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Scientific Affirmations For Healthy Self Esteem

Updated on October 1, 2014

In this article we will see how and why positive affirmations work against low self esteem and give a list of affirmations that will create success for ourselves and happier expectations. What we think of ourselves is the controlling factor in the decisions we make and those decisions dictate the course of our lives. These affirmations were written by a true master of the art, a woman who has gone from extreme self hate and self defeat to a very advanced and successful tactician in the game of life. They serve as excellent examples of how to write life changing affirmations for yourself.

When we repeat short positive statements about ourselves, called affirmations, in the course of our day and when we intentionally sit uninterruptedly telling ourselves good things about ourselves and how our life is our subconscious mind accepts those things as true. It believes whatever we tell it about anything. If we tell it we are worthless and deserve failure and discomfort it reacts as if those are definite facts. It will accept healthy self respect and happy expectations equally. To affect the change we want we always choose affirmations that are worded grammatically as if what we want has already happened. If, instead of repeating “I will begin to feel better about myself” we repeat “I am a fine person in every way” we change the way the inner mind defines itself. Then our strong, deeper unseen mind takes action in kind in our lives. This happens because we all are strongly compelled to achieve and maintain consistency within ourselves. Saying something “will” happen instead of saying it already is places the goal always in the future preventing it to be a fact in the present. The more frequently we affirm to ourselves we are what we want to be the more strongly and solidly it is established in every way. Telling ourselves we feel good will cause us to feel good.We need to practice our affirmations daily to have the best success.

But there is a way to go much deeper into the power of the soul to bring about change in our lives through affirmations. In his book Scientific Healing Affirmations Paramahansa Yogananda tells exactly how the sages of the Eastern World apply meditation, relaxation, concentration, will power, feeling, and the mechanics of the cosmos to achieve miraculous results. He describes a system through which the soul can literally heal the body of any physical or mental infirmity. Yogananda demonstrated an absolutely beautiful attitude toward God, others, and above all, himself, in his many insightful books on life and the science of Yoga. The book is short and easy to understand but you can effectively change your outlook on life with just properly worded affirmations repeated intently with good concentration and the feeling of conviction. Scientific Healing Affirmations is for those who want a deeper understanding of the process in order to bring about physical healing of the body and mind.

Following is a set of affirmations to rid us of depression and to replace it with healthy self esteem. If you like them please get more daily by joining the Affirmations-For-You group at Yahoo Groups.

I am a bright, humorous, healthy person who is happy with my chosen life.

I release all that is unlike love and joy in my mind. I move from the past into the new.

I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. The past is forgiven and forgotten.

No person, place, thing or thought has power over me.

I can forgive myself for what I have done wrong, what I have done badly and what I think I could have done better.

Today I am willing to focus, push forward and go the distance.

I love and respect my ability to follow my own path.

I love and respect my ability to understand the balance between gibing orders to get things done and having the willingness to do things myself.

I am willing to reach out for help.

I am attractive, desirable and lovable.

I am beautiful, strong and energetic.

I an willing to believe in myself.

I have the courage and wisdom to make and maintain positive commitments.

Fears and doubts get smaller when I talk about them.

I can be patient in steadily working toward my goal, remembering that all good comes in time.

Walking away from something that is bad for me is not quitting!!!

I can be more understanding of the needs of others when I am able to care for my own.

Today I have the courage to face life as it is and make progress as part of my life.


I will accept today’s challenges to grow.

I no longer need to spend large blocks of time obsessing.

I have the wisdom to know how I want to spend my time and energy today.

I cannot control or change others, but I can change myself.

Today I can take a small risk in the interest of enriching my life.

I will determine my priorities today to avoid confusion.

I can choose to have a daily reprieve from self-destructive behaviour.

I will seek progress, not progression.

If I let myself down by slipping back into old habits, I can gently correct my course without feeling that I have failed.

Today, I will concentrate on taking one step forward, however small

Today, I will seek renewed supply of serenity, courage and wisdom.

I have much to give. I can be loved and accepted according to how well I give of myself, not for how much

Whatever my weight today, I am a worthwhile person with valuable contributions to make to those around me.

I am not finished growing, changing and evolving.

I like myself today. I am aware of possibilities for improvement, but I don't want to be anyone else. I am comfortable and accepting of who I am. I can forgive my mistakes and move on to try again.

Positive or negative... the choice is mine!

My actions today will build good memories for tomorrow.

It is often easier to know what to do than to do it. Today I will do those things that strengthen my self-esteem.

I cannot see the outcome of the journey, but I can take the next step


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    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 5 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Thanks lovedoctor926. They were written by a friend who let me post them here. Most people who have seen them agree that they are very good.

    • profile image

      lovedoctor926 5 years ago

      Excellent hub. The affirmations that you have listed here are very helpful. I will share this on f.b.

    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Thank you, lobonorth. That is very encourageing.

    • lobonorth profile image

      lobonorth 6 years ago

      I thought it to be a very fine Hub. I particularly like the tone of the article - often when writers are relaying profound information the message loses much of its appeal because of the manner it is imparted.

      An article that was both useful and awesome - great work!

    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Thank you very much Lady_E and Linda Johnson. I am very glad you both will use the affirmations. I like them too. That is why I posted for all.

    • Linda Johnston profile image

      Linda Johnston 6 years ago

      I am reading this at a time when my self-esteem could use some positive feedback. I am going to practice these affirmations. Thank you.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      This is beautiful and so helpful. I believe Affirmations are powerful and will definitely be sharing this.

      Great Hub. :)