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Advice for those Eating Big Meals

Updated on November 23, 2011

A big meal can happen in any day. It can be at any time. Usually, one knows when it will occur like holiday events, family get together, parties, weddings and just about any occasion. Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are the really big ones and one knows in the future that there will be a ton of food to eat.

While it is of universal opinion that walking after the big meal is good for digestion to rid of that stuffed bloating feeling, researchers have found that exercising 12 hrs. before the expected big meal may prevent the most damage- a post peak surge of fat called triglycerides. These fats are masters of infiltrating the arteries and have the LDL or bad cholesterol. The LDL is what you do not want in your arteries after a high fat meal.

Studies show that even walking at a good pace for 30 min. before a big meal will help reduce the surge of triglycerides after a meal is consumed even 12 hrs. later. The benefits of even modest exercise can last long after it has happened- even up to 48 hrs! So, if you run a few miles or for 20-30 min. before consuming a big meal even six hours later, your triglyceride count will be lower than in a person who did not. This is good. Taking niacin is also another method to reduce them. But, take the pill at least one hour before the big meal. Fats from nuts and fish are much lower and safer in the triglyceride counts. The Danish study showed that the ideal manner is to stay active and not be sedentary for long periods. The longer the period of exercise, the better it is for lowering LDL


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