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Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery

Updated on June 9, 2015

Having a tonsillectomy as an adult is very painful, far more painful than a child tonsillectomy. The recovery period is about two weeks. This article contains some information to help you during your recovery. Be sure to follow your doctor's advice.

What to Expect After a Tonsillectomy

  • Sore throat. It will hurt like it did the last time you had tonsillitis. It will get increasingly painful until the scabs come off.
  • Ear pain. This is called "referred ear pain" because it's not really coming from your ear. It is not always present.
  • Bad breath. This is common from the scabs.
  • Weight loss. As you will not be able to consume your normal diet, you can expect to lose some weight.
  • Change of voice. For the first week or so you may notice that your voice sounds different.
  • Emotional changes. If you suffer severe pain and take strong medication you may find yourself getting very emotional.
  • Feeling hungry. Since you cannot have your favourite foods, expect to feel hungry.
  • Lack of sleep. Initially you will not be able to sleep for much longer than four or five hours at a stretch.

What to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

Eating will become one of your greatest challenges after your operation. The most important thing to remember is to keep your throat hydrated by drinking water. You should also time your medication so that it takes effect just before you start eating, so that eating is as painless as possible. Always consult your doctor for advice on what to eat after your tonsillectomy. What you eat will change as your recover. You should find that you can only eat very soft foods for the first few days and then slowly add rougher foods. Some doctors recommend rough foods from the beginning.

Here are some great ideas for what you can eat:

  • Baby food
  • Noodles
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Jelly
  • Ice lollies/ice cream
  • Desserts (though for some people, very sugary deserts are painful)
  • Custard ... yum!
  • WATER!


Your doctor will prescribe medication to take during your recovery. This will likely be an antibiotic to prevent or control bacterial infection, plus painkillers, also known as analgesics. If you get severe ear pain, your doctor may prescribe ear drops. Time your medication carefully; plan to eat during the first hour after taking your pain medication, as the drug will be most effective during this period. Ask your doctor how long it will take after you swallow it for your medication to reach its maximum effect.

Which day of your recovery was most painful?

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Tonsillectomy Scabs

Coblation Tonsillectomy Surgery


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    • profile image

      Goga 7 months ago

      Age: 19

      Operation: Tonsillectomy

      Tool: Bipolar Scissor

      Day/Pain (out of 10):

      1th / 0

      2th / 3

      3th / 8 (Pain Killer on morning (Dexalgin liquid))

      4th / 5

      5th / 3 (If I didn't cough it'd be 0)

      All you have to do is to eat liquid food. Relax, lay on bed even tho you feel okay and tireless. Eat much icecream and drink cold water every hour. Don't move rapidly to not increase blood pressure in veins which can cause bleeding.

      I have been reading lots of comments and their experience was like hell, by the way I got ready and it didn't turned out to be so bad after my surgery.

      I'm on day 5 ending and dont think it will get worse. If you follow your instructions given your doctor, it will be way easy.

      Solid food is forbidden for me for 21 days and some stupid people say they got bleeding when they eat solid after 7 days - oh really?!!

      Be careful and safe. Good luck, absolutely no worries!!!

    • profile image

      Deb the old gal 18 months ago

      I'm 52 and had mine out on thursday. My throat looks like a horor movie and I'm starving but will not eat anything draggy, I'm on liquid codeine and although it works really well I'm getting concerned with the pooping. I've done 2 stool softeners and almost a whole bag of prunes. If this doesn't happen soon we're gonna have a problem. drink lots & lots of ice water, Popsicle's are your friends. I know the worst is yet to come. You've all been very helpful.

    • profile image

      Rachel 2 years ago

      I had a tonsillectomy in july 2015 at 28. The pain was tolerable up to day 4 and i was surprised at how much i could eat. I had terrible foul breath from day 4 and the pain became unbearable day 4 and 5 to extent i was crying because trying to eat was so painful. I started vomiting blood and had surgery to stop bleeding and remove blood clots day 6 and went into surgery again on day 8 for same thing. The third surgery they put gauze in as padding and stitched up my tonsil bed. That worked and since then the pain has been manageable. Now at 6 weeks and im still very tired from blood loss (anaemic) and am still taking over the counter painkillers. My stitches are stil in and scabbed but i am starting to go back to work tomorrow. This might sound like a terrible experience, and im told im a very rare case, but i would still choose to have surgery again as all of it is better than living with chronic tonsillitis. I hope i'll be back to normal in next few weeks when i have check up with surgeon in sept. Good luck!

    • profile image

      Tara 3 years ago

      I am currently on day 5 of hell. Day 1 was a breeze. The nurses at the hospital said they were amazed at how well I did. I wanted to walk to my car I has so much energy. I came home and did homework with my daughter. My dad called to check on me And was very surprised I answered the phone!

      Well...the honeymoon didn't last too long. By evening, I felt as though I came down with a terrible case of strep! The pain meds wouldn't even take the edge off. The next morning I woke up feeling as though I hard shards of glass in my throat. Awful! I did manage to eat some soft buttered noodles but they didn't feel to hot going down. My husband called the surgeon to see if he can call in a stronger pain Medication but he would not. All he said was to drink lots of water. That is better than pain meds.

      Well I am at day 5 and feel no better. The worst part of the day is morning. The pain is killer. My advice is to sleep with a hiuuuuge glass of ice water by your bed and a humidifier on the nightstand directly blowing into your face. Wake up as often as possible to take as many drinks of water as you can.

      I am a teacher and only have one more week off of work. I am rethinking my time and may have to take even extra time off. My voice is non existent. My ears are throbbing and I feel like someone sucker punched me in the jowls! I pray that this will all be worth it in the end. It royally stinks now!!

    • profile image

      Johne773 3 years ago

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      Johnd278 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Michael 3 years ago

      I'm 38 years old and going onto day 3.lts bad but the trick is to eat solid foods asap.My specialist made me eat chicken,rice and vegetables,2 hours after surgery......l am eating whatever l feel like!

    • profile image

      Dodge282 3 years ago

      Hi peeps, well I'm 28 and after years of having tonsillitis month after month I finally was able to get a tonsillectomy. Day 1 after surgery was a breeze, even able to eat normal foods. Day 2 was a it more difficult after lack of sleep which you won't see much of for the next week or so. I was given paracetomal and ibuprofen but after day 3 didn't feel like much help. Day 4 wasn't much different. Now day 5 was horrendous, woke up in agony, took painkillers still no effect so sat in agony all day and night. Woke up on day 6 and I couldn't stop swallowing, I thought the scabs was coming off and my body was trying to swallow it. After about an hour I finally got because I couldn't stop, managed to get to the sink before I started vomiting blood. It wasn't just a couple of tablespoons, it was a lot mix of dark and fresh blood. Got my wife up and drove to hospital with a bucket, sat in AandE puking up and they got me into stem the bleed after an hour of getting there. The doc said a pint and half of blood in the bucket so they got me on a blood transfusion to replace what had been lost. Got rushed into surgery once the theatre was free and had surgery again to burn the vein and stitch up the area to ensure it doesn't bleed again. Turns out I had a huge infection in one tonsil which is why I had such a horrible rotten egg taste. Well now I'm on day 7 after just getting back from hospital, my throat feels like half the size but they insist on giving me even bigger pills to take. Pain is a lot less but it was a scare my pregnant wife found very hard. Don't want to scare you into not having a tonsillectomy, just 2 % bleed within 48 hours and 3.5% from day 2 to 7.

    • profile image

      Dodge282 3 years ago

      Hi peeps, well I'm 28 and after years of having tonsillitis month after month I finally was able to get a tonsillectomy. Day 1 after surgery was a breeze, even able to eat normal foods. Day 2 was a it more difficult after lack of sleep which you won't see much of for the next week or so. I was given paracetomal and ibuprofen but after day 3 didn't feel like much help. Day 4 wasn't much different. Now day 5 was horrendous, woke up in agony, took painkillers still no effect so sat in agony all day and night. Woke up on day 6 and I couldn't stop swallowing, I thought the scabs was coming off and my body was trying to swallow it. After about an hour I finally got because I couldn't stop, managed to get to the sink before I started vomiting blood. It wasn't just a couple of tablespoons, it was a lot mix of dark and fresh blood. Got my wife up and drove to hospital with a bucket, sat in AandE puking up and they got me into stem the bleed after an hour of getting there. The doc said a pint and half of blood in the bucket so they got me on a blood transfusion to replace what had been lost. Got rushed into surgery once the theatre was free and had surgery again to burn the vein and stitch up the area to ensure it doesn't bleed again. Turns out I had a huge infection in one tonsil which is why I had such a horrible rotten egg taste. Well now I'm on day 7 after just getting back from hospital, my throat feels like half the size but they insist on giving me even bigger pills to take. Pain is a lot less but it was a scare my pregnant wife found very hard. Don't want to scare you into not having a tonsillectomy, just 2 % bleed within 48 hours and 3.5% from day 2 to 7.

    • profile image

      emma1976 3 years ago

      I had my tonsils removed 3 weeks ago, it was hideous, luckily never again!, my tongue was so painful they must of retched it out of my mouth. however worse than that I think I have developed an eating disorder. every time I eat I cant stand and it makes me sick. I am 38 years and never had an eating problem before every tastes and fells rubbish :'( ive lost weight but the lack of vitamins is causing low energy. And ive started feeling really depressed??? why is this

    • profile image

      Nichole 3 years ago

      I am 15 and had my tonsils taken out Monday. It is horrible I regret getting the surgery. I haven't been able to eat for a couple days. I was supposed to start school yesturday but I couldn't. I was in so much pain. Sometimes is hurts to walk.

    • profile image

      Dave 3 years ago

      I am 40 years old, had tonsils out 08/15 and today is 08/25 and I am fully recovered. It is not as bad as the stories are as long as you do the following. 1. Sleep sitting up, and set alarm every hour for first 3 days to drink a glass of water. 2. Take the meds (liquid form…) every 4 hours on the dot, at least the first 4-5 days. 3. Wear an ice-pack (get at Walgreens, CVS, or any pharmacy) 24/7 the first 3-4 days. 4. Drink water!!!!

      I also was able to eat solid foods the first night home, as you will not be in much pain as anthesea still doing it thing. Next few days stuck with pudding, applesause, soup, popsicles.

      Was eating solid foods again on day 7. Scabs fell off day 8, so I went back on pain meds for another 2 days every 6 hours this time.

      Lost 15 lbs, look good and feel great. Do the above you will be fine. It is my opinion that most people will only post about a bad experience…so there are far better experiences than bad ones, don’t let the internet scare you about this.

      Good luck!


    • profile image

      Chloe 3 years ago

      I'm on day 7 after having tonsilectomy and I must say the pain I'm feeling is unreal. I stumbled across this page because didn't think that it was normal for me to be feeling this! When I woke up from the anaesthetic I was struggling to swollow but once the paracetamol kicked in I found it easier. The nurse told me to take children's medication as I would find it easier to take. So calpol and ibuprofen medicine eased the pain ever so slightly.

      After day 4 it got significantly worse and day 5 being the tip of the iceberg! I can honestly say it felt like I was swollowing a housebrick covered in sandpaper whilst someone is sticking shards of glass down my ears!!

      On a morning is the worst, I have to brush my teeth just to open my mouth enough to swollow my medicine.

      Last night I was up crying for my mum as the pain in my ears was horrendous and so hungry I thought I was going to vom everywhere! At 24 year old and your brother having to wake your mum up on the middle of the night for a cuddle is not the highlight Of my life!

      Drinking water was easy at first but it's getting more painful, I find drinking Lukewarm tea is the easiest thing, i found out this morning scotch pancakes is the only thing I can eat with minimal pain.. Anyone having this operation good luck.. I would rather take the Quincy again :/

    • profile image

      STaylor 3 years ago

      I just had my tonsils out July 17th, 2014. The best tips I can give that truly helped me. Since I greatly appreciated all the blogs and tips I read before my surgery.

      *Get a large humidifier, and sleep next to it, it really helps. Your throat and tonsils getting dry is what hurts the most, see below for the best tip on keeping your throat moist that I didn’t read anywhere else.

      *Get a ice making machine, that you can plug in next to you and it makes ice all night, you just pour water in it. (I even poured gateraid, which made a softer ice cube) My ice machine made small round ice, which was easy to suck and swallow. I would suggest testing the size BEFORE surgery.

      *I bought a recliner to sleep in, which helped greatly.

      *Make your doctor give you a liquid pain killers AND pill pain killers. Some people literally cannot swallow the pills and need the liquid, However if you can swallow the pills they are WAY better, as the liquid on a raw wound burns like hell. (still worth it for the pain relief, but I preferred the pills) You don’t want to have to have people running back and forth to the pharmacy for you.

