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Advancements in Aromatherapy Diffusers

Updated on October 26, 2016

Diffuser World: The World Leader in Essential Oil Diffusers

By Grace C. Visconti

For many years, Essential Oil companies and practitioners sought advancements in Essential Oil Diffusers that would make them easy to use and clean while maintaining therapeutic qualities of Essential Oils. The search was largely unsuccessful until Diffuser World emerged as an innovative powerhouse by developing new technology that revolutionized how we use Essential Oils.

Earl Sevy, founder of Diffuser World, inventor and engineer of the patented technology became aware of the need in the Aromatherapy industry for a powerful and effective Nebulizing Diffuser. Sevy rose to the challenge of creating new diffuser technologies and as a result of his many years of effort, the Aroma-Pro Nebulizer was created. The Aroma-Pro quickly became the workhorse of the Aromatherapy industry and for the last decade has been the most durable, effective and easiest to clean diffuser on the market. With the support of his wife and partner DeAnn, Diffuser World grew and began to sell Essential Oil Diffusers to Oil companies in Utah and throughout the US.

About seven years ago, Earl teamed up with Jeff Shepherd, Essential Oil and Nebulizing Diffuser expert, to take these amazing inventions to the global community. Jeff has studied Essential Oils and their effects on the human body with his wife Shaudean for nearly fifteen years. Over the years, Shepherd has gained valuable insight into the benefits of Aromatherapy. Earl and Jeff have combined their talents to design the most powerful and effective nebulizer systems ever made for Aromatherapy. The newest Diffuser system (The Aroma-Ace) offered at Diffuser World has made it possible for you to have Spa quality, Therapeutic Aromatherapy right in your own home. The Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Diffuser has brought state of the art technology to the ancient healing art of Aromatherapy and today Diffuser World Essential Oil Diffusers can be found in healthy homes around the world.

The team at Diffuser World is actually creating new solutions for problems that didn’t even exist twenty years ago like sick building syndrome, poor indoor air quality, mold infestation, and even airborne viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe. “People are spending more time indoors than ever before and the air quality in our homes and buildings is the poorest it has ever been. As a result, we are suffering health problems on a scale that we have never seen. We are forced to resort to extreme measures to filter the air we breathe but we should also purify the air with pure Essential Oils to avoid health complications and to assist in the mitigation of symptoms,” explains Shepherd.

Globally, Diffuser World is the definitive leader both from a technology perspective and when it comes to innovation and quality. “We are currently driving the technology of Aromatherapy and even in these tough economic times our business is growing at an amazing rate. We continue to launch new products to the accolades of our customers and live to exceed their expectations. There is no other company in the world that is advancing the technology of Aromatherapy other than Diffuser World. The Asian factories cannot match the quality of our products and we plan to keep it that way,” insists Shepherd.

The products that Diffuser World manufactures are far superior to the diffusers the competition produces. For example, the return rate on the Aroma-Pro is less than 1 in 1000. American engineering and manufacturing paid off and it wasn’t long before Diffuser World was light years ahead of the competition. As a US manufacturer, their focus has been on advancing the effectiveness of the diffusers as well as the quality and ease of use. The Aroma-Ace is the latest in a new breed of Aromatherapy Systems.

Shepherd explains, “For a lot of years Essential Oil Diffusers were primarily manufactured in China or other countries in Asia. The problem was, not only was the technology obsolete and ineffective, but the quality control in the products just wasn’t there. The failure rate was very high and the satisfaction levels were extremely low. Retailers and distributors did not want to sell these inferior products to their customers because the return rate was so high and the glass diffusers were impossible to clean. When Diffuser World introduced advanced designs in Nebulizing Diffusers, made with extremely high quality materials, suddenly Essential Oil could be diffused into any area with confidence. Retailers that carried these diffusers began to see increased interest in diffusing and consequently higher Essential Oil sales.”

The technology of Nebulizing Diffusers has changed so dramatically over the past ten years that comparing the Aroma-Ace to those old diffusers is like comparing an iPod to a record player. According to Shepherd, China seems to be stuck on the little humidifier vaporizers like the “mist fountains.” The most widely used technology is a vibrating membrane to separate primarily water but you can add Essential Oil to the water and that’s the Aromatherapy aspect of it. The problem is that water and oil don’t mix. “What you end up with is scented water rather than pure Essential Oil vapor with a more therapeutic value. Obviously, the therapeutic value is in the oils and not the water and for this reason a Nebulizing Diffuser is much more desirable than a vaporizer/humidifier,” suggests Shepherd. “In fact you should never use one of these if you already have a moisture or mold problem.”

