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Advice For Success

Updated on June 23, 2014
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Bronson Wilks is a partner in National Staffing Solutions, a registered nurse, internet marketer and passionate about personal development.


A famed chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Dr. Peter Marshall penned the following words the day before he died; “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. We know that we cannot do everything. But God help us to do something."

A nursing theorist by the name of Roy sees the environment as "all conditions, circumstances and influences that surround and affect the development and behavior of the person" How can I change some of those influences?

Trust In Something Greater Than Yourself

“We trust infinite God rather than our finite selves.” “All men of faith have courage. They trust their God.” (pg 68 AA)

The Effect of Good Thoughts on My Physical Body.

I keep record of my routine runs on the treadmill. Well one time I remembered my therapist telling me that she replaced the 1980s rock music that she listens to on her ipod while she does her routine run, with mellow religious hymns. Without even thinking about it having an impact on her workout she improved her time by more than 2 minutes. That story came to my mind while running on the treadmill so I started thinking about running to Jesus. I literally pictured him walking down the beach near the water, I imagined myself seeing him walking away, so I took off running and shouting his name, he heard me and turned to look at me, I could feel and see his joy even from such a distance, I got chills all over.

The first time I did that there were two other people in the room and it all seemed a little strange and wonderful and the same time. I ran a very good time but I didn’t pay enough attention to it. Today I did it again for the second time. I was alone this time and let my imagination go freely. This time one of the Lords prophets who I love was walking with him. When I called to them now Jesus and the prophet were excited for me to see and be with the Savior, the very being from which love and righteousness comes. I couldn’t help but to turn the speed up, I had a giant smile on my face, I ran faster and faster, I had chills again, all over my body, I imagined myself waving my arms and felt nothing but pure joy, by the time I slowed down my cheeks were tired from smiling so much. My run didn’t start out with that in mind and I didn’t have a clear goal but I ended up running .352 miles farther in twenty minutes than my next best distance in the same time.

Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment from running a good run, but I feel energized and filled with light and love. I feel like running to Jesus still and it’s now almost midnight. The thought occurred to me during my brief cool down what if we approached more things in life with that type of attitude. For me Jesus and his gospel is not only in everything tangible but also in things I can only imagine and beyond. His light and love is in every level of my life. When I think of being extremely successful in business or coaching or things of that nature it doesn’t seem nearly as real or rewarding as my reality of living with Jesus in a place far better than I can even imagine. That is a true and living reality for me, something so big that I can’t see it right now but believe in it 100%.

What else can we do like that? What other beautiful things can we hold on to during certain tasks, jobs and moments of the day that can help us improve our best time, our best effort or best results by .352 miles in the same amount of time, while still in society here on earth, at work, at home and at play? Some people think if they can just work longer and harder they’ll get ahead but even the saying is exhausting. On the other hand, I felt energized after a 20 minute run to Jesus I was ready to conquer the world, and it just turned out to be the perfect preparation for a difficult conversation with my wife about ways my negative and irresponsible action have hurt her over and over and that it’s time for me to change. I couldn’t have had that conversation in a successful way without Jesus rushing through me at the time.

Thoughts and Performance?

Do Your Thoughts Enhance Your Performance?

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