      *Make your doctor give you a steroid prescription, I asked mine for one, but he didn’t want to and I didn’t push him. I ended up in the ER after two days of excruciating ear pain from all the pressure and swelling (you can’t take ibuprofen, even though initially the ER doctor was going to prescribe that). The steroids made a HUGE difference in my pain level, I want from exceeding my daily pain allotment in pills to only taking 2-3 a day after taking steroids. The ear pain was the worst pain I had ever experienced. It felt like my ear drums would explode and pain pills only gave me MAYBE one hour of pain relief. When I say the pain is crazy bad from this, I have had kidney stones 5 times, C-section, tummy tuck, thyroidectomy, gave birth twice (once with no medication at all)… this was the worst pain of my life. As soon as I got the IV steroids I felt really good, so why suffer needlessly. There is no real down side to taking steroids for 7-10 days post opt, so trust me and INSIST on it.

      *Make sure you get two ice packs from the hospital, so you can rotate them. (Or you can refill with your ice machine).

      *Don’t eat dairy as it causes more mucus. (you don’t want to add problems or issues to your recovery)

      *I found just water, ice, and gatoraid (which did burn a little) and warm pudding (which I made with blue diamond almond milk to ensure it was dairy free) were the best. For some reason I liked the pudding better warm than cold. At times the cold was too much. You will do best to eat about 30 minutes after your pain dose. By day three I started eating olives. It sounds dumb, but they are solid, so they help with taking pain pills, and oily so they swallow well, and are natural, and not just sugary. I tried just plain carrot juice, thinking that would give me better nutrition, it burned like crazy, so don’t do it!! Even tomato based soups that weren’t spicy really burned.

      *I cleaned my tonsils each time after I ate, I just used q-tips and GENTALLY wiped off the food that inevitably just sticks there. Don’t be stupid and scrub hard or pick at things, just gently clean. I also brushed my teeth regularly, with no issues. Then afterwards I took a q-tip with DoTerra Coconut Oil (medical grade) and put on my tonsils, as after wiping them they felt dry and that makes them more painful. I quickly learned that the coconut oil was more soothing that loads of water. Not sure why but I believe is it relieved that dry painful feeling. Plus coconut oil has natural antimicrobial properties. Now this is just my experience not medical advice… but I never got bad breath during my healing. My son had a tonsillectomy and his breath smelled like it could be used as a weapon. This now grosses me out as I realized it was preventable. If your breath smells bad, just think of the bacteria that is on your OPEN WOUNDS!!!

      *Lastly get a stool softener. I though I didn’t need one as I wasn’t eating, literally hardly a thing a day and hardly anything solid…. but then about a week post opt I learned I was wrong!! You don’t need more pain post opt!

      My recovery was much easier than I had expected, but I think that I read EVERY blog on the internet, and tried to be well prepared. So I expected the worst. Honestly had I known I could take my migraine medicine on top of the pain pills I wouldn’t have ended up in the ER day 3. (Because I kept calling the pharmacy at Kaiser, who wouldn’t pick up, then it got so bad I just had to go in and get the shot, and a anti-nausea shot. Thank heaven I didn’t throw up, even after watching a lady in the waiting room vomit as soon as I got there, and I was already on the verge of vomiting.

      Then I ended up on the ER again on day 6 (after suffering horribly for 2 days) due to swelling. Had my doctor given me prescription for steroids like I had asked, I would have done great. My pain was VERY manageable after the steroids. Literally like 15 minutes after I felt TONS better. So MAKE YOUR doctor give them to you.

      Good Luck. I am only just over two weeks post opt, but I don’t regret it at all. The only thing that still hurts is yawning and I am not sure why? I have been to scared to try anything spicy, so not sure if I can eat that or not. But I tried a soda and that was fine. (I was sure that would burn too)

    • profile image

      Norma 3 years ago

      I'm so disappointed I'm on day 6 tomorrow will be a week. After being able to drink more fluids yesterday and finally being able to get down a bit of mashed potatoes today I feel like a took a few steps back. Any progress feels nonexistent. Will post again to share any updates.

    • profile image

      humayra 3 years ago

      I had my operation on Friday 13th!!! :/ its been hell of 6 days. reading this comments has parked me up a bit coz i thought i was the only one who was going through so much pain.

    • profile image

      Michael Angelo 3 years ago

      Hi Everyone, I'm 46years old and been through a lot of pain in my life. But, this by far was the worst. Day 1 and 2 after surgery wasn't bad. And then WACK pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 12. Be prepared not to eat any solid food for at least 7 days. Constipation is def an issue. Even swallowing a little water is a chore. I'll be honest after day 6-7 days the only thing I was eating was mac and cheese from Panera. Lol! I'm in day 10 and I'm finally starting to feel like myself. This past weekend was the first real solid food I've eaten. Today the only real issue I have is swallowing, feels like a lump in my throat. I'm thinking it's some post nasal drip. Good luck people. This sucks!!!!

    • profile image

      secret person 3 years ago

      Everyone reacts differently to this operation so don't think what everyone says will happen to you. I can tell you though that this operation was the worst pain afterwards for me that you could possibly ever imagine. Nothing the nurses told me prepared me for this sort of pain. They told me the pain would be like the worst tonsilites I've had, what a load of rubbish where I'm concerned. It might have been the equivalent to that for others but certainly not for me, the pain felt like I was trying to swallow a brick while there was glass stuck in my throat and someone was stabbing me with blades at the back. I am now a month on from my surgery and still have pain in the mornings swallowing. Good luck to everyone getting this operation.

    • profile image

      FourGone 3 years ago

      Now day 12, I only felt like I was recovering after day 10. Days 4 through 8 being pretty bad.

      Got an infection after day 4, felt like a sickly sweet taste and terrible breath.

      I couldn't handle ice, preferred ambient temperature water. Dairy was out.

      The only tip I have is after day 8, I started to cough up blood clots. The quickest way to stop the bleeding, I found, is gargle with the ice cold water and take long deep breaths through the mouth to generate some air over the bleeding.

      Also as others have said, sleeping in a recliner works very well.

      The amount of saliva I am generating is unbelievable.

    • profile image

      Becky 3 years ago

      I was 35 when I had this surgery and I would not recommend to anyone over the age of 20... The worst part was knowing you had to eat enough to keep medicine from making you sick on your stomach. I would just sit at the table & cry trying to decide if I could swallow enough Jello or watered down Cream of Chicken soup. Day 1 was fine because like others you pretty much slept all day. But 2-10 nightmare.

    • profile image

      Yvette 3 years ago

      Hi everyone,

      I at the end of day 5 after tonsil removal and whilst I won't lie, it has been and is painful, I personally don't think it is as bad as I have been reading. Everyone heals and feels pain differently so of course it's all relative and I have tried really hard to take advice on board but not put pressure on my body to feel a certain way at a certain time.

      My first night was good, day 2 to 3 worse with ear and jaw pain but today has been a relief with less pain, eating meat and mac and cheese was amazing. Whilst I am experiencing pain I am managing it by loads of water, gargling anesthetic anti bacterial wash and hot/cold packs for my neck and ears which I found frozen better at first but now the warmth is more comforting.

      Ice blocks are good but hurt my teeth which is funny because the throat pain is way worse but I am just picking my battles. I am religiously taking panadol nothing stronger at this stage and sleeping whenever my body wants to I don't fight it.

      I have already had a bit of sub come away and no extra pain I don't think I just keep managing it and I hope this will get me through and push my recovery forward.

      You have to stay positive and not pressure your body. Be prepared then go with the flow. Lots of hugs from hubby, that's getting me through :) good luck everyone. Better health and a yucky tonsil free life is right around the corner!! Exciting!

    • profile image

      Donna 4 years ago

      I want to thank everyone for the comments pertaining to your tonsillectomy . My 30 year old daughter had the surgery last Wednesday and reading these helped so much!!

    • profile image

      Don Etchells 4 years ago

      Had a tonsillectomy 12 days ago. All went well, arrived in recovery and was told to eat toast before leaving the hospital. after haemorrhaging i was sent back to surgery to cauterise the area.

      10 days later i left hospital after the hospital punctured my lung during surgery (Hemothorax )

      I have to say the pain of having a chest drain far out weighed the pain from the tonsillectomy in actual fact i have had no problem eating anything and everything. nearly two weeks on and i have just a mild sore throat.

    • profile image

      Kari 4 years ago

      I am on day 11 (20 years old) and I have to say that in the last two days I have kept feeling more and more normal. For me the worse days were 2-4 and 6-8 but honestly they went by really fast because I kept falling asleep due to the pain meds. The first day was fine because of anesthesia and luckily I did not get sick from it. I actually felt pretty good after surgery. The only thing I could eat until day 9 were popsicles and occasionally pudding, so I was extremely hungry by day 9. I have started eating a lot more, but I am still careful about eating super crunchy things just in case. The things that I found helped the most were taking my medicine every time I could and I always had an ice pack on my neck. This also helped with the swelling because my throat was extremely swollen for the first week or so. Flavor ice popsicles have also been a life saver. They feel amazing and are the easiest thing to eat in my opinion. I've had no ear pain so far and I think that is partially because of having the ice pack with me every second. I did develop a nasty cough on day 2 which made taking my medicine, drinking, or eating almost impossible because I would choke every time I would try to swallow. I finally got cough syrup that worked and by day 7 I was finally getting over the cough. It has definitely been a rough 11 days, but for me, I felt terrible one minute (day 9) and then woke up day 10 feeling soooo much better. So just remember that it will all be over soon and its super important to drink as much as you can and to have an ice pack :)

    • profile image

      Ashley 4 years ago

      Day 10 post op. Things do get better! I will tell you that much. I didn't believe it. AT ALL. The first 2 days sucked. I was given percocet. Cannot speak for any other drug, but while the side effects of this medication really bothered me I really felt like it alleviated the pain. The first day and night was worse for me than any of the others. I ended up in the ER on day 4 or 5. Not because of dehydration or anything like that. I ended up waking up feeling like my throat was swollen shut. I could not swallow and nothing I could have done would help it subside. It ended up being a blessing in disguise I think. They put me on 7 day pack steroids, which helped cut down on inflammation. It also helped me because I never got that dreaded ear pain everyone talks about. It helped to subside the pain. The scab pulling is kinda annoying, but I'd take that any day over the day 8 & 9. Then I had a lull....and then on day 8 & 9 it was the worst. Terrible pain imaginable. I don't think I can even being to describe exactly what it feels like. Hell? At day 10 I do have some lingering pain when I swallow, but nothing nearly as bad as the two previous days. Yawning is a killer though...

    • profile image

      Angie 4 years ago

      Today is day 6, still in pain and meds make me sick!!!! Wish I had not had the surgery:(

    • profile image

      Adam 4 years ago

      Going for my tonsillectomy in 6hrs haha reading this the night before probably wasn't the brightest idea!

    • profile image

      Daniel 4 years ago

      Hi I had my tonsillectomy 22 days ago, the pain in the first 6 days was awful and I was barely eating or drinking. Day 6 asleep waking up choking on blood I was rushed to hospital were the bleeding eased off, I started to recover well when on day 20 after surgery the bleeding brag again this time a lot worse, I was spitting blood out all over, filling 7 hospital bowls in 3 hours. I was taken back in for surgery where they sealed the burst artery that was causing the bleeding. I had to have 2 blood transfusions and a few nights in hospital. It's now day 24 after the original tonsillectomy and I feel like I did on day 2 struggling with good water etc

    • profile image

      Steven 4 years ago

      I had mine removed 5 days ago,the pain is tolerable so far.The only bad time is in the morning because of dehydration and of course swallowing but the pain meds take care of that.I'm only eating soup,ice cream and jello but it's really not a big deal.

      The real problem is the swollen uvula which makes me gag when I talk!

      Aside from that the pain is manageable with painkillers,the scabs are better but I'm feeling like I'm swallowing them all the time,help anyone?I heard they hurt like hell when they slough off but many say you don't really feel them coming off.

    • profile image

      Wade 4 years ago

      I am on day 8 I am 25, I only take the liquid pain medication at night before bed. Only took Tylenol on the two days I had a fever. I've also hardly eaten anything(by choice) to lessen the risk of bleeding and also unnecessary pain. I make sure to drink ample water during the day and switch it up with Gatorade. For nutrients I use ensure and chocolate pudding to keep the blood sugar up. I have lost weight, but am not concerned as weight can be put back on just as easily. I find being out and about helps the time go by as these past 8 days have seemed to fly by. I will definitely not say this is easy or it isn't painful. Because it is, quite painful but I think if you stay positive and keep your mind in a good place it can help make the recovery process a lot more comfortable. My advice would be to not try and force yourself to eat, going a few days without eating isn't going to hurt you as long as you stay good and hydrated, why put yourself through more pain than what your already in? Hope this helps!