Even with the oil diffusers the past and present technologies have many differences. “The old glass jet design uses very fine glass tubes inside a glass bubble. This makes them difficult to manufacture correctly and even when they are made just right, they don’t have the power of our new systems. Even a spec of dust can clog them,” says Shepherd. Furthermore, they are virtually impossible to clean and will not diffuse thicker Essential Oils. Shepherd adds, “There is no match for the cutting edge systems like the Aroma-Ace we are building today. We are light years beyond where we were. We are currently working on the next generation of Essential Oil Diffusers that will make it possible to make the healthy Aromatherapy lifestyle a part of your Smart Home.”

Shepherd also sheds light on the fact that Aromatherapy has become so popular that even chemical companies are adding Essential Oils to their fragrance cocktails and Aromatherapy to their labels to sell more room deodorizers and dish soap. Just a few weeks ago, a large air freshener manufacturer started adding a minuscule amount of Essential Oils to their product. “Rather than calling it an air freshener, they are now calling it a Scented Oil Warmer,” Shepherd explains. Wise consumers are turning away from these unhealthy chemicals and toward more healthy home environments using natural products like pure Essential Oils and a Diffuser.

Diffuser World makes the diffuser more effective in separating the oil molecules into a vapor without changing or damaging the oil. This is far superior to heating or burning essential oils which kills them and destroys any therapeutic value. The ‘potency’ of the oils that you are using is determined by their quality. It is recommended to use only pure organic Essential Oils with no chemicals. Shepherd clarifies, “Our diffusers nebulize the pure oils fine enough to enter the body through the olfactory system in the brain and directly into the bloodstream.”

True Aromatherapy is more than just a pleasant smell or aroma. “Once diffused into the air, pure Essential Oils interact with our bodies at the cellular level and actually cross the blood-brain barrier to penetrate the cell. I encourage anyone that wants to improve their health to do some research into Therapeutic Aromatherapy and always use the highest quality oils available,” Shepherd adds.

As our need to create healthy indoor environments increases, the technology that is used to create them will also advance. By utilizing natural, sustainable products in our homes we will live happier healthier lives. The Aromatherapy market is growing as this knowledge is expanding. “The more people who choose natural therapies over prescription drugs or pure Essential Oils over chemical air fresheners, the more happy customers at Diffuser World we will have. Virtually everyone I talk to is experiencing improved health and vitality by diffusing these amazing natural compounds into the air they breathe. The effects are quite profound,” insists Shepherd.

The Aroma-Ace is the latest cutting edge technology that allows anyone to adjust the volume for any size of room depending on the air circulation. The reason for this is its built-in variable controls that gives one the choice to change them. Depending on the desired saturation level, a diffuser can affect multiple rooms up to about 1800 square feet.

The top three diffusers that Diffuser World sells are very different, two of which are nebulizers and the third which is a vaporizer. They are: Aroma-Ace; Aroma-Pro; and Aroma-Sonic.

In the latest design features of the Aroma-Ace, they have combined all of the features desired by their customers that include: a one piece design with a quick change bottle mounted nebulizer, adjustable volume control, and built-in timers that allow you to set the amount of time the unit stays on and off. This provides the user with complete control over how much oil is diffused and when it is diffused. This is the ultimate in lifestyle Aromatherapy because it is so easy.

The Aroma-Pro, the popular reliable nebulizer that has been a mainstay of Diffuser World for ten years, is a two-piece nebulizer with a separate pump and an air hose connecting the two so you can put the well up on your table and the pump out of site. The Aroma-Pro comes in six different colors.

The third best selling product at Diffuser World is the Aroma-Sonic vaporizer/ humidifying diffuser that is popular for a very dry climate but is not as effective with the oils because water is used.

Future Aromatherapy Systems will be advanced in design and functionality where cleaning them with ease will make a difference to the people who use them. “The future of Aromatherapy is in completely integrated systems that are both quiet and powerful. The Smart Homes of the future will use computer technology that will integrate Essential Oils into air purification systems making it easier to diffuse larger spaces and in turn, create healthier indoor environments. As we design systems for entire buildings that function in a smart system, the purifying of air using Essential Oils will become more mainstream,” explains Shepherd.

The systems that the developers at Diffuser World are presently designing will take Aromatherapy and Essential Oils into the homes of 2010 and beyond. Creating healthy home environments is one of their goals. Shepherd suggests, “As people discover the health benefits of diffusing Essential Oils in their homes, they will naturally desire Aromatherapy to be integrated into their ventilation systems. We are already seeing a need for integrative systems as sick building syndrome becomes an epidemic and mold wreaks havoc on our homes and the health of our families. Consumer demand for integrated systems in the future will be driven by wide acceptance of the compact systems we make today.”

