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Aetrex Shoes - A Review of Aetrex Worldwide Inc. Product Offerrings

Updated on August 15, 2013

Aetrex Image


Aetrex History

Aetrex Shoes has been one of the leading manufacturers in the foot health industry for comfortable, orthopedic and diabetic friendly shoes. Aetrex Shoes was originally founded in 1946 in New Jersey. been and has quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in the footwear industry. They are globally recognized as a leader in footwear products that provide comfort and wellness with their main mission as creating the healthiest shoes that the consumer will ever wear. Not only do they focus on comfort, but all their shoes are of extremely high quality while still being stylish and fashionable. Aetrex shoes consist of casual, dress sandals, athletic and therapeutic shoes for men and women and all styles are made to incorporate state of the art technological advances for uncompromising comfort and unique customization and adjustability.

The Focus of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc

The main focus of Aetrex is footwear and orthotics. They are widely known for their Lynco Orthotics system that can be purchased over the counter for unprecedented support for various foot and arch types. Aetrex Lynco Orthotics provide unsurpassed comfort and support while also improving and promoting proper body alignment. They are available in a variety of applications including walking, dress and athletic – designed specifically for your specific foot type needs and footwear style. I personally use their Lynco Orthotics and they are extremely comfortable, providing support for my low arches.

Aetrex Technological Innovations

Onc recent innovation that Aetrex has developed is the iStep foot scanner that was launched in 2002. This state of the art, digital foot scanner is able to accurately measure the foot size, arch type and pressure points within a few seconds, giving accurate and detailed information. Using the iStep foot scanner, the ideal footwear and orthotics can be selected for a person’s specific foot needs. Aetrex dealers with an iStep scanner are located nationwide within the United States and can easily be located via the Aetrex website.

Aetrex iStep Demonstration

Lynco Orthotics Product Offerring

Apex Logo

Aetrex Also Manufactures Diabetic Shoes

Aetrex is not only a manufacture of comfort footwear and orthotic supports; they are also are a manufacturer of therapeutic, diabetic footwear that are approved by Medicare Billing Code HCPCS A5500. These are not your typical, clunky and unattractive diabetic shoes. They are fashionable and very stylish, while still including the necessary diabetic footwear features such as smooth linings and multiple layers of removable insole spacers to provide added and double depth. These shoes are marketed under APEX which is a division of Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. APEX shoes are designed by a team of doctors and pedorthists in order to provide superior comfort and protection to persons with diabetes, arthritis or any other painful foot conditions. Their features include the following:

  • Protection - High and wide toe boxes with soft, safe linings that protect the foot from injury
  • Cushioning - Removable orthotics and polyurethane outsoles that absorb shock forces and provide ample cushioning
  • Stability – Hidden depth sole design with raised sidewalls and firm heel counters
  • SamrtGrip Outsole – Polyurethane outsole that provides excellent traction and support for everyday activities.
  • Customization – Unique PRS (Pressure Relief System) allows the wearer to easily customize the comfort and fit of the shoe by trimming the insole at areas of pressure. The PRS Insole is also full removable to provide additional depth

Apex Foot Health & Wellness is committed to designing and producing the ultimate foot health products that are readily available in the market today. Using a research and development team, they are able to constantly discover, test and implement new ideas, technology and materials to improve the overall comfort people feel when on their feet. Apex shoes consist of a compreshensive line of men’s and women’s footwear that provide superior unprecedented comfort with superior protection, in fashion forward styles that are ideal for people with foot problems. Maximum adjustability, advanced technological features and high quality, state of the art materials makes Apex shoes a unique and perfect aid in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Company Information

Aetrex Worldwide, Inc. has been held under private ownership for three generations of the Schwartz family. They have recently opened their flagship store in Englewood, New Jersey. The company employs over 200 people at their New Jersey headquarters, relying on the help of fitness experts, experience footwear designed, podiatrist and more than twenty certified pedorthists to help design the ultimate shoe in footwear comfort and wearing experience.


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