    • profile image

      Isaac 4 years ago

      I am from the UK, had my tonsils removed 7 days ago and fingers crossed i think i may be on the home stretch now, days 4 and 5 have been the worst for me, dont get me wrong im still in pain but its bearable and im eating without much difficulty. My jaw and Tongue is hurting more at the minute than my throat but i think thats normal at this time. Obviously take your pain killers etc on a regular cycle and drink whatever the hell you can that doesent hurt, personally freezing cold water caused me absolute agony, Mugs of tea have been my best friend this last week and i have been drinking probably 10-15 a day. I have read a lot of comments from people saying to set an alarm when you sleep and wake up every few hours to take pain relief so that when you get up in the morning it hurts less, i personally think thats crazy, your body is recovering and it needs as much rest as possible. Maybe ive just been lucky but i have been sleeping 10 hours a night without fail. Yes when you wake up you feel like absolute shit but all you have to do is take your pills soon as you wake up, lay in bed for 30 mins or so, pound about 2 pints of water down your neck, lay there for another 30 mins or so and boom good as new. One tip that i would recommend is that when you first wake up on a morning you get the urge to cough and try clear your throat, DONT do this as you will probably cry, have a drink and your pills first before you start trying to get flem up and clear your throat. The last thing i will say is that this post tonsillectomy period plays tricks with you, one minute you feel absolutely fine and the next you feel like crying, its so up and down. Those times you do feel fine, dont overdo it because the next day it will backfire on you big time. Try keep positive and it will soon be over and done with in no time.

    • profile image

      Jem 4 years ago

      I am from the UK and I am on day 7 of recovery. I have to admit that I think the people who are complaining about the pain did not have bad enough tonsillitis to have a tonsillectomy. I had severe tonsillitis and had it at least twice a month every month and have been on antibiotics for the past year. The pain is bad but it's so much better than having tonsillitis constantly! I got told to eat what I fancy but try and eat some scratchy foods to get the scabs off, I found prawn crackers and marmite on slightly toasted bread the most bearable! The worst days for me have been day 5 and 6 but the pain is bareable it's just the not being able to stuff my face every second of the day that I can't deal with!! Sleeping has been a breeze for me, I slept for 9 hours last night and woke up in a bit of pain but just took my meds and close your eyes for another half an hour then you're all good! Also get fresh air! I started with just walks round the garden or sitting on the chair by the door, I have now progressed to walking around the block, fresh air makes you feel sane and it's good to get your body moving instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself! It's seriously not that bad just man up and remember its 2weeks!

    • profile image

      barb 4 years ago

      I had my tonsillectomy Jan 14, 2014. I am 52....don 't know if I 'd do it again or not. I threw up liters of bile day 1 and 2. Got admitted day 2 overnight. I 've had 8 surgeries in my life and none of them could compare to this one. All I can say is stay on top of the pain meds, drink a lot even though it hurts like hell, rest. And btw, get this done as a child if at all possible!!!

    • profile image

      crystal 4 years ago

      i had my tonsillectomy 2 days ago and like most of you i can't hardly swallow they gave me hyrdracodone pills and steroids which my husband has to crush up and put in water for me to swallow and when i eat i have to swallow about 3 or 4 times to get one bite down it sucks i have been drinking lots of ice tea and ice water but i still feel thirsty and hurts REALLY bad to swallow. my ears has started to hurt when i swallow and i cant sleep in a bed right now cause it does feel like your are gonna choke so i sleep on the couch with two pillows to keep my head elevated... oh and to the ones who are fixing to go through this dont over do it i slept the first day and didn't eat anything but broth and then my mother in law made me some cream of wheat and when i woke up the 2nd time all the blood left my face and i almost passed out on her and lastnight was christmas eve and i helped my little girl with santa cookies and wrapped presents and by the time i was done the pain was so unbarreable it took over an hour for 15 mg of hydracodone to kick in and it usually kicks in in about 15 to 20 min with just 7.5 so dont over do it and hopefully it gets better some times soon and good luck to all yall thats has had surgery and is gonna have surgery........... oh if some one finds anything to help with the pain besides the medicaine popcycles or anything cold let me know cause it all hurts really bad to swallow even warm stuff

    • profile image

      Julia Bear 4 years ago

      I am 35 years old and had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy one week ago today. Good god this is the worst thing ever. For those that say eh this isn't so bad, they must be built of steel. I've read so many pages about this because my doctor didn't prepare me AT ALL for any of this. Most of the things I read were from people who posted 1,2, and 3 days after their surgery. They all felt great...ya until about day 6 and on. My biggest thing is I had really crappy pain medicine. My doctor LOVES doing these procedures but HATES prescribing pain meds (which he didn't tell me until I was on the operating table...nice.) He prescribed me Tylenol 3 with codeine. Pointless and I do mean that. Discuss with your doctor what pain management route he is going to take BEFORE you do this. Then whatever your doctor says, ask what is his next plan if that med don't work. I have not heard of one person having success with Tylenol 3 with codeine. So my first few days yes were painful but day 3 was an OMG day. So was yesterday, day 6. Today is not looking to be any better. I wouldn't suggest this surgery to anyone! Scabs are coming off in small tiny pieces (but so far just a few) and at that rate it looks to be a slow process on that. I HATE cold stuff but the first 4 or 5 days I sat out 10 bottles of water and made sure I drank them faithfully. Day 6 was when my ears really started to hurt and the back of my tongue. I can barely even open my mouth to talk. I lay with heating pads all over the place. Don't help but it feels good. I eat whatever I want mostly (obviously I can't eat a steak or rough foods like) but eggs, toast (not super crispy,) pancakes, and softer foods I do eat. One thing I realized. DON'T EAT oatmeal. I like oatmeal and you would assume it's a soft food so a safe food. Nope. You will be chasing down pieces of oatmeal in your throat. So dont eat anything that will break up as you are chewing. (french fries, etc.)Also, the phlegm and mucous is real and a lot and makes it to where you just cannot swallow much and makes you feel like you are choking and/or gagging. So as much as you want that banana milkshake-don't do it. I drink quite a bit of warm tea,apple juice, and grape juice. Not sure if your supposed to but I am so sick of water. Good luck to anyone who has this and I would make sure that if your going to have this surgery that it is absolutely, and I do mean that in the truest sense of the word, necessary. I wouldn't do this again for anything. It's miserable for many many days. I've lost 7 lbs but who cares. The pain of this is not worth 7 lbs. The pain is almost unbearable. I've never heard of anyone thinking this is a laughing matter. My sister in law had this done a year ago and still to this day says it was the worst thing she's ever experienced...and it truly is.

    • profile image

      Wedi Liku 4 years ago

      Well come to the members of Tonsillectomy! The time I start reading this I forgot having pain and start laughing and laughing. I realize that this is what is happening to Everybody. I love the way some of you express your pain.

      I'm 34 yrs old and on day 9. The first 4 days I was fine, next 2 days I had small pain when I was eating. On the seventh day all at a sudden I start to have a terrible pain. Specially if I sleep more that 4hrs and wake up, all my through went dry. Too late ... I will have 1hr or 2 of pain. finally I found out that, it is easy to treat such problem by boiling some water and inhale the vapor. yesterday and today everything went normal unless I trigger it in some way or the other(keep drinking enough water and eat soft food).

      God Bless You!

    • profile image

      Mamabear 4 years ago

      So, I am 37 years old and I had tonsillitis a lot growing up. Then, most of my adulthood I've been fine. Then, I find out I have tonsil stones. Crazy. My doctor said it will never go away and I should have the surgery. I am scared beyond belief after hearing the stories. I have read through EVERY single blog here trying to get as much info as possible in preparation for my surgery Dec 12th. I don't deal well with pain at all, but I also have the mindset that I will survive and get through this one way or another. Besides, I 'd rather do this at 37 than 50 or 60. I go! I have 2 cool mist humidifiers (on hand for kids getting sick) and I bought a warm mist vaporizer. Over kill...perhaps, but trying to be as prepared as possible to survive this ordeal.

      I have also bought a clay ice pack for throat (will buy 2 more so I can rotate them), as well as Del Monte fruit chillers, gatorade, etc.

      My biggest question, what is the BEST, MOST effective pain medicine available? Percecet? Oxycodone? Vicodine? I have pretty much came to the realization that I probably won't eat for a few weeks. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully I can get some food down so that I am not weak for recovery. My biggest question is: what is the BEST, MOST effective pain medicine? I want something strong from the beginning. Good luck. I hope I will feel better in time for Christmas! That's my "goal" and something to keep me motivated to making myself drink water...feel better for Christmas. I have 4 kids and I want to feel halfway decent. Prayers needed and VERY much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Tituslow 4 years ago

      I am 23 yrs old and on day 4 post op. I just got on here to see when the scabs are supposed to come off. Today was def the worst day since the procedure but not unbearable. I go back to work tomorrow so I hope the pain dims down a little. To all those who are getting this op done, it isn't that bad. Uncomfortable at most, although I wish I had done this while I was a child.

    • profile image

      maxyb 4 years ago

      day 3 and i havn't stopped eating for the first 3 days... just normal food. feel like im going to pay for it soon enough ;p

    • profile image

      Theo 4 years ago

      I'm 17 and I had my tonsillectomy 26th October 2013. I was advised by my doctor to have the procedure done since I had a double-quinsy abscess infection in December last year.

      Day 6 today and I am struggling a lot with having a lack of control of my saliva, and the mucus-like consistency of it. Every few minutes I have to - excuse me - spit out my saliva into a bowl, and all the while my stomach hurts like hell and it tells me so in rumbles.

      The one thing I'm happy about however, is that this is my final wake up call. I was looking for something to kick me in gear, to make me truly appreciate life and not just take things for granted as I have done for a long time, and this, along with the extraordinary people I met in hospital is my chance. "I want to get out there! Make new friends! See new sights! Break new boundaries! I want to--" then I remember. I can't leave the house.

      All the best to everyone recovering, and well done to all who have.

    • profile image

      Denise 4 years ago

      I'm 34 years old and I had my tonsillectomy 6 days ago,my advise. Just keep taking the pain medication regularly,I found drinking warm water with honey helped me loads and plenty of rest. When I felt really hungry and had pain I ate warm rice pudding and buttered bread. Trust me the pain will go,just have get through it be strong. Xx get well every one

    • profile image

      purpquad 4 years ago

      I am 46 years old and had to have my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones. Yea, I never heard of them either until I got them. I could have gone in every 6 months or so and had my ENT, lance and squeeze the pus out of these stones with only a spray to help me with the pain and he said commonly there is alot of bleeding. Yuck and Ouch, so I opted to just get it over with.

      So glad I did. The procedure went quickly. Had a narcotic pain reliever during the first week. Second week was a little painful, but not what I expected. Mostly my tongue and jaw hurt alot. No earaches. But, so far in my fourth week I have lost my taste on my left side. The good news I have lost 8 pounds so far. My throat always feels dry and if I yawn too big it feels like my skin is crackling off, hopefully this will improve as time goes on.

      So keep your chin up and have a positive attitude. I tried and seems to be working out. Good Luck

    • profile image

      Tonsilmama 4 years ago

      I had a tonsillectomy 6 weeks ago at the age of 40. I decided to post my story because when I went to Dr. Google for assistance (and to try and self-diagnose) I found a lot of scary things. I struggled with my tonsils for the last 4 years. The last 2 years I was convinced I had cancer and took a scared out of my pants approach to it. When I went back to my ENT this year (having seen him 2 years ago) he scoped me and said, "your tonsils need to come out." That was it. In about 30 minutes I was set for surgery and left thinking holy crap....I have cancer. My surgery went well (I had coblation) although I was scared to death of the recovery. I did wind up staying in the hospital overnight due to some respiratory distress. However, I came out of surgery talking a mile a minute. My family was in awe, my surgeon was amazed, and I thought, "Hey, this is a piece of cake!" My first week went really well. My second week, not so much. I had some pain and gagged on the clots as they were sloughing off, and even lost the ability to talk days 8-10. However, now being 6 weeks out and no longer having the constant pain in my throat and neck, I've got to say with 100% certainty that the surgery and two week (yes, plan on two weeks) recovery were well worth it. Not only do I no longer have the constant sore throat and swelling, but I have more energy, am sleeping better, and feel like a totally different person. I waited with anticipation for my biopsy results, not cancer (follicular hyperplasia). I wanted to post because it is really scary when you're told that you need a tonsillectomy as an adult. Dr. Google kept telling me I had cancer, but I did not have cancer. The surgery is easy, the recovery sucks a little but is manageable. If you truly need the surgery...get it done!

    • profile image

      El 4 years ago

      I'm 19 from the UK and I had my tonsils removed five days ago. Although I used to suffer with tonsillitis pretty much every week, anybody reading this who is considering the surgery please realise how much it hurts! I would say I have quite a high pain threshold, couple of tattoos, lots of piercings and injuries over the years, but I can honestly say this is the most pain I have ever experienced in my life! I have only cried once because of the ear pain- if you don't get it you're extremely lucky because it SUCKS. Oral morphine has become my best friend but it makes you extremely sick so I have to take it with anti-sickness pills. I know all of this will be worth it in the end, I couldn't carry on living on antibiotics! Good luck to anybody having a tonsillectomy in the future, I just hope the next week or so flies by so this can all be over!!!!!

