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Adult Stem Cells News™

Updated on April 10, 2011

Cell therapy can work wonders for you

In terms of human longevity nutrition there is now, good stem cell news and there use these days. The technology is now available for the public to benefit from this technology. Not the embryonic stem cells, due to the controversy and debate but rather with adult stem cells. Since with adult stem cells there is no such obstacle.

They are naturally occurring in the body,they exist in more tissues then once thought possible and reside in specific areas of each tissues and remain dormant until acted upon by disease or tissue injury. They are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods of time and give rise to specialized function i.e. (red blood cell, skin cell, muscle cell).

Once released into the system the new cells work on problem areas of the body. And as we age they serve as a continuing maintenance and repair crew to the body system; they really do, hence the slowing down of the Biological time clock and the degenerative break down in limbs and tissues. Mainstream media has only rare mentions of events in this domain which is interesting, since I find it to be of prime interest in slowing down the illness and poor health that go with the biological time clock that ticks away in us all. cell therapy can work wonders for you they are not a magic stem enhancing wand but they are very cost effective in terms of no medical bills.

Time was only Hollywood movie stars could afford the Dude Ranch Stays for these types of anti-aging treatments. Now however they are more and more within our reach and therefore made to be made use of, not for selfish vain reasons, but plain one life to live and we may as well live it to the fullest; type of reasons.

Since 1997 I have had an account with a publicly traded going places 25 year track record company called simplexityhealth. Click the link below and see the eye opener info on these guys. You too can benefit from having an account with them. Speak to them ,you may us my active distributor account name of Claude Edwin Theriaul or ID#445357 and your in to long life.

State of the Art Harvesting and processing

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