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Aerobics for Your Fitness

Updated on December 24, 2014

Aerobic exercise helps to be active every day. Aerobic control of Hunger, weight, stress, blood pressure, aerobic exercise gives fitness to our body and also burned fat calories.

Cardiovascular workout can provide many benefits to a body builder as well. For example, it is a much-needed prescription for getting a well-chiseled body. It also raises the metabolic rate and helps the body burn more calories instead of storing them as fat.

Having an all brawn body without having athletic skills will let you down in fight or flight situations. Events like these need athletic skills to save face. Speed, agility, endurance, human reflex time, flexibility and self-defense skills are the much-coveted skills that don’t come with heavy weight training alone.

Aerobic forms like, cardio kickboxing, shadow boxing, swimming, running and sports training will help turn your body into a high performance machine.

Combine this with weight training and you will most definitely get that awesome look with the athletic prowess to go along with

Here is how to go about it. 3 to 4 aerobic sessions week for at least 30 minutes will increase your fitness level. Select an aerobic activity you like, because chances are if you don’t like it, you won’t stick with it.

Beginners can opt for a real-time fitness instructor taking you through a 45 minutes drill session. A training program under a qualified coach is like a guided tour. Whether you pulse or pant, you finish sets of exercises in a time frame.

Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Aerobic classes have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of all high impact and step-classes that leave 90 per cent students with knee injuries. Kickboxing is more practical, safe and efficient and gives even the aerobic class novice a good workout. The secret here is to learn to modify certain moves to suit your needs. It’s a fabulous way to burn fat and give your legs an endurance workout.

Walk this way

May be you are not exactly the aerobics class type. No problem. Just walk. Fast walking will keep the joint stress to a minimum while still offering lower-body conditioning. It is specially suited for large people whose knees and ankles can’t take the pressure of running. Fast walking for 30 minutes at a stretch every other day may sound easy, but it’s the beginning program recommended


For your Fitness Dancing is also a Good Habit

The Excitement factor

Running on treadmills lifting dumbbells, doing painful stretching…it’s all so passe. Not only that, going to the gym is undoubtedly monotonous and boring. Girls crave for variety. Dancing is fun!! There is no excitement running on the treadmill everyday. Dancing to new beats, gives you a high. It’s uplifting for the soul.

Dancing buddies! There is more to dancing than just staying fit. So, those of you who’re simply bored with weights, running mindlessly on the treadmill and doing push-ups, just jazz up your fitness schedule, by shaking that leg and jiving away the blues!

Women, put on your dancing shoes! Art of dancing is more sensual. You move every part of your body to a certain rhythm and beat. Dancing is like learning a new art altogether with which you can have fun even after the classes, like at a party or any other event. Gymming, sadly, is time bound and restricted to four walls.


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