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Affordable Treadmills - The ProForm 590T Is Popular But How Does It Rate?

Updated on July 8, 2014

Taking a Close Look at the Proform 590T Treadmill

The Proform 590T Treadmill has a lot going for it. While it is not cheap it is an affordable treadmill. You can find it priced online at around $800. You get a lot of treadmill for that amount of cash. But once you get it set up ( and that is a chore! ). It is very easy to understand and make use of all the 'bells and whistles' on this unit.

The ProForm 590T Treadmill is a motorized treadmill with a speed range of from zero to 10 miles per hour. It is a running treadmill that can support a serious workout. The level of incline can also be adjusted up to 10 degrees. This is more performance than many people will ever need in a treadmill. If you are not intending to put this treadmill through it's paces, you are probably better off purchasing a more affordable treadmill and pocketing the savings.

Like many of the treadmills on the market today, this treadmill folds up. The running deck folds vertically and frees up some space for you. Then you can lean it back and move it around. Please note that rolling it out of a room is not easy. We moved a similar model of a ProForm Treadmill out of my Mom's home and it took two men huffing and puffing! ( But I'm glad it did have wheels.)

Features of the Proform 590T Treadmill

The ProForm 590T has received various awards from different online treadmill reviews sites such as Treadmill Doctor. Here are some of the notable features you'll find on one of these affordable treadmills.

  • The motor is powerful and quiet. It has plenty of power with 2.25 continuous horsepower.
  • The running deck absorbs the shock of running. It is cushioned and lessens the shock to your joints by about 15 per cent when compared to running on an asphalt road surface.
  • Heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars. You can keep track of your heart rate and stay in your training zone in order to get the best results.
  • The backlit LCD console is easy to read and gives you motivation during your exercise sessions.
  • It has a set of 12 workout where you select the number of calories you want to burn! The treadmill then adjust the workout time, your speed, and the amount of incline to let you achieve your calorie goal.
  • The speed can be adjusted up to 10 miles per hour.
  • The incline can go all the way up to 10 degrees above level.
  • The iFit Workout Technology that you can plug into the console let you go through workouts designed by a Certified Personal Trainer. * Please Note: This is NOT INCLUDED - you can purchase it separately.

A Honest Treadmill Review

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