    • profile image

      justine 4 years ago

      I am 42 and from the UK. Ive been on solid food such as toast from day1 as its supposed to thin the scabs. ive had paracetamol and ibufrofen, which I have taken regularly throughout. Ive had to space the timings out and use codine to cover nighttime which is when my throat is more sore. On Day 4 with some bleeding on both sides I nipped in to AandE,the doctor reassured me he had similar after his tonsilectomy. but i got some anti-biotics just in case. ive been sneezing since then so i guess it was the start of a cold. Have to say its been rough, but i never got earache, and its not as painful as a quinsey. Day10 and im back in the pub with a soft drink. dont despair you will get through it.

    • profile image

      Amber 4 years ago

      I am 28, on Day 14, and finally seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" with this whole ordeal. First of all, to those who were given Tylenol-whatever or Vicodin, I feel really sorry for you! Percocet is where it's at! The pills were tricky to get down but helped when I was able to maintain them every 3 1/2-4 hrs. I discussed pain management options with my doctor prior to the surgery and he was very honest about what works best with this type of pain, he told me Percocet is the best. Even though it only lasts about 3 hours it works very well. Anyway, on to my recovery blurb:

      Days 1-3: My surgery I'm considering day "Zero". They dosed me up quite well so I didn't feel much when I got home that day. Days 1-3 weren't too bad, oh how blissfully ignorant I was thinking this recovery was going to be a breeze based on how well things were going thus far. Yes, there was swelling. Yes, there was some pain. However, it was tolerable and no worse than what I would experience with a bad case of strep. How wonderful, I thought! I'm one of the lucky few who's going to float through this with ease! Not. Lesson one: Do not let your throat get dry. Hydrate. Hydrate. My God...HYDRATE.

      Days 4-6: Pain. Lots of it. My jaw hurt, my ears hurt, my tongue hurt...I was even under the impression my teeth were hurting. I was managing to eat some ice pops and drink some protein milk, but dairy (for me) was not going well. The mucus build up was disgusting and nearly choking me, causing the pain to increase. Try as hard as I did, liquids and any form of food was getting harder to get down. By the end of day 6 I was dehydrated and nauseated enough for a hospital visit. Percocet, and the antibiotics I was on, were causing some serious nausea. Enough that I was heaving up what itty bitty bit of food and liquid was in my stomach.

      Day 7: I spent the morning in the hospital getting fluids and a prescription for Zofran (anti-nausea). They patched me up, checked my throat, and sent me home. What did they miss? Thrush. Thank you wonderful ER doctors.

      Day 8: My awesome dentist aunt diagnosed me with Thrush after one look in my mouth. She called me in some mouth drops to use several times a day to get rid of the Thrush, which by the way is pretty common after a tonsillectomy. Don't let it progress too far! I let it spread all over the inside of my mouth before realizing it wasn't normal. By that point my tongue, lips, and the sides of my mouth felt like they were on FIRE 24/7. Throat pain is fairly mild, otherwise. I'm able to eat scrambled eggs and a cup of pudding! Ate ice pops and jello to my hearts content, now that the nausea was under control.

      Days 9-11: Woke up in the middle of the night to an ungodly searing pain in my throat. This continued into days 10 and 11. Turns out this is normal and means the scabs are falling off. The pain wasn't constant, but came in waves. Mostly at night or right after eating. Eating soft foods was getting to be tolerable. I was able to eat soft eggs, mac and cheese, and alfredo at this point. It hurt, but I kept up with the pain meds and drank water frequently to help wash the food down as I ate. I stopped the Percocet on Day 10 and switched to Tylenol extra strength every 5 hours.

      Days 12-14: Getting easier! The scabs are about 70% gone now. I'm eating larger meals, like fish and soft cooked veggies. No more pain pills as of Day 12! My throat is still sore, still scratchy, but it's so much better. It *does* get better! My follow up was this morning (Day 14) and doc said things are progressing perfectly. I am officially allowed to return to a normal diet of anything I want. I don't think I want things like chips yet, but I can't wait to tackle normal foods again.

      Here are some tips that I found to he be helpful, or things I ended up searching for myself online:

      What's Normal/Helpful-

      *Tongue Numbness/Loss or distortion of taste

      *SOME bleeding (Pulsating or gushing is NOT Normal)

      *White film on the tongue that COMES OFF when scraped (if it doesn't, it's *Thrush and needs to be treated)

      *Ice Pack for you neck - It feels wonderful

      *COOL mist humidifier - It helps keep your throat moist

      *Sleep sitting up - It keeps your throat open and you won't feel like you're choking.

      *Not sleeping for longer than 2-3 hours - Yep, it sucks, but unless you're a fan of the dry throat pain set an alarm or have someone wake you up for hydration and more pain medicine.

      *Blood clot/bubble things that are visible at the back of your throat, totally normal. Don't poke or prod. Keep hydrated to ensure they don't rupture, eventually they'll go away.

      Hope this helps y'all! I can't even begin to go into the amount of panicked googling I did during my recovery. When in doubt, call your doctor. They know this is isn't an easy recovery. If you feel dehydrated, go to the ER. If you're in too much pain, call your doctor. I had to demand more Percocet by the end of week one. Good luck!

    • profile image

      casey 4 years ago

      Its day 5 for me and um in some serious pain! The liquid vidokin puts me to sleep but even though im taking 3 tsp. every 4 hours im still feeling pain. i haven't eaten not one thing everything i eat i seem to throw up and for some reason i cant keep down yogart? This is my firatt surgury and my first time taking pain meds. im 20 yrs. old. if my paun gets worse im gunna have to go to the hospital cause im feeling like at this point its unbarrable. i feel nothing but tummy achs i feel lifeless and i cant even syand without feeling sick ton my stomich. ay advice

    • profile image

      Rana 4 years ago

      I realized after I posted I forgot some important info that might help with ear pain. I made some rice bags for a cancer unit here in my town that are really helpful with controlling pain. So I made myself one too! As long as I kept heat on my ears the pain would ease up if not go away within a minute of applying heat! Of course the pain would return if I removed the heat and I was almost at the 4 hour mark for my pain meds. I did ask for ear drops to help with pain and was told no. If your doctor refuses ear drops that aid in numbing your ears...try the heat method. Good luck with your surgery!

    • profile image

      Georgina 4 years ago

      I am 20 from the Uk and am currently on Day 6 of my recovery. I found days 1-3 actually fine, I was only on paracetamol and ibrupeofen as I had a bad reaction to tramadol but those we're working fine. The last couple of days however have been awful. I was eating a normal diet (toasties, crisps, rice, pasta) however these past few days my ear pain has became so severe it's completely put me off my food. I was told that days 5-7 are the worst but apparently things get better after this time. I hope this is the case. I do recommend eating a normal diet as it is said to heal much quicker also I find Ice pops help with the pain, hoping I have a quick recovery and to all those in recovery I wish you well x

    • profile image

      Rana 4 years ago

      I'm a 55 year old female and had my tonsils removed on Aug. 27th. As I look back on my surgery and recovery...thank goodness it is a faded memory! I did very well with the surgery and didn't wake up in much discomfort at all. I had a sore throat but they managed my pain well. I was lucky enough too that they kept me in the hospital from 7 AM til 4 PM. I was so afraid they would throw me out too soon and I would be miserable on the long drive home! I wished that I would have been able to have the liquid pain meds that my dr proscribed but after the hospital not having them on hand and 6 surrounding pharmacies not supplying them either. I was forced to take pill form! I did crush the bitter pill and put it in applesauce which aided in swallowing. My throat pain and ear pain was full force by day three. I was unable to eat more than a few teaspoons of food several times a day (usually right after taking pain meds) and even swallowing ice water was next to impossible. I became dehydrated after day four and began forcing myself to drink and eat more for fear I would land back into the hospital. I couldn't sleep but an hour a night if that. I laid their waiting for my next dose of meds, plus the scabs on my throat were just so annoying and just disgusted me. The first one fell off after a week. The second one feel off about 3 days later. My throat was constantly dry. The best thing to drink is ice water! And constantly! I even kept a fresh glass next to my bed for sips during the night. I have never been a mouth breather. But, I found after surgery I was! It could have been because I was forced for 3 weeks to sleep in an upright position, laying down made my ears hurt worse. I am almost a month out now. And my ears still ache off and on and I was told by my dr will continue to ache for the next two months. My throat is getting better every day and I can pretty much eat small meals without pain. During the recovery period to date I have lost 25 lbs. My advice would be to drink and eat as soon as you can. I was really becoming very weak the longer I did without food and drink. I never felt hungry tho...eating was just not a priority til I made it one to keep from back sliding.

    • profile image

      Jackie 4 years ago

      I'm 33 and had my tonsils out on August 29th. I got sick the first day but the pain meds and left over anesthesia made it some what tolerable. Saturday or day 3 sent me back to the ER. I was out of pain medication and had so much pain that I was panicking. I couldn't get away from myself. Got some liquid Vicodin when I went back, and I normally don't take medication. today is day 5 and I am suffering major self conflict with the pain. I don't know how to make the pain stop. The meds just burn like liquid fire. I have to go back to work next week, I hope I can get some relief asap. I have 4 kids and not feeling like I can keep up with them. :(

    • profile image

      tn 4 years ago

      Hi there, I am a 40 year old female, and I just got my tonsillectomy 5 days ago. It has been hard, but I think I have been lucky. I have been dealing with tonsillitis and tonsil stones for more than 10 years. I decided to have the operation one day after I turned 40. My surgeon mailed me some general information on what to eat and what to expect, but I did not expect this. I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled, have 2 children naturally, and tonsillectomy has been the most difficult recovery.

      Day1: I went to the surgical center at 630am. They put me to sleep at 7am. I woke up at 8am with bad reaction to the anesthesia. My body was shaken badly. I felt like throwing up. My husband drove me home and I went straight to bed. Around 12pm, I had to take my antibiotics and tylenol with codeine.

      Codeine made me nauseated and I wanted to throw up.

      I decided to eat popsicle to chill the pain in my throat, but my tongue was cut and bruised. Everything tasted sour and bitter. I forced myself to eat soft tofu and baby food every 4 hours.

      day2: I decided to stop the pain medication and forced myself to eat and drink. I drink at least 1 gallon of fluid everyday. I peed all the time and my pee was clear. I eat every 4 hours. I became strong enough that I could take shower on my own.

      day3: pretty much as day 2, however I began to have earache. I tempted to try codeine again. Big mistake. I got dizzy and wanted to throw up.

      day4: things were getting better. My earache was minimal. At night, my throat tingled and hurt sharply. Some of my scabs came off.

      day5: Things were really better. It still hurt at the scabs site but it was not as bad as a tonsillitis. I think I recover quickly because I eat every 4 hours. I lost 2 pounds the first day, but I gained them back. I actually feel ok. Overall, I am glad that I went through with the surgery. Good luck everyone.

    • profile image

      Badboy29 4 years ago

      Hi there. im 19 I had my tonsils removed the 3rd of june 2013. day 1 and 2 were okay as I was stuffed with all the pain drugs the docter had given me. but day 3 I will never forget the pain had become so painful I started having migraines. day 4 I starded vomiting and that lasted the whole day, parted with my throat that started bleeding for no good reason and after bleeding stopped the pain had worsen. on day 5 I went to see my ENT specialist he prescribed all kinds of pain medicine which had no effect the eventually had to give me a shot of morphine that also only lasted an hour so I have to deal with the pain cause there is no pain medication that worked for me just the morphine that lasted an hour. on day 6 which was yesterday the 8th of june I started having ear pain like nobodys business and my jaw feels like some one is trying to break of my jaw I still cant speak as it is to painful almost to painful to even think and the migraines is so bad all I can do is sit I cant even lay down so I have to take a sit/laydown sleep position. if I ever in a million years knew that the pain had been so severe id rather had never had this done and rather live with the tonsils for the rest of my natural life... tomorrow im headed for day 7 well since my pain cant get any worse or at least I hope not!!! :/ so hopefully and I pray to God that at least at day 10 it will be a lot better. well that's my story for now and this kinda pain I experience is so intense that I would not even wish that my worse enemies had this kinda pain..... well all of you whom still need to get their tonsils removed I wish you all of the best remember try not to be afraid cause every persons pain does differ from the next

    • profile image

      Chanel 5 years ago

      29 year old female here, and it's 4:07a on Day 9 of my recovery. I can honestly say, I'm finally starting to feel normal again.

      I'd like to make one thing clear though: this was the WORST recovery experience of my life. I've had a cholecystectomy, all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, back surgery, and numerous stitches in various limbs. This easily takes the cake.

      Like most people, days 1-4 weren't great but not awful and led me to believe it'd all be smooth sailing from there. Day 5 was a nightmare, which prompted me to request a refill on pain meds; then Day 6 sent me to the ER because of the super intense ear pain and not being able to even swallow water, after days of being able to do so easily!

