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Advice for teenage girls

Updated on February 15, 2014


You never know when it is coming but it does and life as you know it changes drastically!

Mood swings and monthly issues will start coming your way and all you need to know is that it means that your body is working the way that it should.

As you begin your teen years there are a number of things that you need to know about your body so that you don't panic when things begin to change.

Puberty can make your life a living hell if you let it but if you know what is going to happen then you can prepare and be ready to face it with a smile.

It happens to everyone and whatever you are going through, your peers and friends are probably going through the same things, so don't feel alone and always have someone to talk to.

Don't forget that your mom, an older sister or cousin will be able to guide you through the experience and feeling embarrassed is not necessary as they understand and have felt the same way that you will too.

Not only will your body change but your moods and feelings will too. Your whole life will begin a transformation into become a young lady and it is up to you on how to ensure that you are healthy, happy and comfortable with yourself.

The most important thing to remember is not rush the process, don't grow up too quickly because being a teenager is probably the best years of your life!

Advice for teen girls on puberty
Advice for teen girls on puberty

Hormones, puberty and developing

Once you have reached the age of ten your body starts to change and you will notice slight hair in strange places as well as your chest area getting bigger.

Wearing a bra is up to your mother to decide and starting off with a vest, then training bra could help take away the irritation and your embarrassment.

You will experience a little sensitivity and wearing cotton vests or training bra's will help with that.

Don't allow pressure from your friends to encourage you to wear a bra or shave as this is something that needs to be decided by your mother, who will always no best and she will also know when you are ready.

Perhaps talking to your mom and asking her will help her take notice and she will then monitor your body and guide you.

Make sure that you bath and keep clean because once you begin to grow hair under your arms, your pores will start to open and this will cause you to sweat.

At about the age of eleven, you should be comfortable wearing your clothes and now is probably the time where you begin to get pimples. Your face needs to be taken care of and you and only you! can make sure that you wash it properly.

Good face washes are ones that are natural and I found that gill gentle moisturising face wash, is the best one to use.

A good soft and gentle soap or a foaming cleanser will help keep your pimples at bay but the most important lesson you will ever learn is that YOUR BODY NEEDS THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF SLEEP.

Sleep is important as well as exercise and fruits and vegetables...yes, I said vegetables! They are extremely good for you and with all the vitamins in the food, you might save yourself from getting acne at some stage.

Sleep and a good diet is very important and this means that junk food and sweets should be kept as a treat once a week instead of everyday.

Every teenager has a change in hormone levels and this is because you are growing up. Your body changes and the hormones effect your moods. (It doesn't give you an excuse to be rude or hostile to your parents) but they will understand when you are having a mood swing.

You could feel happy one moment and in the next you could feel like crying, relax! This is normal and all part of the process of becoming a lady.

Some girls start puberty as early as eight years old and the latest fourteen. Don't think that you are weird if you don't start when your friends do.

After your breasts start to grow it usually takes about two years for you to get your menstrual period.

Every girl is different and a good sign to take note of is when you notice white mucous discharge, probably six months before your time to start.

It is normal to feel shy or embarrassed but don't feel that way because your mom has been where you are and she will be able to help you.

Once you have started your monthly's you will get them for the rest of your life and cramps, moods swings and feeling uncomfortable will be part of your week once a month.

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Awkward puberty

It is not a great time when your body starts to change and your feet are growing faster than you!

You will suddenly get taller and your face will begin to show spots too.

This is normal and your entire body will develop and all fall into place, so don't feel awkward and know that it is temporary.

An important thing to remember is that once you begin your menstrual cycle, a hormone called estrogen is released into your ovaries which will help with having children one day.

For teenage girls who are sexually active, you need to understand that you could fall pregnant once you have your periods, so abstaining is a good idea and if you are not, then be sure to keep protected.

Life as a teenager is fun, so don't destroy your future by being careless.

You will sweat more as a teenager and once you begin to grow hair under your arms and in other areas, it is important to take note of when it starts to get thicker as you will need deodorant to prevent body odour.

Keep clean and wash your face with a gentle cleanser
Keep clean and wash your face with a gentle cleanser

Teen girls advice

Don't grow up too quickly

Enjoy being young and free

Take care of your health

Have someone to talk to

Keep clean

wax, use a hair removal cream and avoid shaving

Have the correct bra fitted

Stay away from alcohol, smoking and pregnancy

Things to avoid as a teenager

Teenagers can have so much fun with the excitement of having to go and get a bra, shave and wear makeup. It is something that you have been looking forward to but there are negatives to becoming a teenager and a few things that you should avoid in order to keep you healthy and happy.

