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Updated on April 3, 2011

Aerophobia Definition

Aerophobia is defined as a fear of flying. It is normally thought it’s own phobia itself however it is occasionally associated with alternative phobias which includes claustrophobia as well as acrophobia. Claustrophobia may be considered as a dread of tight areas and acrophobia is a terror of heights. Just being on an airliner like an airplane or chopper provides the perfect setting for most of these phobias take place.

Mainly because almost every single human being needs to journey by air one day in his or her life span, the frequency of the fear of flying is really extremely high.It is projected that around 30% -52% of individuals are afflicted with some form of panic of flying at some point in their life.

Why do you fear flying?

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What Causes This fear?

The cause of the high prevalence rate of this phobia is likely to be attributed to each of the reservations a person may deal with with air travel . By way of example, as previously mentioned,being in a small spot several thousand of miles high above the sky is frightening to any person’s sensation of wellbeing. Fewer less known sources of this specific panic could be the fear of not really being under control or a even the fear of throwing up or becoming sick on an aircraft. Some people furthermore fear their own ears popping out or not being able to get away if they experience a panic or anxiety attack. In addition to these reasons, there is always the concern of physical harm from a mishap or terrorism.

News stations appear to make the fear of flying trouble even worse and could even be due to why the frequency of this fear is serious and on the rise. Just about all tragic plane crashes are claimed and documented in great detail yet how frequently would a media program attempt a story about a successful flight? They may portray the image that air travel is raising in danger while the reality is the fact that the number of travel arrangements are merely increasing as well. On top of that, improper understanding behind the technology of flight and exactly how that enormous example of equipment stays in the air may additionally lead to the reason for the phobia of flight.

Fear of Flying by Hypnosis

Fear of Flying Help

Regardless of the explanation for aerophobia, many people will obtain help to get over this specific fear. There are also an extreme group of people that display such a critical fear of soaring phobia that the mention or even maybe the thought of having to soar on an airplane leads to panic attacks. Any individual with this severity of a fear of flying will see themselves getting left behind on paying a visit to family, going to wedding parties or maybe going to holidays with their extended family.It would also trigger difficult professional problems if faced with a company occasion that requires travel by aircraft. Whatever the severity of one’s aerophobia, it is important that they seek help prior to the feargrows itself additionally.Thankfully enough, there are many treatments and methods to help defeat fear of flying.

Information is one of the most beneficial treatment plans for aerophobia. Discovering precisely how risk-free it is in order to fly can help lower the terror. Some individuals search for nearby fear of flying courses that could be given in teams The largest benefit from these group type programs could be the ability to disclose content with other people.However, these courses can be highly-priced and can sometimes not be very suitable. An alternative is a professional online course that can be downloaded and taken at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. An example of one of these courses may be seen at aviophiobia .net

Other solutions for the fear of flying may include medication, hypnotism and simple tips and tricks.


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