      I was given a Lortab elixir, 3 days of Predisolone, and Amoxicillin, initially. After my trip to the ER on Day 6, during which they had to give me a steroid shot to help ease the inflammation & pain, my ENT gave me 3 more days of Prednisone and switched me to Percocet--best thing ever, by the way.

      I still have that awful burning in my ears and throat, but now it's manageable and doesn't make me wake up crying anymore. All I can say is, I totally underestimated the level of pain I'd experience and will never let myself be so taken unawares again. If I'd know this to begin with, I may not have opted for the tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy and just dealt with the strep & pharyngitis every couple of months.

      Everyone keeps saying it'll be worth it in the end though, so I just hope they're right. Best advice I can give is: lots of water (I drank smart water for the electrolytes); pudding, yogurt, Popsicles, and applesauce will be your best friends for days; buy a humidifier (I didn't but wish I did every morning I wake up with crazy burning throat pain); take your pain meds to stay ahead of the pain; relax for at least a week; don't be afraid to call your dr and ask for something stronger, if needed; and read blogs like this for encouragement. I can't say how much it helped being able to read about others' experiences and share my own.

      Take care of yourself! I hope this helps someone like all of you helped me :)

    • profile image

      Stellar Phoenix Review 5 years ago

      This content is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader involved. Between your wit and your pictures, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost..haha) Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool! Stellar Phoenix

    • profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago

      I've been fighting an abscessed tonsil on my right side for 5 months and finally had my tonsils out this past Monday (1/21/13). I was a little nervous after reading all these posts but I had to get it done. I'm training to be a scuba instructor and had lost 5 weekends of dives from my tonsils.

      My doctor is a well known ENT and plastic surgen in florida. I'm also only 24 and in the peak of health and fitness. I think these all contributed to me having a pretty good experience.

      I woke up from the surgery with no pain but super nauseas. I threw up at the hospital, on the way home and during the first night. I also had a huge panic attack when I didn't see my husband when I woke up and stopped breathing so they had to put me on oxygen. These were the two lowest points for me. Monday night I woke up every hour beyond thirsty and uncomfortable but still no pain. On Tuesday it was the same, my tongue was really swollen and bothered me more then my throat. I had to force my self to drink water because I'd feel like I was choking. I broke down and took my pain meds just to relax my throat and bring down the swelling. For the first 3 days I kept an ice pack on my throat all the time which was wonderful. Through wed I just slept and didn't talk at all. By Thursday morning most my swelling was gone and it just feels like a sore throat. I'm drinking fine but still have no appetite. Ill be going back to work on Friday and feel great! I think having the surgery was less pain then all the abscesses I've been fighting. I never even got ear pain or had any bleeding. Of course there are a lot of factors for each person when it comes to this kind of thing but I think your doctor choice and personal health will make a huge difference!

    • profile image

      Dom 5 years ago

      Im 20, I got my tonsils out on the 10.01.2013 I though it was the beat idea ever! I never read anything on google before my op just went by what people said

      "you get to sleep, be on drugs, eat ice cream and jelly for over a week"

      Yeah BULLCRAP.

      Why wasn't anyone honest with me? Lol its the worst pain, stayed in the hospital overnight, could not sleep. Day 2-3-4 and 5 was back up at the hospital because I couldn't deal with the pain. Day 6 was horrible, by this time my stomach is eating itself and I can feel the weight loss! on days 2-5 I didn't not touch anything food thing. (ice cream and all) it hurt to much, I could barley even swallow. Today is day 7 going on day 8 my throat is still a little sore when I swallow but drinking water is alot easier now.

      DO NOT: if you think your throat is up for a burger from mcdonalds or something don't do it, I felt sick on day 6 so I decided and felt okay with drinking that I thought I'd give a burger a go.. Swallowed, and NOPE stung for a good half a hour was rolling on the floor in tears hurt so much! Yawning a sneezing, two things I have managed to keep away for going through the pain of them happening. Day later I end up with the hiccups! THEY HURT TOO.. iv herd people say 7 years later of getting there tonsils removed they have grown back :/ in my case I really hope they don't.. Good luck to everyone who is experiencing or going to do it..

    • profile image

      Gem 5 years ago


      I'm on day 5 and I need to stress that I'm not finding it that bad. I'm 23 and after reading all of the internet blogs, I prepared myself for the worst pain ever. After the surgery, my throat was sore but I forced myself to eat dry toast and yoghurt. It doesn't feel nice, however I'm healing very quickly (according to my consultant) because the scabs are being scraped off. I have a normal diet but avoid hot food and spicy food. I drink about 3 litres of water and keep my mouth moist. In terms of pain, I have been absolutely fine as long as I take my painkillers (Ibuprofen). I think the most important thing that helped me with my recovery was trying to act as normal as possible and not fall into the role of an invalid. Mind over matter!! Seriously it's not as painful as people make out and after day 4, it seems to be smooth sailing :-)

    • profile image

      Ushpot 5 years ago

      I have a detailed report on my recovery at this address

      A lot of people have messaged me to say that it's really helped them - so I hope it helps you too!

    • profile image

      pete mitchell 5 years ago

      Im a 34 year old male and when i was told that i had to get my tonsils out my doctor said that it would be "hell". I went straight to the computer to read some other stories and that was a big mistake! My anxiety went through the roof! I worried about thre recovery every day for a month until i had my surgery. MY RECOVERY WENT GREAT!!! I followed my doctors orders and everything went very smooth. When i woke up after surgery i had NO pain,only mild discomfort. I actually thought that they hadn't done the surgery. They sent me home with liquid lortab,witch i never had to take more than half of the max amount. I kept a humidfier going while i slept and drank water like it was a drug.12-16oz. an hour.I really think that it made a big difference. My dr. told me to stick to soft,room temp foods for a week or two. I recommend slim fast drinks.They really helped curve my hunger. Other than that it was pudding,applesauce, or anything like that as long as its not to warm or to cold. I stayed on the couch and watched tv. I only had mild discomfort when i swallowed, other than that, i was fine. I never had any problems with my ears either.I heard stories about it but i never had any. After two weeks i was back to regular food and back to work after a week. I have never worried about something so much for nothing in my life. I hope this helps anyone looking for a positive recovery story because honestly, ive had sore throats that were worse than my tonsilectomy

    • profile image

      Mel 5 years ago

      I had the surgery 8 days ago and before I went in I read absolute horror stories about how much pain people have been going through. I'm 22 years old and honestly it hasn't been bad at all. I prepared myself for what I though was going to be the most miserable week of my life but the pain is nowhere near as bad as being sick with strep throat or tonsilitus every other month. The first couple days i took my pain medicine every four hours even at night and then around day 5 I only took it as needed.

      I started eating on day 2 and just constantly drank a lot of water. On a scale of one to ten the most pain I've ever felt was maybe a five and it was easily taken care of with the pain medicine they prescribe you. I think everyone's body is going to recover differently and reading other's horror stories should not stop you from getting the surgery. It's been the best decision!

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      Day 1: 9/10/12 not to bad after leaving the hospital hard to swallow but pain meds helped.

      Day 2: 9/11/12 still not too bad just taking the meds every 3 hours 15 ml. Still hurts to swallow drinking water and eating jello

      Day 3: 9/12/12 pain seem to get a little worse still taking meds ever 3 hours 15 ml almost out of the meds and for some reason I can't get a refill for another two day??? Insurance company...

      Day 4: 9/13/12 pain still worse then the first couple day. Was able to get a refill but had to pay out I pocket. Still drinking cold water and eating jello.

      Day 5: 9/14/12 pain seems to be getting better still taking the meds ever 3 hours was able to sleep longer but when I wake up the pain is pretty rough cause I missed a dose of meds. Swallowing still sucks drinking water. Tried McDonald's hamburger and some fries. Worked on half a burger and about 6 fries for about 20-30 min and gave up.

      Day 6: 9/15/12 pain seem to have gotten way worse!!! My ear hurt and isn't tolerable without the meds. I don't need to watch the clock to tell me when to take the meds cause after about 2 1/2 - 3 hours the ear pain starts I need to take 15 ml to help with the ear pain. Don't get me wrong the throat still hurts but the ear pain is not tolerable!

      Day 7: 9/16/12 paint in the ears is even worse wtf!!! Need to take pain meds ever 3 hours or my head feels like its caving in on it self starting with the ears to the neck/throat. I have some back problems where I have thrown my back out and I thought that's the worse pain I have ever felt but the ear pain makes my back pain feel like a walk in the park. I am close to running out on my second bottle of meds... I am hoping I can get another scrip tomorrow. My guts are rolling I am guessing cause of the lack of food and all the meds I have been using. My bowel movements aren't solid. Still hard to swallow. I kind of don't want to sleep cause I know I will wake up with the ear pain. BEST thing I was able to eat was custard from culvers while I was there I figured I would try a burger and fry's still a no go... Worked on a 1/3 of a buger and about 4 fries for about 30 mins got bored and threw the rest away. The custard was the easiest thing that I have tried eating so far even easier then jello or even drinking water.

      Day 8: 9/17/12 well it's only 1:45 am and I am hoping to get more meds from Walgreens if not I will head into the walk in clinic to get something cause there is no way I am sitting around my house with that ear pain. Still hurts swallowing guts are rolling still. I wish I could eat something solid. It's been a week and nothing seemed to improve only getting worse... I hope I am at the turning point where things start getting better but I don't know. From all the post I have read thing still seem shitty for another week...

      I am 31 years old. Things I have eating / tried to eat.

      Mac and cheese - ok doesn't taste that great

      Jello - how much of this can you really eat

      Ice cream - ehh not the greatest still hurts to swallow

      Custard - very easy to eat and taste

      Ramen noodles - pretty easy to eat I crushed the noodles before I cooked them so I could just drink the soap and not have to worry about chewing.

      Hamburger - McDonald's easier then culvers but I work at this and I don't think it was worth the effort or the pain.

      French frys - not worth it too much pain trying to chew them

      Shurbert - easy to eat but not as easy as the custard

      Popsicles - I don't think these are worth it you still have to chew which hurts I would rather get custard.

      Things I haven't tried but going to!

      Mash potatoes and gravy from KFC! Going to try this today hopefully after getting more meds.

      Anyone know of anything else I should try?

      Also does anyone know when I should start feeling better or when the ear pain goes away?

      I thought this was going to be an in and out thing but it seems way bigger deal then I thought. I still drive everywhere but I don't feel like doing anything cause moving hurts. I run out to get more food or get more meds.

      I wish I had this done when I was a kid cause this sucks.

      I can usually handle a pretty good amount of pain but the ear pain and if I burp or cough it so intense...

      Anyone have any good news for me or something else I could be doing?

    • profile image

      Joy 5 years ago

      Pain has been the bane of my existence these past 12 days. Pain is rated on a scale of 1-10. The first couple of days on pain medications, it seemed manageable. My pain scale was hovering around 8.5. It routinely crept up to 10 as the pain medication wore off. I thought that I had made it through this. Man was I WRONG. No one should have to endure the amount of discomfort that this dished out. It sucks.

      On a happier note, here are some things that I found that might help others out:

      My successes revolved around the following:

      *I drank 8 ounces of water every hour, all day and every hour at night. Sucks for sleeping, but yea for keeping the throat nice and moist

      *Snagged myself a cool air humidifier, I don't go to sleep without it

      *I was put on antibiotics, so I supplemented with Kefir, it has way more

      probiotics than yogurt, it's a best kept secret

      *Found some electrolyte replacement water at Whole Foods if you can afford

      it, it will help prevent diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance with all that

      water we are supposed to be drinking...

      *I got a hot/cold pack that I used. Cold the first 48 hours and then I switched

      to using it heated around my neck thereafter.

      *I found eating baby food with salt added slid down my throat easier and tast-

      ed better and then the fruit was good for dessert. Desperate measures for

      desperate times, when you are starving you'll know what I mean!

      *I found Fudgsicles non-fat went down better than anything else. Everyone

      is always touting that ice cream is the way to go, but when it gets stuck in

      your throat, you won't think so.

      *Scabs. What are they? This was about the least clear thing for me until

      something scratched them off, or my throat got dry and the pain

      shot through the roof and I wanted to suck my pain medication straight

      from the bottle. After surgery there maybe some burnt black scarring in lieu

      of where your tonsils may have been, otherwise there will be a creamy

      colored, hopefully spit covered, fairly thin filmy coating where your tonsils

      used to be. As the days slip by the thickness of the scab gets thinner,

      basically the wounds heal from the inside out, and small bits and pieces of

      this film break off from time to time and disappear as we eat and drink and

      just naturally swallow. Don't mess inside your mouth. Good thing to keep

      an eye out in there, look for bleeding, excessive redness or a white coating

      on your tongue (this could be thrush, a complication if you are taking


      *If you have to swallow other medication in pill form, use chocolate pudding

      or applesauce to get them down and then swallow water. Pill crushers work

      well the first couple of days.

