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Advice On A Well-Balanced Vegetarian Diet

Updated on April 21, 2012

Tips on Vegetarian Diet

Some of us have a misunderstanding about vegetarian diet. At a glance they might be thought a vegetarian diet was an incomplete nutrition diet. As a vegetarian we don't consume meats, but for your information, the nutrients found in meats also can be found in others non-meat food items. If you are curious to find out more, just keep reading this, hope I can help you learn more about a well-balanced vegetarian diet.

The nutrition, such as Iron is commonly associated with red meat. Since vegetarians don't consume red meat. They have to replace the Iron nutrition from other food items, such as spinach and collars greens which are rich in iron. High iron content can be also found in tofu and beans. And to improve your body's immunity level, you can consume foods which contain a high vitamin C content.

As a vegetarian we still can consume milk and eggs. Milk and eggs, both are excellent sources of protein. You should include these items in your vegetarian diet.

Whole grains have a high fiber content and other kinds of nutrients. Different grains come with different vitamins and mineral. When you eat a variety of whole grains, I ensure you are getting a well amount of complete nutrients. But its not the same as when you eat the refines grains. The refined grains usually has less nutrients which wwere removed during processing.

You can complete your vegetarian diets with proteins, a complete proteins must have the essential amino acids. The difference between animal derived proteins and plant-derived proteins are animal-derived protein are complete but not the plant-derived proteins. That's why you need to eat a variety of beans, grains, nuts and legumes to get all the essential amino acid in your diet.

B-12 can be found in meat, fish and dairy products. You might be need to take B-12 supplement to get this B-12.

Avoid consuming too much high-fat dairy products as you protein source. Instead, consider a low-fat dairy products or consume skim milk. Or you can also consume nuts, legumes, beans and tofu for protein content.

Avoid processed food, they are not healthy as they contain salts and artificial ingredients. Buying a vegetarian meal from the market's frozen section is not a good option. Pre-packaged foods might be loaded with empty calories from fats with excess sodium and artificial ingredients. I suggest you to avoid these.

Taking a vegetarian diets need knowledge and planning. Learn about the non-meat items, what nutrient they have. So you can have a complete nutrients from the items you choose to eat.


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