The Aromatherapy market continues to grow at an exponential rate as more people become educated and aware of the benefits of using natural products versus the harmful effects of chemical fragrances or burning incense that exudes toxic smoke.

The benefits of Essential Oils are twofold: boosting the immune system thereby creating positive health effects and obliterating harmful molds, viruses and bacteria from your environment. “Essential Oils were man’s FIRST medicine and will likely be his last as the antibiotic experiment is nearly over and has failed,” insists Shepherd.

The popularity in diffusing and the sale of Essential Oils has not dropped off for Diffuser World even in the current economy because their products are superior in design and performance as well as easy to clean. The insistence of having the best quality and implementation is only one reason why Diffuser World is on the leading edge. The second reason is that they listen closely to their customers where they play an integral part in the research and development process that has consequently lead to their superior products.

“Quality and innovation have remained core to our business since the inception of Diffuser World. Our customers have defined us through the process of communicating their needs or desires. Exceeding the expectations of our customers has always been what drives Diffuser World. Customer feedback is one of the first steps in our research and development process,” insists Shepherd.

According to Shepherd, The best Aromatherapy Diffuser that maximizes the spreading of Essential Oils into the air is the Aroma-Ace because it has all of the aspects of a great diffuser. It is versatile, powerful, effective, simple to use, easy to clean and economical to operate. It costs less than .02 cents per day in electricity to operate and due to the quality of the technology it may never wear out. Personally, Shepherd recommends the Aroma-Ace and the Aroma-Pro Nebulizing Diffusers because of their features, effectiveness and durability.

As far as any inherent danger with diffusing the oils, the diffuser itself is very safe. As with any concentrated compound, one should keep Essential Oils out of the reach of children. However, children respond phenomenally well to Essential Oils under a parent’s care. “We use Essential Oils on our children every day and have diffusers running throughout our home continually. I highly recommend having a diffuser in every child’s bedroom. Common sense goes along way with the oils. For instance, if you have peppermint oil on your finger and stick it in your eye it will sting like the dickens. This is one reason why when we are anointing children we put the oil on the bottoms of their feet. Not to mention that the feet are the perfect place for the oils to enter the bloodstream quickly,” says Shepherd. Anyone considering using Essential Oils of any kind should refer to the Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) chart, which can be found on the Internet along with more information on Aromatherapy and its many uses.

The health benefits of diffusing are broad and effective. Shepherd suggests, “It has been my personal experience as I have used Essential Oils for many years that the health benefits are numerous and profound. You understand of course that corporate medicine and the drug companies are still repressing most ‘alternative’ therapies including Aromatherapy, and as long as they have the AMA and the FDA to enforce their agenda, it would be risky for me to make any specific health claims. It is a sad state of affairs in the US, but with the free information flow of the Internet, it is not hard for someone that wants to learn the benefits of natural healing therapies over drug treatment plans to find useful information from reputable sources.”

Though Shepherd cannot make any health claims about Essential Oils due to the AMA and FDA regulations, he has a few parting words of wisdom about Essential Oils versus drugs and their comparable healing capabilities or lack thereof. “I will say this, drugs heal nothing and Essential Oils will eventually be used to heal everything. These complex and powerful plant oils were man’s first ‘medicine’ and they will be our last. The sooner that the Pharma-experiments end the healthier we will all be.”

Diffuser World is a US designer, manufacturer, and wholesale supplier that builds diffusers for the finest Essential Oil companies in the world. Diffuser World Diffusers are also available to the general public via their website <a href="">Click here to visit Diffuser World Inc</a>.

Check out the latest Aromatherapy Diffusers from Diffuser World for 2016 on my blog:


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      4 years ago

      That’s great! Thank you for the compliment. Sorry it took me a while to reply. Been very busy lately.

      I will be writing an article on the updated diffusers soon.

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      4 years ago

      This is a great article. I’ve read in many other places before that but

      I did not get this type of effective and more useful text. It is really important now to

      vary your anchors as this seems more natural to user.

      This article helped me a lot to understand information.

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      4 years ago

      This is a great article. I’ve read in many other places before that but

      I did not get this type of effective and more useful text. It is really important now to

      vary your anchors as this seems more natural to user.

      This article helped me a lot to understand information.

    • bluesilver profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      There is also the Aroma Whisper which is made for spas because it is quiet.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great read! I have a beauty Salon and I used the AROMA-PRO for many years, I recently replaced it with an Aromax Aromatherapy diffuser which is has been great, it's not cheap but its far more powerful and certainly better looking which is great for the Salon.


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