      This surgery affects not only us but the whole house, be it your roommate, partner, loved ones or family members. If you think that you are going to do this on your own, think twice. I couldn't remember when I took stuff, let alone remember to mark down that I took it. I spoke in circles, my sleep bank is so far in the red that going back to work is a joke if you do anything serious (at least I don't want to be responsible!).

      Everyone's threshold for pain is different, we all heal at different times. I was given two weeks off and I am still on pain killers and I am going into day 13...

      Oh, I have jaw pain, some aching in my right ear, I had some extra biopsy work done as well. Weight loss around 10 pounds :-)

      The best analogy I can come up with for the pain I feel is like a third degree burn that someone has turned on a blender of razorblades in a wind tunnel....

      Hope that I could be of some help

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      Okay so i'm 24 and I got my tonsils out 5 days ago and it sucks. Does anyone else feel like they are a dog just foaming at the mouth??? I am constantly spitting and there is constant saliva building in the back of my throat. I cant stand looking inside my mouth it completely grosses me out.

      Day 1: pain wasn't too bad, I mostly slept the entire day.

      Day 2: threw up alittle blood and anything i drank that day which throwing up made me feel a bit better but still - the strain on your mouth and throat were horrible.

      Day 3-4: body was completely sore from head to toe. My muscles were so tense from sleeping that when i woke up i could barley move. I had a fever and was constantly cold even though my body was so hott. I could take my medicine without gaging (that liquid loratab stings when it goes down your throat - which made it not really motivating to take it every 4 hours)

      Day 5: threw up again, looked at my mouth and I can just feel the foaming and scabbing and it kinda looks like mold? (is that gross?) in the back of my mouth...thinking i'm eating things and its sliding against it and into my stomach does not help.

      Ugh i really feel like I am going to NEVER recover. reading all these saying its a slow process helps but i feel like im not getting "better as the days go by" - ugh cross your fingers for me! from everyones posts i guess the worst is yet to come?

    • profile image

      Prune Juice 5 years ago

      I had mine taken out this summer and I needed the pain meds for about 7 days straight: taking it every four hours on the dot. I did it whether there was pain or no pain. After the 7 days, I took it as needed. I think I have a high pain tolerance because the pain was NOTHING compared to reoccurring strep infections! Plus the right side had a cyst so I felt so much better!

      It took two weeks to feel normal again. Now it has been four weeks and I still have the dryness in the back of my throat but no pain!

      I was constipated from the pain meds but didn't eat ANYTHING solid for one week. After two weeks I was concerned and remembered the nurse telling me to drink prune juice. HUGE MISTAKE!!! DO NOT DRINK PRUNE JUICE! I drake prune juice on day 6 and that was the most pain I had been in the whole time! It burned for the rest of that day! Honestly.... getting up and walking around was the best idea and got things moving.

    • profile image

      Sierra Johnson 5 years ago

      36-year-old woman here...had this "routine" surgery three weeks ago.

      Doped up REAL good from IV meds which lasted for a couple days (or it seems) and i was cleaning my house, taking care of my 3 kids, etc...

      Day 3 the shock of the agony set in.

      It's the type of agony where you have to "dissociate" a bit.

      Set your alarm so you don't miss your medication doses, otherwise the excruciating pain will overcome you.

      Instant shaking from the severe pain, reminding me of what LABOR was like.

      METH LAB. Feels like a meth lab blew up in your throat. Skin feels blistering & hanging & pussy....

      Then you get a hold of this.

      AND DAY 7 came and dammit....


      I am not used to doctors throwing big bottles of narcotics at questions asked.


      Cuz you're gonna need it.

      But after day 11, the jaw & tongue pain prevents yawning, opening mouth wide enough for a hamburger or taco.

      And, now, three weeks later...i am famished....but i am missing a dimension of my SENSE OF TASTE....hope it's not permanent, because i am losing my desire to eat......

    • profile image

      Stella 5 years ago

      I am a 29 year old female on day 7 of my tonsillectomy recovery. I am very good at dealing with pain, but this is such severe sharp pain! I would have to say the worst days thus far have been day 6 & 7. My hears hurt so much it feels like my head is going to explode & it still hurts to speak. I am getting bored sitting home but don't feel well enough to return to normal activity. It is such a painful, slow recovery. Good Luck

    • profile image

      DejaVu 5 years ago

      i would just like to say that hearing of tounsilectomies before having one always seemed like a common normal surgery. until going through it i realized i have NEVER felt anything as painful. the first few days are a tease because you feel numb and loopy and just want to sleep. after losing sleep and becoming really hungry and frustrated with the fact that swallowing is your worst fear, you become emotional and fed up hoping that the next time you sleep will bring some relief like it does with a common cold... it doesn't lol. im not sure if my scabs have fallen off but i have noticed more pain in one side of my throat. yesterday was day 6 for me and it was also the 4th of july and 92 degrees out. the heat killed me but i was so focused on eating all the yummy food reguarless of the pain that i think it was actually helpful. ive gained alot more stregnth and feel less weak and loopy. sleep is still very minimal. i dont recommend anything sugary, it hurts. hopefully then pain will continue to subside and i need to try some gum chewing for the ear irritaion. good luck to everyone! its definatly a survival process. once im better i have plans for dinner for about a weak straight how much i miss food!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I'm 26 and on day 5 since my tonsillectomy. Mine really isn't that bad.right after waking up from anesthetic I was joking and talking. Laughing was a bit too much but I could chuckle.

      Dr gave me T3 to take ,2 every 4 hours , but I usually only take 1 unless I've been talking lots. I notice that if I don't talk it doesn't seem to hurt much at all.

      I've been eating chicken broth with soft bread soaked in it and lots of jello but today I'm going to try some of Joe Rogans Kale shakes.

      Ears are kinda sore like others have said but not terrible. Tomorrow I should be well enough to return to work, my job doesn't require much talking or heavy lifting though.

      My surgeon removed the tonsils by just cutting them out and cuaterizing. Maybe for healing it's easier than the other methods ?

      Anyway I'm totally glad I did it and it was no worse than having them rupture as they had been doing for years, just a bit longer to heal. I immediately felt better after having them out.

      Thanks everyone for posting your experiences and for anyone who's thinking about putting it off , not every time it's painful

    • profile image

      fay 5 years ago

      I have to have my tonsils out after readin all these posts i am scared. Im not scared about the op its mainly about the pain! A lot say they had a lot of ear pain also need grommets fitted and my ent specialist has decided to fit these at the same time they remove my tonsils am worried incase this makes the ear pain u get after your tonsils removed 10 times worse..

    • profile image

      tara 5 years ago

      Day 9 scab starting to peel off in the back of my throat.....minor pain when I woke up this morning with dry mouth.....switch to 2tsp of hydrocodone!!!2-3 tsp helps out a lot (Doctor recommend me take no more than that)also very "important" I'm still drinking lots of water it helps with upset stomach and hot flashes...hunger feelings and it speeds your healing process up!!!!!by the 9th pain only depends...I feel a lot more better than I felt on day 5-7 after the

      otonsillectomy"surgery!!!!!hopefully day 10 i'll feel even more better!!!!!applesauce,baby food,soup,Mac n cheese,beef stew,grits and oak to put nutrients back into my body...(to each has it's own diet)" I went with what works for me"....other than that I'm back on my feet again walking,talking,on Twitter,facebook,youtube,blogs..I even went shopping! to take to my mind off of everything including getting out of the house for a while!!!!!this weekend I plan on doing even more.....other than that I feel great I pray that everyone will hang in there and have a full recovery!!!!! Peace and love good luck to everyone!!!!!

    • profile image

      Alixmary 5 years ago

      Out of hospital an on day 8 nearly 9, there's slight improvement today, still feeling like iv done ten rounds with mike Tyson when I wake up in the mornings as my jaw is so tight an throats red rore but got the most amazing numbing mouth wash, and then chew some gum to get it all moving again, take my meds an try to eat breakfast .. Which takes an hour to eat a bowl of cereal, stupid how long it takes really but I'm getting there, still no energy as of yet an I'm back to work on Wednesday so it best hurry up an come back! Iv had to clear my throat last day as some of the scabs are starting to fall of, only one side seems to be clearing tho.. sounds really awful but you can feel it clearing, the bad breath is still there unfortunately but I'm hoping it will go away soon, nearly halfway through the healing process, keep goin guys, we can all do it, no pain no gain from now on!

    • profile image

      tara 5 years ago

      Hi my name is Tara and I'm on my 7 day now...I was reading over almost every post and notice that a lot of us had somethings in common when it comes to this type of surgery!!!so I feel a little better now knowing that I'm not gonna die in my sleep and that is a good out come from all of this....I truly believe that this is worth it!!!!!we're strong we can do it...its painful though but we can do it!!!!!hopefully day 8 will be a little easy!!!!!drink lots of water,and don't skip your meds!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!!

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      The scabs in my throat just look so odd, that is why I described them as "freaky". They don't look right. It really looks as if I have mold or something growing in my throat. I can't look at it without getting really grossed out. I can't believe you don't have bad breath now. My mom was giving me crap for how bad it was...of course she was just joking around. I feel bad for people I talk to. They probably wonder if I ever brush my teeth. Mmmm I've been craving spaghetti. That seems like something that would be easy to get down.

      Funny story about cutting down on pain meds. Today I thought it would be wise to cut back a bit on the pain medicine. I felt fine throughout the day and only took tylenol in the morning. I was thinking, jeez this is great. I'm doing okay without the pain medicine. Then, at 6 in the evening the pain hit me SO hard. It was terrible! I loaded up on the pain medicine and sat with my head under the ice pack until I felt better. I learned my lesson to not ween myself from the medicine, at least not yet. Kudos to you and cutting back. I think I will have to make another attempt at doing that, but in a different fashion.

      Shaved ice sounds so wonderful! I'm going to have to find some. Oh my the thought of eating creamy peanut butter makes my throat want to close. I feel like it would get trapped in my throat. I have tried honey. So delicious, and you're right. It does do some soothing!

      Your bleeding/coughing experience sounds terrible. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious. That would not have been good. I can just imagine the panic you felt. I went to the doctor today to see how everything is doing. She said it all looks good and that I am at the hardest part of recovery. I told her how much trouble I have swallowing because of the pain, so she prescribed me lidocaine jelly to swish and gargle with (it is a numbing agent). I thought this was going to be a miracle. As soon as I got home, I tried some of the stuff. It did a wonderful job numbing my lips and tongue, but didn't even come close to numbing the back of my throat. I took the syringe and aimed some of the jelly at my scabs in my throat. BIG BIG BIG mistake. It instantly made them burn and made me almost swallow the stuff. This jelly is thick too, so gargling with it is near impossible oh and don't let me forget to mention the taste, it's TERRIBLE. I ended up gagging the bit back up and coughing the rest out. Man, it was not fun. Oh the things we do to try to feel better haha.

      It takes me about an hour to eat things too! It's a tedious process. For one, you have to make sure you chew everything up into tiny bites so swallowing is less painful. Then after EVERY bite, water must be swallowed to get any trapped food down. I usually just eat alone because everyone in my family eats so fast and they end up just waiting on me as I eat like a turtle.

      All in all, my day was mediocre. Just a bit better than yesterday, minus the pain I had from not keeping up with the medicine. Tomorrow I would really like to get out and do something. I have the same worries as you though. That's why you do something that you can easily leave if you get uncomfortable.

      I sure hope we are almost done! Okay, maybe a week or so left, but it can't get any worse, right?? I've got your back too, and I will let you know if I find any tricks for recovering. Glad we're in the same boat! I hope I touched on most of what you said. If I didn't, please forgive me.

      How was your day?!

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      @Sara: Wow that's great info about the past the 7 day mark. Was wondering about that. I haven't had any issues with bad breath yet. (Least no one has told me) So maybe that is yet to come. Like Wendy, I don't have the luxury of taking off 2 weeks, I will have 10 days worth (2 weekends) and then it's back to work. That being said, glad you could rest up. Sounds like you are almost through with this. Just try not to yawn too much for a while and you should be good :)

      @Wendy: Yes, I hardly ever panic or raise my voice with people. But, in the past couple days I've freaked out twice. The first time was because I took my medicine and it burned my throat, so I quickly swallowed some water, it caused a tickle and then I couldn't stop coughing. That of course scared the crap outta me, because of all the horror stories of people bleeding. So I tried really hard to stop coughing, but nothing worked! Finally, I managed to stop coughing, but not before I yelled at my mom for something. Needless to say, I felt horrible. I totally agree with you about bringing others down. I am sure it is very stressful to see me like that, combined with the extra work they have to go through to be care givers. As you know, there has to be a completely different meal for me than everyone else! Tonight I am trying a Spaghetti with black pepper/red pepper, garlic, onion, etc with a red sauce. I was worried it would be problematic, but diced into ITTY BITTY pieces, it hasn't caused a problem. I'm also having apple-suace (woo), ice water, and going to try some super melted down cauliflower. Not too excited about that last bit :P.

