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Affordable Dentures Daytona Beach Florida

Updated on August 17, 2011

Broken in half 4 months later!!!

Not So Nice!!!

I had the opportunity to use the Affordable Dentures office in Daytona Beach Florida. I was very impressed with the great and happy service I received as their patient. Their nice and friendly attitude changed 4 months later, when eating sweet potatoes, the lower denture snapped in half.

I went back to the office, and waited to be seen, and they seemed annoyed that I came back with the broken denture. The lady who knows what her name is, took the denture and told me to come back by 2pm. I asked if I could pick it up the next day, as I was not feeling well, and I was told, no, by 2pm that day.

I cam back at 2pm, and the same lady came to the door, handed me the repaired denture, and looked at me with a stupid look. I put it in my mouth, and said okay, and left. I did not feel well, yet had no idea that when I got home and tried to chew, I could not.

The upper denture and lower denture were not lined up correctly, and I wondered why the dentist did not check the repaired denture in my mouth.

I returned the next day, and explained to the same not so nice lady, that I was not examined for the repair fit. The lady took me in, sat me down in a chair in the hallway, looked at the lower denture and said it looks okay to me. I told her I can not chew with it, after the repair. The same lady takes the denture again, comes back, and says ,the Dentist says that the denture is okay. I replied, how would he know when he never put it in my mouth and looked.

The same not so nice lady went away again, comes back and says here try it now. I place the lower denture in my mouth, and say I really do not know, and she says she will give me back my money, and I will have no teeth. I said no, it was then that I heard words that I could not believe I actually heard from any professional person.

The not so nice lady giggles and tells me that the whole time she pretended to adjust the lower denture and really did nothing to it!

This so called professional person, who is suppose to adjust this lower denture after the repair, and the breakage was due to their poor workmanship, this was not the cheapest denture, actually was lying to me and pretending to adjust the denture.

In conclusion, this person was actually saying that I was crazy, too bad for the repair job you have, and get lost. I have a lower denture that does not fit in my mouth.

I have other options in dealing with this place, and as I think about what my next move is I receive a nasty form letter in the mail from their Affordable Dental Office, banning me from coming into their practice. I was creating a disturbance for their office. The letter states that the office would honor their repair agreement, but I could not come to their office for the adjustment, even though I have to pay for the breakage.

I paid hundreds of dollars to this dental lab, for a product that broke in 4 months, was repaired and not fit for my mouth, the denture is useless. I could file a complaint with the State, which would force them to fix the denture, after they probably break my upper in spite!

My choice was to let the public know how bad they are as a business, I will have a regular dentist make a new denture, as I know have insurance coming and a new job. I will then send them a bill for the lower denture that I can not eat with, and causes sores in my mouth, and I will file a complaint for the pretend to adjust the denture game playing.

Perhaps a better choice is to try Aspen Dental in Daytona Beach, Fl and see if they can do it right.


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