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Affordable Treadmills - The Horizon T101 Treadmill

Updated on July 8, 2014

The Horizon T101 Treadmill - An Affordable Treadmill with a Few Extras

The Horizon T101 Treadmill has a few nice features that make it stand out a bit from the typical affordable treadmill. When you think of an affordable treadmill, you mind may wander off to a very aesthetic model with very little to offer other than a running deck and something to hold onto.

With it's T101 model, Horizon has struck a nice balance between keeping cost in line and building an sturdy treadmill with high performance features. We found this treadmill selling online for as low as around $600, but it has features you might find on other treadmill costing quite a bit more.

For example, the Horizon T101 has a fairly powerful 2.25 continuous duty horsepower motor. This power plant give the treadmill enough power to let you run at speed up to 10 miles per hour and on inclines as steep as 10 degrees.

Let's take a closer look at some of the features of the affordable Horizon T101 treadmill:

  • The running or walking belt ( the surface that you exercise on ) is 20 inches wide and 55 inches in depth. That is roomy enough for most running strides. You will see some treadmills a couple of inches wider and some treadmill that a 60 plus inches deep, but this running surface is sufficient for most treadmillers.
  • The deck is cushioned in a way that gives you shock absorption for your joints and support for when you stride.
  • The deck is two ply and 1.4 millimeters thick for durability.
  • This is a folding treadmill. You can fold the deck up to a vertical position and free up that space whenever you are not using the treadmill.
  • The frame is heavy and stable. This treadmill can support up to 300 lbs.
  • The console display feature 3 orange LED window displays where you can keep track of the progress of your workouts.
  • Nine workout options add variety to your exercise sessions day after day. You can choose from Time, Calories or Distance targets and Manual, Interval, and Weight Loss targets.
  • The Horizon T101 even includes feature like a cooling fan and speaker to help make your workout easier and more enjoyable.

What did Horizon T101 treadmill purchasers think of their treadmill? Okay, it's an affordable treadmill. It has some nice advanced features. But how does it perform in the real world?

We look at a good many customer reviews across the internet. At sites like and the Horizon home site we found dozens and dozens of reviews. The women and men that rated the Horizon T101 gave it good marks generally.

At Amazon, more than 100 reviewers gave it collectively a 4 out of 5 star rating. It was much the same at Horizon where 16 review gave this affordable treadmill 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars.

Reviewers like this treadmills quiet operation and sturdy design. More thought it was easy to set up than felt it was difficult to set up. Several liked that it was easy to store.

They most often used this treadmill for weight loss, heart rate training, and low impact exercise.
Other uses for the T101 included distance and performance training.

We feel this is an affordable and versatile treadmill that would meet the needs of most people who want a home treadmill for anything from brisk walking to fairly serious running several times a week.

Everyone has a opinion!


Do You Like Treadmilling

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Treadmilling as an exercise choice.

It rates well with the folks

You know, you can read all the junk printed on a treadmill or any other product and not really know for sure what you are getting.

The two best ways that I know of to assure yourself your getting what you expect is to try the thing out for yourself or study what other folks have to say about it.

Trying the T101 treadmill out for yourself is just a tad impractical. You either;

  • Need to jump on one at Dick's Sporting Goods and run as fast as you can until the associates grab you.
  • Get friendly enough with someone you know so that they will let you jump on theirs.
  • Or buy one and try it out.

None of these three choices is especially appealing, are they?

Well, the other way to go about it is to let other folks tell you all about it.

That's it. Press the easy button. :)

People like to brag on their shiny new things almost as much as they like to complain about a lemon they recently purchased.

You can find over a hundred reviews for this treadmill alone over at Amazon. Some folks love it. Half gave it a full 5 star review. Well over 80 % gave it a 4 or 5 star grade.

Some folks were indifferent or even HATED it. In fact, 8 men and women went so far as to give it only a single star!

Treadmill Workouts : How to Lose Weight Fast

Doesn't This Look Fun?


Treadmill Has Lots Of Benefits!

Some people like getting in their running, walking, and jogging within the friendly confines of home sweet home.

They love being able to exercise even when it is rainy, snowy, too hot or too cold, too dark, or just unsafe outdoors.

An at home treadmill is just so darned convenient they might say. It's so easy to hop on the treadmill and listen to music or watch your favorite program while you are "getting in your road work.

You don't have to worry with the hassles and expenses of working out at a gym.

More and more folks are enjoying the benefits of a good cardio exercise session while trimming the fat and toning the physique right at home.

Sounds good, huh?


Treadmills are great for the entire family.

Just think of it. You like to run vigorously several times per week. Your older parent could benefit from a nice stroll on the cushioned deck of a safe treadmill.

The kids need to get the blood circulating on a rainy day. And that husband of yours could be making some strides back toward the athletic build he had when you were dating.

No doubt about it. Our new treadmill is going to get lots of use!

Carson Likes Treadmills....Mostly

How often do you go on the treadmill, my friend?

See results

How I Do The Treadmill.

I am not a slave to my treadmill.

Oh, no, no, no!

It is a slave to me! :)

Sometimes I treadmill. other times I golf. Or take the dog for a walk. Or go for a swim at the lake.

Tread-milling is mostly a rainy day or inclement weather day exercise option for me.

You see, I love lots of variety in my working out. I am easily bored, I suppose.

But my treadmill is an exercise friend. One of many.

Exercise, Yes. But Take in Other Ways, Too!

Armed with the go ahead from your doctor, exercise is a god thing.

But it's not the only thing, of course. Even folks like me are beginning to realize that and take the appropriate steps. ( did you catch that pun, there?).

Eating clean, getting the right amount of rest, and keeping a positive frame of mind are important to good overall health and vigor.


Share your comments and questions about affordable treadmills here.

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