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Affordable Dental Implants - Something to Smile About

Updated on January 30, 2010

Regain Your Smile

Affordable Dental Implants: Something to Smile About

The newest way to beautify your smile does not have to break your bank account. Affordable dental implants are not just a dream but a reality. More and more people are turning to dental implants as an option to replace missing teeth. The appearance and feel is more natural than bridges or dentures. They can last 20-30+ years and have a 95% or better success rate. The longer the procedure remains popular, the more options will become available to save money. Dental implants are more invasive and require more resources. They also may need more follow-up care. As a result, prices tend to run higher.

Smile Again

Affordable Dental Implants
Affordable Dental Implants

Dental Implants 101

The Procedure
Dental implants are synthetic teeth that have been surgically placed in the mouth. The procedure is ideally done by a prosthodontist who is specially trained to replace missing teeth. However, oral surgeons and dentists can receive training in dental implantation. Preparation of the client involves x-rays or 3-D imaging to ensure adequate jawbone to secure the implant. Bone grafts are placed in the jaws if it is determined bone density is poor. During the surgery, holes are drilled in the jawbone to accommodate metal screws. Once placed, the recovery period takes about 4 months. Adequate healing is indicated when the bone heals firmly around the implant. Caps or crowns are then placed over the screws that become the visible teeth. Several follow-up visits may be necessary to adjust crowns properly.

The Cost
The monies required to successfully implant teeth add up to a hefty amount. The going rate ranges from $1,200 to $3,000 per implant. The costs of x-rays or imaging, follow-up, and maintenance appointments push the dollar amount even higher. Higher prices lead to fewer clients so the industry makes less money. Making the procedure more cost-effective benefits everyone involved. A beautiful smile is now within reach due to resources that make dental implants less expensive.

Cost Cutters
1. Various schools of dentistry offer discounts for individuals who allow faculty members to perform the procedure for teaching purposes. In some cases, students are performing the surgery under the supervision of faculty.

2. Dental insurances are now extending coverage to dental implants. The American Dental Association (ADA) provides a list of insurance companies that provide payment.

3. Certain state programs provide partial payments for low-income families. The ADA also distributes a list of dental organizations that provide payment.

4. For those who are adventurous, research groups may provide payments for dental procedures when experimental materials are being tested. One can contact research institutions such as The National Institute of Health (NIH) for more information.

In brief, dental implantation is a highly invasive procedure requiring long-term care. The care needed to support an invasive procedure brings about higher costs. The growing popularity of dental implants demands lowering costs. There are various resources clients can use to acquire affordable dental implants. Ultimately, they are becoming something to smile about.


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      periodontics 5 years ago from 4312 Woodman Ave Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

      very useful post

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      Hanookai 5 years ago from 4312 Woodman Ave. Suite 100 Sherman Oaks Los Angeles

      This hub is with full of information regarding a dental implant treatment.