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Affirmations For Money

Updated on November 8, 2013
I thank God for the Abundance and Money in my life. I hope these affirmations will help Millions of people all over the world.
I thank God for the Abundance and Money in my life. I hope these affirmations will help Millions of people all over the world.

Powerful Positive Affirmations For Money & Abundance

These affirmations for Money have been designed using NLP techniques. When you read them and repeat them frequently, you mind will absorb the embedded commands that will bring in more Money in your life.

You can record these affirmations in your own voice and play the recording while travelling or even sleeping. The more you listen to these affirmations, the more results you will get. The results will multiply further when you acknowledge your improvements, small or big.

  1. The fact that I love Money, make Money come to me in abundance.
  2. The endless ways by which I earn more Money allows me to have tons of Money in my Bank account at any point in time.
  3. I love earning and spending Money.
  4. My financial freedom comes from my openness to multiple sources of Money.
  5. The more I earn, the more I save and invest and the prosperous I become.
  6. My gratefulness for the Money I have already in life, brings more joy, more Money and more abundance.
  7. I know what it feels like to be deserving and to be worthy of receiving unlimited Money.
  8. My focus on what I love to do, gives me energy, joy and new possibilities for making more Money.
  9. My positive thoughts make my dreams come true faster than I can imagine.
  10. My trust in the universe, gives me the things I need effortlessly and easily.

Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction

  1. When I look around with my open mind, I see new opportunities and possibilities all around me.
  2. As I allow myself to have all the things I desire, the universe gives me all that is good for me in abundance.
  3. My creativity allows me to make the best of the opportunities that are aligned to my purpose and goals.
  4. The more I acknowledge and accept the good things life offers me, the more gifts I receive from the universe, in the perfect time.
  5. The more I give to the world, the more love I get and the more I enjoy my life.
  6. My increasing appreciation for all that I have allows me to feel good and do my best each day.
  7. I picture my success in every thing I do.
  8. The fact that I manage my Money well gives me more confidence to earn more.
  9. The generosity with which I deal with people, give me more success in relationships.
  10. As I listen to my inner guidance, I get clear about the actions I need to take to reach my goals.

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List of Affirmations for Money and Prosperity for Daily Contemplation

  1. The more I contribute to others, the more I feel I deserve more Money and Prosperity. My self esteem gets a boost due to my generous and caring nature.
  2. My focus on what I want to create allows me to take the necessary steps to make tons of Money ever month.
  3. I know what it feels like to be a Money magnet, attracting people, information and opportunities for making more Money,
  4. The fact that I say YES to new opportunities makes new channels of Money and Prosperity to flow in my life.
  5. Each new positive thought helps me attract more Money, Prosperity and Abundance.
  6. My creative mind gives me new ideas each day that fill my bank account will 100's of times the Money I can possible spend in a year.
  7. My positive thoughts and feelings give me unexpected income from multiple sources thus there is endless prosperity in my life.
  8. My love for Money makes me more prosperous with the passing of each day.
  9. The more I give to society the more I get from the abundant universe in unexpected ways.
  10. The feeling of plenty of Money as I recite these affirmations for money and prosperity makes me a Money magnet.

Best Affirmations for Manifesting More Money Now

  1. I deserve Money because I am contributing to others lives each day with my words and actions.
  2. Each day I allow myself to feel good about the Money I already have in my life, thus allowing more money to manifest in my life and feel the joy of growing richer with the passing of each day.
  3. The more I relax and let go, the more Money flows into my life, manifesting the abundance I desire.
  4. My thankful attitude and daily recitation of Affirmations for Money makes me feel good and aligned to receiving large sums of Money in perfect timing.
  5. The more I appreciate Money and the things I already I have in life, the more my inner self leads me to abundance.
  6. The more I spend Money on the things I love, the more positive I feel and more Money manifests in my life.
  7. My joyfulness attracts people towards me and allows me to manifest more money into my life in surprising ways.
  8. My increasing financial abundance comes from my belief that the universe can deliver anything I ask for, in abundance.
  9. I thank the universe for providing everything I need and filling my day with love, joy, happiness and abundance.
  10. Every time I repeat these affirmations, I experience more and more positive results, coincidences, miracles and surprises multiple times each day.

Is there any Affirmation that you repeat in your mind daily?

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