry so it is known as Secondary nocturnal enuresis (SNE).

Captivatinglingly, boys are more prone as compared to girls to this habit. This is not a reason for worry for parents, as urinary bladder control might not have been properly accomplished at this age. Normally when children reach at the age of 7 they stop the habit of bed wetting.

As the body of a child develops and grows each year, bed-wetting will decline considerably and during the teen age most of the children might have come out of this problem on their own. Among 100 to 150, it is consider only one bed wetting teen back in diapers.

Different Causes Of Bed Wetting

Below, are the causes of bedwetting by elder children!


Not most of the people are familiar, but heredity is a main reason of bedwetting in elder children. If your parents both of them were bed wetters, you have 80% chances of inheriting the problem of bedwetting. But if your only one parent is bed wetter then your chances of bedwetting decline to 45%.


Those people who have diabetes have increase level of sugar in their blood circulation. The body enhances urine output in trying to eliminate the sugar. Getting to urinate often is a common sign of diabetes.

Not Having Control over Urinary Bladder

Bed wetting occurs in those children who have not managed to accomplish control over their urinary bladder

Deep Sleep

If the children or adult having this problem sleep very deeply or sleep for more time than normal into the paralytic sleep, then it also causes bedwetting.

Urinary Tract Infections

Diurnal enuresis happens if the child has some infections of urinary tract or some other abnormalities.

Hormonal Factors

Hormonal factors can be another factor of bedwetting in children, specific medications, intake fluids time and emotional factors as well.

Solutions of Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting Alarms

An alarm device of battery operated might aid the child to wake up from the sleep just at the moment the child is about to pass urine.

This alarm device is positioned somewhere close the child and when it feels urine an alarm sound which sets off for helping in waking up the kid to go to toilet. The child must be trained to again set the alarm before again going to sleep. This alarm device is very easily accessible at almost all medical shops without any prescription.

How Bed Wetting Alarms Work

Treating Urinary Bladder Infections

The problem of bed wetting is also related to some kinds of urinary bladder infections.

About 6% cases suffer from bed wetting problem, evidenced through bed wetting.

Therefore, treating the infection of urinary bladder through different antibiotics or other suggested medications is very necessary.

Recognize Sleep Disorder

Bed wetting of kids is often a crusade of sleep disturbance or sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea or not regular patterns of breathing during sleep due to hindrance of inhalation of air to the lungs from mouth and nose.

The other sign and symptom of recognizing sleep apnea is open mouth breathing and restless sleep. There are masks available for the full face for treating sleep apnea, which might be the crusade for concern. Do not treat it at home by yourself; just go and visit the doctor before doing anything.


There are some particular medications which stimulate such deep and sound sleep that a person finds it not possible to wake up at night to alleviate himself. These medications are mostly sedatives which freeze the sensory capabilities of human beings. In adults bedwetting can be highly uncomfortable.

Now-a-days, there are numerous urinary medicines of incontinency accessible in the market that can render some comfort against incontinency. Therefore, to find a long time solution of bedwetting in adults, causes must be proper research on this and proper treatment and medications must be integrated without much bother.


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