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After Meals Do Not Do The 6 Works For Keeping Your Health Good

Updated on December 18, 2014

Keeping Your Health Good

Everyone worried for their health. There is no end of interest to learn that what is goo or bad for health.But amid much awareness we doing some work daily that is too bad for our health. Especially we doing this wrong after meals. Let’s look a short review to avoid these mistake.

1). Smoking:- Many are smoking immediately after eating which is very bad for health. However, smoking before eating or after eating both must be injurious to our health. Because Cigarette containing the Cancer elements that allows people to death slowly.

2). Drinking Tea/Coffee:- Most people prefer to drink tea or coffee.But many people drink tea or coffee in the afternoon or at night after eating. Tea is a good source of anti-oxidant and drinking moderate amount of tea per day can reduce heart health risk. but Tea contain polyphenols which prevents our body to take iron from green vegetables. So drinking tea or coffee after eating is too much bad for your health because we helps polyphenols for protect to received iron for our body which is the results of body is effected by Anemia. We should drinking tea or coffee at least after of one hour of eating.

3). Eating Fruits Immediately After Meals:- Many people loves to eat fruits after meals but it’s threw our body to risk.Because all most every fruit takes approximately 20 minutes to digest and with other foods in the stomach the fruit makes late in the process of digestion. it may cause such problem like abdominal pain, abdominal gas and indigestion.

4). Bathing Immediately After Meals:- Takes bath after eating makes delay for 20 to 30 minutes during the process of digestion of the body. Because at the time of digestion it is using a lot of energy As a result, after eating our body temperature slightly increases. It makes difference of temperature for taking bath after meals.

5). Immediately Walking After Meals:- Walking at fast is harmful for body after eating. Walking quickly after meals is cause the problem of our digestion process. So 30 minutes after eating a little bit walking is better for our health.

6). Sleep Immediately After Eating:-The most harmful thing to fall asleep immediately after eating. It is the Cause of many different health risks like , sleep problems disturbances in digestion, weight gain, and snore.

Health Is Wealth

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