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Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity That Your Mind Can Hold Forever

Updated on November 21, 2013

40 Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

These affirmations for abundance and prosperity are designed to make you aware of the abundance that is already into your life. As you read these affirmations you will see them spread the prosperity in all areas of life. When you read the affirmations make sure you mean them as you repeat them in your mind. When you can feel them as true you will make them to work on your life really well.

When you FEEL the words you speak, when you relate it to what is happening in your life right now, when you imagine the outcome you want, you attract your desires into your life as a reality! As you recite these affirmations in a state of deep meditation, it will feel as if a pebble is thrown into a pond, you will feel its vibrations in your mind and body. New images, thoughts and feelings will arise. You mind will be filled with inner peace, joy and happiness.

  1. I know how it feels like to have abundance in all areas of life. I can sense it, feel it and see it.
  2. Just like there is plenty of air for everyone, there is plenty of Money for all of us on this planet.
  3. The way water flow down the river, Money flows into my life easily, effortlessly and faster than before.
  4. As I notice and confront my barriers, I dissolve them easily and Money flows easily into my life!
  5. The more I am open to new ideas, thoughts and feelings and the more the flow of abundance manifests in all areas of my life.
  6. I see abundance everywhere I go and everything I see and I always feel I have more than enough.
  7. I thank the Universe for abundance of love, peace and happiness that is already present in my life!
  8. Each day I become more aware of the abundance of friends, opportunities, time and money god has given me.
  9. I listen to people with respect and I am open to prosperity that flows into my mind through their vibrations, thoughts, ideas and experiences.
  10. I allow the universe to contribute in my life through the people I meet each day and I get blessed with view of abundance in every interaction.
  11. I am grateful for everything that God has given to me and my family and the more grateful I am the more abundance draws to me like a magnet.
  12. My prosperity consciousness makes me more and more prosperous. I love money and I see abundance everywhere I go.
  13. When I repeat the affirmations of abundance, my mind is filled with thoughts of abundance. I see abundance of money, love, happiness and opportunities every moment.
  14. The thoughts of abundance are dominant in my mind and I radiate them while talking to my friends and family. People love my radiance.
  15. Every time I see myself in the mirror I repeat some of these affirmation and I feel even better every time I do it.
  16. When I look at my past, I see it in the new light of abundance. I have always had enough and I thank the Universe for giving me more than I needed.
  17. I have abundance of friends and my life is full of love, joy and happiness.
  18. The more I appreciate the abundance of materials I have at my disposal, the more prosperous I become.
  19. As I allow people to help me become more prosperous, I get more and more gifts of abundance into my life.
  20. The more I see prosperity around me, the more it comes into my life.
  21. I sense abundance and prosperity in the people I meet and I absorb it instantly.
  22. I wonder what makes me attract abundance naturally and effortlessly.
  23. I have always had abundance and prosperity, as I look back at my life I realize it more and more.
  24. The moment I notice any resistance to the free flow of life, I let go of it and become open to a new level of prosperity.
  25. My increasing abundance allows me to do what I love to do and the more I do the things I love the happier I feel and the more prosperous I become.

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18 Powerful Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity

  1. I have stopped counting they new ways in which I keep expanding my prosperity and abundance every month.
  2. As a money magnet, I continue to attract new opportunities and new avenues to make money.
  3. When I desire something, the Universe aligns itself to it and brings the resources together for its manifestation.
  4. I am impressed with the spread with which the Universe turns my dreams and desires into reality.
  5. The fact that I am open to new avenues of income allows me to receive money in abundance.
  6. As I continue to rejoice in the prosperity of others, I continue to be prosperous in expected as well as unexpected ways.
  7. The more I let go of past thoughts, ideas and things the more room I create for abundance and prosperity in my life.
  8. The fact that the Universe has abundance of everything for everyone means that all my needs and desires can be met easily and effortlessly.
  9. Each time I read these affirmations, I strength my beliefs about prosperity and abundance.
  10. Since my self talk is all about abundance, I prosper in everything I do and achieve unlimited financial success.
  11. The fact that I hold prosperous thoughts allows me to attract abundance like a magnet and increase my wealth every day.
  12. The more I open myself to the flow of abundance in different areas of my life, the more the Universe surprises me with its blessings and gifts.
  13. The more I acknowledge the limitless supply of the Universe, the more I find myself surrounded by prosperity.
  14. As I release any feelings of fear or lack that may arise in my consciousness, I am filled with thoughts of prosperity and abundance.
  15. I allow myself to prosper and let prosperity flow through me and spread joy, happiness and abundance in my family.
  16. The fact that I see abundance everywhere allows me to find abundant resources for any project I undertake.
  17. I share my thoughts, ideas and experiences knowing that my creative expression is endless.
  18. I have abundance of time to do all the things I love to do and for the people I care about.