      The scabs in the back of my throat have been white since day one. I dunno if I'd even call them scabs. They look like white mucus over the healing parts. What do yours look like? Why are they "freaky"?

      You've really summarized my feelings on the nighttime. I think the other issue is that the pain medicine wears off after only so long. Is it weird to say I'm used to the pain now though? I'm only taking a 1/3 of the directed pain medicine. Trying to make sure my body isn't too used to the meds, so that if some crazy pain comes along, I can take it full force and not be worried. I'm supplementing my small dosage with some children's tylenol and taking every other about every 3 hours or so.

      Alright, tomorrow I will try to do some salt water gargling. I do think my spit is pretty thick. Sweet things are getting a little annoying, I DID have shaved ice today though. That was different and pretty tasty. Strawberry for the win! Is anything going down better now? On the subject of different food items, my mom originally suggested some creamy peanutbutter... until I looked at her weird and told her it'd probably stick to my throat too much. Did you try the honey? I really dig that stuff. I better watch out how much I eat or I may become Winnie's bro.

      Are we almost done? I sure hope so. I'm gonna keep leaning on you tho Wendy. Until this blasted thing is over!! And yah I'll share whatever secrets I run across, I got your back :D. Hmm, I do something similar. Go outside for a while in the morning, come in watch a movie, today I did some laundry, type to friends, eating takes me like an hour to do at least. It is such an event!! Today, something crazy happened. I was talking to someone online and went to take a sip of water and started coughing. It was like one or two coughs max. Figured, ok, I'm good. All of a sudden I taste this blood in my mouth! I was so scared. I spit it out hoping it's a blood clot or something. The blood keeps coming. Then I'm really panicking. My parents are both out and I call one of them. I know that bleeding from your scabs is REALLY bad. So they tell me to swish cold water and do some other stuff. There's STILL blood. I look at my tonsils, everything looks normal. I'm so puzzled. Then finally, for some reason, I decide to look under my tongue where I had the other "operation". Major blood. Turns out my tongue was bleeding. I eventually got it under control (used like a gazillion tissues and stuff) but it stop bleeding. No idea why it did that, but it scared me like no other! So yup, that was a pretty big distraction. I might try and go out tomorrow. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I was worried I'd get too tired and just wish I was back on the couch or in bed.

      How was your day? :)

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      ***YOU CAN'T CHEW GUM! That is what I meant to say...oops.

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      Sara, thanks for your advice! I completely know what you mean about the stink. My breath is absolutely terrible. I'm so embarrassed to talk to people because of how bad it is. I can even smell in myself, it feels like it's a stench that is stuck up in my nose. You can't chew come or do anything to make it better, except the salt soaks, other than that I guess it is just something that you have to suffer through.

      I really wish I had 2 weeks off, but I have to start school again in a week. I'm not looking forward to that because judging how I feel now, that's not looking so good.

      I'm definitely prepared for the pain to slightly increase (NO!!!) and I'm also ready to feel better. I'm currently on day 6.

      Glad you made it through it! And very true, we all got them out for a the bright side is that we will all feel so much better with them gone :)

    • profile image

      Sara 5 years ago

      Well, I am now 2 weeks past my surgery date, and I am just now feeling like myself again. If you are taking time off work/ school to recover really consider taking at least two weeks off. Believe me, you'll need every day to recover!

      Most of the comments here talk about the first 7 days, so I will talk about the last 7.

      For the most part, the pain does not get better until day 10 or so. Every day up until then, the pain just gradually escalated. The pain also gets worse before it gets better, day 9 for me was the worst. I my appetite was back and the pain was full-on, needless to say I was miserable.

      The food I consumed was more or less the same as the first week: Popsicles, jell-o, soup, and soft bread. Yes it sucks, but that's that :/

      On day 10 I started to get a horrible stink coming off of the scabs. You can literally taste it. Its so disgusting, but just let it heal on its own and don't try to pull the scabs! A way to speed this process (its really embarrasing! Esp because people can smell it from really far away... Ew) is to gargle warm salt water very morning an evening. It majes a huge difference, and your throat actually feels better! The smell decreases every day, and by the end of the second week it won't be there anymore.

      As far as taste goes, everything tastes the same as it did pre surgery. I've heard about people's taste change after. I'm not sure that's normal, so Im guessing you should notify your ENT if that happens to you.

      My throat is still feeling a bit sore, but only when I swallow or yawn. The other day I sneezed for the first time & omg, it hurt so much! Hah

      Take care. Chances are, you had a really good reason to get this op, so hang in there and take your meds!

    • profile image

      Alixmary 5 years ago

      I had my tonsils taken out last Wednesday an my experience of it has been horrifying an extremely painful , the first day or two where ok as I was still dosed up an wanting to sleep but then it came to taking tablets with what felt like razor blades down my throat, day 4 was very painful but by day 5 I had drank very little due to the terrible ear aches an pain going down my jaw which actually felt like it had been locked so I was taken into hospital as it turns out to be an infection been on drips of Salian since yesterday 2pm iv paracetamol antibiotics steroids an pain killers now having to have a camera up my nose, so my experience so far has been horrific an not so easy or pleasant , sorry if this puts anyone of, consultant said days 5-8 are the most painful , don't rush an eat harsh food at once it doesn't do you any favours!

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      I know exactly what you mean Justin. It is so hard to not flip on people when I try to talk. I'm pretty sure my family is getting real sick of my bad moods, and I'm trying to be positive. I think not having a voice to communicate how you're feeling is the worst thing ever and when you do try to communicate it takes so much effort just to say a few words. I know my family knows I'm in pain and everything, but I just feel bad because I feel like I'm bringing them down too.

      Coughing is terrible. I have to brace myself each time I try to swallow anything. I probably make a terrible face, but it helps me swallow things without choking or coughing. Like I said, I also have a sinus infection, so I have been coughing up a bunch of mucus. I'm so afraid the pressure from coughing is going to knock my scabs loose and I'm going to bleed, but luckily that has not happened yet. Are the scabs in the back of your throat white yet? Mine are, and they are freaky looking. Looking at them makes me realize why I'm in so much pain. They just look bad.

      I think night time is so bad because it feels like it never ends. It would be fine if I could sleep all night without waking up, but it is inevitable that I will wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning in pain. Then I have to go through the whole routine to get comfortable again until I fall back asleep. It's lonely too, everyone else is sleeping but I'm awake suffering. It's a relief once the sun comes up and the birds start chirping.

      The list of annoyances doesn't end. I swear! Well at least it worked for you! Nothing has for me yet..adding to my list of things that make me uncomfortable.

      I really suggest doing the salt water gargle. It helps with the pain and thick spit. I try to do it 3 times a day. I guess if water stings then maybe you should hold off, although salt water is supposed to be soothing. I am sooooo sick of eating sweet and soft things. That's about all I can eat. I decided to stop eating pudding because it was leaving so much crap in the back of my throat. I think it was too sweet. OH I can imagine the alphabet soup was a bit overpowering after only eating relatively bland food.

      Yay! We are almost done. It's great to hear from someone else who is dealing with the same thing as me. I didn't find anything to distract myself today. I pretty much did the same thing I have been doing for the past few days. I usually wake up and take all my medicine and drink, drink, drink. Then I sit in the sun for a bit until I get too hot. Then the rest of my day is pretty much filled with a lot of hours watching tv and being a recluse since talking is the most painful thing ever. I guess I did go out to dinner with my parents. That helped take my mind off of things. How about you? Have you found things to do to distract yourself?

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      @Mezlm: I'd talk to your doctor about that. Yes, technically you can swallow, but at times it can be very difficult.

      @Wendy: Yah, honey is great! Though I have to say, alot of the food I'm eating is sweet stuff. I'm getting a little tired of it all. When I overheat in general, I get nauseous, so I know how you feel.

      I hate not being able to talk. The worst part of it all is when you have to repeat yourself 700x because no one can hear you / understand you. I'm not blaming the others, it's just very tiring on the voice. I am totally with you on the frustrated thing. I'm a day behind you, and I'm already sick of this stuff! I'm trying to be patient and understanding with my family, since I know me being in a foul mood will just make it harder on them. I think the hardest thing for me, is the fear of coughing. When I sip water I try to be very careful, cause if I drink too fast I sometimes start coughing. It makes me feel stupid but also is very straining on the throat, and scary cause I don't want to cough up a scab before it isn't ready.

      Ugh I hate waking up. Why are nights so much more difficult than the day? I dread when the sun goes down. And yah, the tongue thing has been horrible, but I think in the large scheme of things it's better to get it all done at once. My tongue feels kinda numb ont the tip. I hope that goes away..

      Yeah, well I made the silly decision to take a laxative to help with the bathroom thing. It has helped, just a little TOO much. Now I have another annoyance to add to the list.

      I still haven't done the salt water thing. I've done some swishing of cold water, it stings so bad. You really are superwoman :P. Malt-o-meal is amazing. I love that stuff. I enjoy pudding too tho it's starting to get boring. I think the hardest thing I've had to eat was Alphabet noodles with garlic and onion. It was just so intense to my tastebuds. The alphabets were very tiny and hard to deal with too.

      Keep it up Wendy, you're practically almost done :D We'll get through this!

      Did you manage to find anything fun to distract yourself today?

    • profile image

      MezIm going in tomorrow to have my tonsils taken out, and after reading all comments above it is making me want to cancel my operation. If I can't swallow properly I tend to have panic attacks 5 years ago

      Im going in tomorrow to have my tonsils taken out, and after reading all comments above it is making me want to cancel my operation. If I can't swallow properly I tend to have panic attacks

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      I will have to try honey, that's one thing I haven't even thought of. I know exactly how you feel. I get so cold one minute, then I'm burning up the next and it makes me so nauseous when I get hot. I am active too, so being cooped up inside all day is really starting to get to me. It's so hard not to be frustrated. I feel like I can't do anything for myself. I can't even talk! And when I do, no one can hear me which makes it even more frustrating. I was on the verge of tears today because I am so tired of feeling this way. The pain meds sure don't help my moods either.

      You should let yourself sleep. I think it helps to take a few naps in the day. Although, it does hurt to wake up from them. OUCH. I can't even imagine the pain you are going through with your tongue. I thought mine was bad, but having a chunk taken out sounds terrible. I'm sorry to hear that.

      I'm right with you on the bathroom situation. No surprise though.

      Hmmmmm my favorite thing for my throat has to be the salt water gargles. It helps remove all the thick saliva that gathers in the back of my throat and it soothes the pain on my tongue. As far as my favorite thing to eat...hmmm that is a hard one. I'm not a fan of eating right now, but the easiest thing so far is malt-o-meal. I can swallow it with little pain.

      By the way this is my 4th day of recovery (including the day of surgery).

      One day closer to feeling better! Hope today was tolerable for you!!

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      Hey Wendy! Yes, today (day 3, counting surgery day), I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I had a bit of having to throw up this morning, but after I ate something I felt better. That's the only bout with throwing up I've had luckily. Today was the first day I had taken the pain medicine, before that I was just on children's liquid tylenol which also helped my headaches.

      Your food sounds pretty good, I'm glad it made you feel good! I don't know if it'll work for you, but today I had some honey. I let it sit on my throat for a while. It felt pretty soothing.

      I am eating mac and cheese for lunch right now, and it is def sticking in the back of my throat, so like you said water is a must.

      The physical drainedness sucks! I'm a pretty active person, so not doing anything is really hard. I sat out in the sun again this morning because I was very cold. Then I had a fever. I just can't win :\

      Wow, a two year old German Shepherd. That does sound like quite the handful. I'm glad you have someone there to help you. I haven't been lucky enough to just doze off. I think I tend to fight it, because I'm afraid I'll sleep too long and then wake up and feel miserable... it's probably good you're giving your body some rest.

      For various reasons, I had a large piece taken out of my tongue on the bottom. In addition to my throat, so that causes quite a bit of pain. I'm not sure what advice to give you about your tongue. I'm sorry it is cut up.

      I been off and on putting ice on me all day. It helps soothe my neck quite a bit.

      Other than the medicine, I just try to gently rub my head, I wish I had some miracle cute. Sorry Wendy :(

      The toughest thing for me today has been trying to go to the bathroom... it's been so difficult. I'm quite worried so I got some medicine to make it easier.

      What has been your favorite thing to eat so far? What soothes your throat the most?

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      Justin, yesterday was probably by far the worst day for me. In the morning I was able to eat a bowl of jello and one later in the afternoon, this apparently didn't sit well with my stomach and I kept getting really nauseous. I was really afraid I was going to throw up. Then I decided actual food would probably help my stomach so I ate a soft piece of bread and chocolate malt-o-meal, along with some cut up pieces of fruit. This was by far the best meal I have had in days and it made me feel better. Your meals sound pretty good. I'm going to have to get some apple sauce. That sounds pretty amazing. Water is key when eating. If you eat anything relatively dry, it has the tendency to feel like it gets stuck down your throat.