A bra is something that you will have to wear for the rest of your life and there will be days where it will feel uncomfortable - so don't rush the process by getting pressure from your friends.

Ensure that you have one fitted to get the proper size as getting the wrong one can be useless, senseless and will leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Shaving too soon will also make the hair grow faster and thicker. Don't panic when spot hair for the first time as it is light and will not effect anything that you do. Leave it and let it grow until it is thicker. Before you start shaving, wax or use a hair remover cream to prevent you from having to shave everyday.

Face wash is important to keep the bacteria off and using one on a daily basis is a good idea to prevent pimples.

Don't rush into wearing makeup as this also effects your skin. Your pores are open and sensitive as a teen and makeup will aggravate your skin. Start off with a lip gloss and mascara but ensure that you have proper makeup remover to take it off.

Once you have developed, boys will start to notice you as they have hormones too. Be careful not to look older than you are as older boys have dangerous intentions.

To prevent moods swings the only thing is to get enough sleep. Having eight hours sleep is necessary for your body to function properly.

You will sometimes feel that you cannot control your moods and might lash out for no reason. There is nothing wrong with you, it is just hormones and the changes in your body.

Some days you will feel angry and you will feel that nobody understands you because you are growing physically and teenagers think that they are as wise as adults. Everyone understands you and they know that you are growing up but you do still have a lot to learn. This is why it sometimes seems as though you are misunderstood. Parents also have a slight shock when they notice that you are growing because it means that they are getting older and you will one day be living your own life.

Drink eight glasses of water per day and avoid junk food.

Thirteen is the age where everything starts to grow, including your weight so ensure that you are healthy by doing exercise.

"Puppy fat" is normal and for many girls it goes away once your body is regulated and for others weight loss can be difficult.

It is important to eat six times a day and exercise regularly, in order to speed up your metabolism, keeping you fit and healthy.

Alcohol is bad for the skin, weight, organs and the mind, so if you are getting convinced to do it by your friends, think again because if you are not healthy as a teenager, then you will effect your health as an adult.

Smoking is something that is so difficult to give up and it is not cool! No matter what friends say, avoid smoking or even trying one drag because once you start, you will never give up. It effects your health is many more ways than you could think and you will smell.

Getting physical with a guy is also something that should be avoided as you could fall pregnant or get a disease and destroy your future.

Hormones are crazy and they effect boys too in many different ways, making them a cautionary tale to you.

When you feel down and moody, lift yourself up by listening to some happy music, g to the gym or eat some strawberries, berries or some mood lifting foods.

Never think that you are alone and always have someone to talk to.

As a teen you will want to experiment with so many things and different styles, many teens make a complete change just to be noticed and to let everyone know that they are growing up. Think carefully before you make drastic changes that could effect your social life.

Avoid arguing with your parents as they are the ones that will always understand you and love you unconditionally. Be nice to them, respect them and let them know that you appreciate them as growing up happens so fast that you will one day miss spending time with them.

How to deal with girl issues

Always have someone to talk to, your mom has been through being a teenager and nothing much has changed since then, so she will understand if you just speak up.

If you have problems with menstrual cycles it is important to discuss it with your mother, sister or a doctor.

Should you feel peer pressure, take a stand and be the leader of the pack by standing up for what you believe in. Don't follow the sheep and do something stupid as you will regret it.

If a guy is wanting to sleep with you and you are not wanting to do the same, then let him know that you are not interested in that and he will respect you for it. If he doesn't then he wasn't worth it anyway.

Should you have pimples that you feel are getting seriously close to being acne, get your mom or dad to take you to a skin care specialist.

Cramps are normal during menstrual cycles and to avoid them being really painful, drink some hot tea with a little honey and cinnamon. Do some exercise and eat healthy.

Keep your makeup light and you should only start wearing eye shadow and blush once you are sixteen and up.

Are you a healthy teen?

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Enjoy being a teenager, it goes so fast
Enjoy being a teenager, it goes so fast

Enjoy being a teenager

Your teen years are the best years of your life and you should enjoy it. Don't spend your time worrying about what others think and just find what you believe in and do what you feel is right.

Experience being in love but don't get serious because having fun as a young girl with friends and family gives you time to explore your options.

Try new things but don't go drastic as it could effect your future plans. If you want to change your image be sure that it is you that is doing it for you and nobody else.

Peer pressure sucks but be your own leader and learn to say no.

When you are out in the sun, wear lotion to protect your skin and enjoy the sunshine and fun without feeling as though you don't look good enough in a costume.

Enjoy every moment of being a teenager at school, at home and with your friends because life goes so quickly.


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