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15 Affirmations for creating Abundance and Prosperity Miracles in your life

  1. My work is a source of abundance for my life and I am thankful for my good health, prosperity and my growing abundance.
  2. Even when I read these affirmations once, the ideas are absorbed by my beautiful mind and recreated in various ways as my own thoughts.
  3. The more I realize the abundance in which I am living now, the happier I feel and the more open I am in receiving more abundance.
  4. My prosperity consciousness helps me to be at the right place at the right time to receive the abundance and prosperity life offers every day.
  5. I feel prosperous and the more I thank God for what I have, the more I get in various ways from the limitless Universe.
  6. Day and Night I draw more and more abundance into my life. Money flows easily into my life and I can feel deep peace and joy within me.
  7. With each new thought, I become more open to the flow of abundance in my life and the life of my loved ones.
  8. My increasing awareness of the abundance around me always gives me more than I can imagine.
  9. I wonder how my magnetic mind attracts the prosperity of the Universe and fulfils all my desires.
  10. My willingness to be led to the abundance I desire allows me to enjoy abundance in beautiful forms every moment of my life.
  11. All I need to do to feel prosperous and allow more abundance to enter my life to be grateful for the endless expressions of abundance that has blessed my being.
  12. As I acknowledge the limitless abundance of the Universe, I get new ideas to let the Universe to fill my life with prosperity I desire.
  13. I get success in all that I do due to the abundance of ideas, resources and people, sent by the Universe.
  14. In any area of life, when I look closely, I find abundance.
  15. I can feel the abundance that is all around me, in what ever I do and where ever I go.

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Abundance Affirmations with Music

20 Positive Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity for daily practice

  1. Every day I find new ways of attracting abundance to me, in ways that surprise me.
  2. I am amazed by looking at the ways prosperity manifests itself in my life when I look back at my past.
  3. With the passing of each day I rise to a new level of prosperity and accomplish all that I desire and expect.
  4. When I read these affirmation, I feel as though they are my own thoughts and ideas.
  5. I can feel the power of these prosperity affirmations long after I have finished reading them because they become a part of me instantly.
  6. I find myself filled with thoughts about prosperity and abundance all the time, in all circumstances.
  7. God has sent me on this planet to spread infinite abundance and prosperity in terms of money, property and friendships.
  8. I have more money than I can spend, save and invest because my life is a infinite blessing.
  9. I see abundance everywhere and what ever I touch turns into gold instantly.
  10. I am attracting so much money that after spending, saving and investing there is a lot of money spare, which I give in charity.
  11. I plant new seeds of abundance in the garden of prosperity, where my money grows and multiplies.
  12. Each day the Universe supplies me with new customers, new opportunities and new gifts.
  13. I more grateful I feel about the rich life that I am living the more gifts and blessings I receive from the Universe in spectacular ways.
  14. My business is prospering in ways that surprise people all around me.
  15. I spread the blessings I keep receiving from the Universe to the people who come in touch with me.
  16. Every time I read these affirmations, I experience a new serge of power in my ability to attract and experience abundance.
  17. As I continue to enrich the life of my customers, I continue to expand my business and prosperity.
  18. My business is thriving due to my abundant mentality and my bank account is over flowing with money.
  19. Day by day I am expanding my business exponentially and I share the fruits of my prosperity with my loved ones.
  20. I am making a difference in the lives of Millions on people and money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

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    • jashmiw profile image

      jashmiw 4 years ago from Mumbai

      Thanks Savio, for your compliment!

    • Savio Dawson profile image

      Savio Koman 4 years ago from Mumbai, India

      That's a nice one Jash! I myself am an abundance freak and when you intertwine God, the giver of abundance, it makes it even more interesting!!

      Good hub!!