      I have to agree with you! I'm physically drained. I find myself falling asleep while sitting up. I can be sitting anywhere and I will fall asleep. I have a German Shepherd mix. She is two and quite the handful. Luckily I have had lots of help from other people who are willing to walk her for me.

      Ugh yes, the ears are terrible. I'm pretty sure it is referred pain from my tongue but who knows. Yesterday I started to get a killer headache and a fever too. It was definitely not a fun mix. Have you felt like you were going to throw up at all?? I also have been sleeping with an ice pack wrapped around my head. It helps so much, so if you start to get neck/ear pain I would highly suggest putting some ice on it.

      What are you doing for your headaches?

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      Wendy, how has the day been going? I hope you've been able to eat some better food. It def hurts a bit when I eat some of that stuff. I usually have to force it down. Today, for lunch, I had a piece of cheese, applesauce, jello, 3 mini-pancakes, and some crazy carrot/kale concoction. The cheese/pancakes were harder to get down, I found having some water before and after each bite helped. What kinds of things do you eat?

      Yah the fresh air is great, though today the sun was so hot I think it drained me a bit more than it helped me. I've been so tired! I do think it's good to get your mind off things, like taking your dog for a walk :). I haven't had a pet in so long, major jealous. What kind is it?

      I'm sorry to hear about your ears. I've been pretty lucky so far, no ear pain, though I've had this killer headache off and on for the whole day. The headache came with a fever too. Have you put some ice on the ears? Someone said that helped. I've been trying to ice my neck.

      Keep it up Wendy!

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      Justin, thank you! I'm definitely trying to feel better. I think the warm salt water does help, a lot actually. It helps my tongue and the sores I have on it. I definitely wish I had a humidifier, my throat is so dry. Sounds like a good breakfast! I can't get that kind of food down yet without it hurting like crazy.

      I also think going outside is helpful. I have been going on short walks with my dog. It seems to help clear everything out. The evening after surgery was the best for me because I was still so drugged that I couldn't feel anything. Now it's harder for me to want to get up because my ears have a lot of pressure in them...

      I would have to agree that days 3 through 7 are going to be the worst, but who knows. Definitely take it day by day. You may surprise yourself!

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      Wendy, hang in there, we will make it through this!! :) Do you think the warm-salt water is helping? I've been afraid to gargle water b/c when I swished back there it was really painful. I didn't want to open any wounds either. Tho the doc did say it was ok..

      I have a humidifier setup in my room, I don't know how much it is helping but it can't hurt. This morning I'm having scrambled eggs, bananna, and malt-o-meal with honey and cinnamon. Pretty tasty. I went outside for a bit today to get some sunshine since it was nice out. Got some sunshine and a little walk for my legs. They told me I could do like a block or so. And it's been 2 hrs and I've had about 22oz of water!

      From these posts day 3 through day 7 are the toughest. I'm a little worried, but just taking it a day at a time.. btw I'm 27m.

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      Thanks Kelsey for your response, it was very helpful. Day 2 now.

      Day1: I ended up having bananna, avacado, mac&cheese, some kale/carrot/apple/whatever juice, for dinner last night. Pudding and jello for lunch. Pudding as a late night snack. I didn't sleep at all during the day. Didn't feel like it. Drank LOTS of water. I think I've had 60 - 80 oz. Trying to make sure I stay really hydrated. I went on a small walk, like just around my property. Just to get some fresh air. Overall a decent day, but it was day one! Last night was harder mainly because I had a headache and I had to make sure to keep waking up to drink water. Overall got like 7 - 8 hrs. Just been having children's tylenol, no pain med yet.

    • profile image

      Wendy 5 years ago

      I had my surgery two days ago. I am 20 years old. I had a tonsillectomy and my adenoids removed. The thing that is bothering me the MOST is my tongue! Whatever they used to clamp it down sure did some damage. It is so swollen that I can't close my mouth, drying out my throat further. I'm also suffering from a sinus infection which is magnifying the pain and making it so I can't breathe out of my nose.

      This really is the worst pain I've ever felt. The only thing that has helped considerably is icing under my chin and gargling with warm salt water. I drink about 5 water bottles a day and I try to eat because I'm starving. It is 3 in the morning here, and I've slept for a few hours, but now I'm awake due to the fact that my pain medicine has worn off (not that it does anything in the first place). It is nice to read everyone else's posts to see that I am not alone because I am so frustrated at this point.

      Good luck to everyone going through this. I can say that it is no fun at all, but on the bright side, we will all feel so much better once we are healed so it will be worth it!!

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      Hey everyone, just had my surgery. Right now I feel ok. Say the pain is maybe 0.5 out of 10. I know the pain medicine is still working tho.

      I appreciate all the comments here and I'm ready for the long road ahead. Good luck to anyone going through this and I wish you all a speedy recovery!

    • profile image

      Dwight Blake 5 years ago

      hi i am schedule to have a tonsillectomy but i am extremely HORRIFIED because i am a professional singer and i am to return to work (singing) within the next 4 weeks. Will i recover in time and WILL THIS SURGERY AFFECT MY VOCAL ABILITIES. i have read all the comments but i haven't heard or read any from PROFESSIONAL SINGERS. Someone please please reply to me here on in my email thanks a lot and i hope you all get better soon

    • profile image

      Kelsey 5 years ago

      I’m 20 years old and i’m on day 9 (not including the day of surgery). definitely the most painful experience i've ever been through. I think i’m finally on the mend? It's still extremely difficult / painful to swallow... The pain’s the worst right after I try to eat something remotely solid (oatmeal, pasta, etc). It feels like i’ve run a marathon! My jaw hurts and my throat stings from all the force. The worst days were definitely 5 and 6. Here’s a little chart of what i’ve dealt with so far.

      day 1: not terrible, dozed most of the day, drank TONS, was in some pain, everything stung to eat, could only get down jello, took hydrocodone, woke up every hour to drink which helped (GET A HUMIDIFIER. it’s a lifesaver)

      day 2: terrible. the hydrocodone & the antibiotics made me get sick three separate times which made my throat SO raw. switched to liquid tylenol and ditched the antibiotics completely (i have a REALLY sensitive stomach so many of you probably won’t have the same problem) thank god i have a wonderful doctor who’s been calling 3 times a day to check on me and give tips / etc

      day 3-4: moderate pain, ears ached a little, tylenol helps a little, nights are the worst because you wake up and your throat’s dry. moved on to apple sauce.

      days 5-6: THE WORST. so painful. oh my goodness i wanted to die, my ears ached and it felt like i was swallowing glass. i’m not sure if this was due to the scabs forming or falling off but it was so sharp and everything stung. tylenol wasn’t doing any good, but i was in so much pain i couldn’t bear risking getting sick under those circumstances. ice pack on my neck at all times. attempted to eat frozen yogurt, broke down crying because it hurt so bad, the crying caused more pain which caused more crying- vicious cycle. suck it up, no tears!

      day 7-8: SO much better than day 5-6 but still really painful. went for my post op appointment and my doctor and he said everything looked good as far as healing. he also prescribed a new antibiotic (because my throat looked a little red which meant a possible infection) and this anti-naseau medicine that’s apparently been around for 50 years or so. I was wondering why he hadn’t prescribed it earlier but i went to CVS and it was $260 with insurance! but it’s literally saved my life. it knocks you out so you can get a full nights sleep and i’ve felt no nausea and can use the hydrocodone and the antibiotics again. Day 7 i think i see light at the end of the tunnel. throat still hurts pretty badly but i was able to eat some egg salad and only took some tylenol this morning and have felt okay minus swallowing. tried tortellini with chicken broth to make it soft but it was way too difficult to eat. my throat hurt so badly after and my muscles were worn out

      Day 9: woke up very dehydrated, once i drank tons of water felt a little better. had cream of wheat for breakfast and some papaya & kiwi...still get so tired / sore after eating :( however other than the pain from swallowing / eating and the occasional earache i feel SO much better.

      Can anyone confirm that this means i’m healing? my throat isn’t nearly as white as it was on day 6, but it still is farther back in my throat. i’m hoping that means the scabs are subsiding. i’m just worried that there’s no rhyme or reason to the pain and i might wake up feeling awful. some reassurance would be appreciated. my doctor said between 7 to 10 days swallowing / the pain in general should become far more manageable. WHEN will i be able to swallow remotely solid food again???

      Here are some tips that have helped me immensely through all of this and my friend of the same age who got them out a year prior.

      -jell-o, apple sauce are your friend, CREAM OF WHEAT (way easier to eat than oatmeal- add some cinnamon and honey) milk causes gross phlegm

      -TROPICAL FRUITS, it sounds random but cut into little bits kiwi or papayas are great. they’re cold and slippery and easy to get down and not rough like apples or acidic like grapefruit.

      -drink KEFIR!!! it’s difficult to get down because it’s thick. but it realllly helps the healing and has a lot of nutrients you aren’t getting from the limited foods you can eat

      -Vico coconut water is GREAT. it’s one of the most hydrating things you can drink and it comes in so many flavors (original, chocolate, mango, pineapple)

      -use a humidifier at night so your throat stays moist and you don’t have to wake up every 20 minutes to take a sip of water

      -If you’re nauseous, don’t drink water. it’ll just come right back up. try gatorade or something with electrolytes

      -switch up food / drinks as much as possible. it can be as little as changing vitamin water or gatorade flavors. you get so sick of constantly having the same thing that it makes an already long recovery seem even longer

      -invest in one of those neck bandage things that you can put an ice pack in (they gave me one at the hospital) keep it on your neck, and put plastic ice cubes on your ears if they start to ache

      -when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed watch a movie or TV, otherwise you’ll psyche yourself out and make yourself even more upset. get your mind off of it.

      -ask your doctor about anti nausea medicine if you’re afraid of getting sick. because it’s WAY more painful dealing with tonsillectomy when your throat is already raw from getting sick.

      hope this helped!

    • profile image

      Ann 5 years ago

      I am so glad I steered away from most of these kinds of discussions before I got my tonsils out. I am 23 and on day 10, and so far I've had a few days where I felt like crap, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance I guess because I wouldn't say it's nearly as bad as most of you describe it. The pain medication doesn't completely take the pain away and I don't expect it to. You have to make yourself drink fluids even when it hurts because that's the only way you're going to get any better. And to the people reading these posts and doubting whether they should get this done, keep in mind that most people who post on internet forums about these kinds of things are people who have had a more negative experience than most. (This idea of selective bias tends to be true for most things).

    • profile image

      melissa 5 years ago

      I had my tonsils out 6 days ago I haven't been able to really eat or drink much verytime iI do, i pay for it with a shooting ear ache...I get strep 6 times a year and finally at 23 they wanted them out but I rather deal with strep 6 times a year than ever go threw this again, hope it gets better from here........

    • profile image

      Jaime 5 years ago

      I am 29, female, and had surgery on May 2--septoplasty, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and turbinate reduction. I had a septal spur that was removed as well. Today is the 15th, and although my pain has definitely lessened since last weekend, my right ear is hurting a lot, and swallowing both liquids and soft foods is excruciating at times...still trying to eat a soft diet, per the advice of my doc. Hoping to fell better soon. Taking Tylenol Extra Strength every 6 hours and went back to work yesterday.

    • kashmommy profile image

      kashmommy 5 years ago from Dallas

      I am now on day 26 after my tonsilectomy. The verdct: I feel alot better than I did earlier in recovery. I went back to work exactly 14 days after my surgery. I was a bit worried about that because as a hair stylist, I would be required to do a lot of talking. My doctor okayed me to take my Motrin and they actually helped me through my work days. It was difficult talking the first couple of days, but my voice was back to normal in no time. I have to admit, I wish I could have basked in my time off from work more so than complaining about the pain, because I felt myself having separation anxiety from just being able to relax and do nothing. It was a little hard to go back to work. My advice to anyone concerned about having the surgery. Go ahead and do it! The first part of the recovery may take a little discipline, but it will definitely heal. Stay hydrated and consistent with your meds. You'll be back to normal in no time.

    • profile image

      Dave 5 years ago

      For anyone having the surgery soon, listen to the advice, but disregard the stuff about the pain. We all have different thresholds to pain and our bodies react differently to operations. Yes, the first couple of days are easier than most expect, then it does get harder, especially when the scabs start falling off. But don't get hung up on the upcoming pain, you may end up with an experience that is much more tolerable than you expected.

    • profile image

      Christina_C89 5 years ago

      I am 23 and I have my surgery the first of June! Reading this post have terrified me? I teach Kindergarten and I wonder will my voice be strong by August...should I go through with this surgery honestly?!

    • profile image

      kittyg01 5 years ago

      I am 44yrs old and my surgery is set for may15th...omg from reading these posts, i am kinda scare..ugh oh and i am also having at the same time turbinate reduction surgery,,,yep, im scared,,lol... but i love reading the posts,,,i cant stop reading them, getting good advice for recovery!