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After a long, tiring, endless busy workday, I want to unwind What do I start With?...

Updated on April 12, 2012

After my busy work day.

I find it very hard to just come home an relax there are so many other things at home that I have to do but, I know I can find some time for myself so, I stop doing my chores an kick off my shoes and relax my feet, First thing's first a hard day can put so much pressure on us its good to relax those tired feet that we stand on everyday.We can start our unwinding experience knowing that we want to get pampered that way, we don't have to wait to be spoiled ,we can spoil ourselves a little.

First I light sum candles to give me nice warm thoughts and to help me calm myself down from my hard day, Next, a nice bubbly bath just to get my body realxed,soaked,and clean afterwards I unwind with a glass of red or white wine but I keep in mind that red wine is supposed to settle the stomach and also helps your heart and blood flow.

Meditation is great way to deal with the stress of each day .When I find myself meditating I think of what I did today and what I didn't do ,and what I would like to do better or how I could've changed the situations to make them better or worst , this can help because it relaxes your mind an also prepares you to take your life into your own hands.Meditation brings us closer to ourselves ,Making us realize that we are just one person and even though we try we can't do everything.

Another good way to relax is to get a great foot rub from your partner or even your children ,this gives us time to talk with your loved ones and this will bring you much closer. Unwinding is something the world has a problem doing everyone is so busy working hard ,going to school ,and doing regular activities ,that relaxtion most people don't see until the end of the week or sometimes not at all but these few tips will help you relax any time you want to like in the middle of a busy grocery store a doctor's appt, during a test, some anxiety issues and even during a heated argument relaxtion is the key to success and just relaxing sometimes and not getting overwelhmed with stress can help you have a healthier relaxed life.

First when it's kind of noisy in the house get away from it go somewhere quiet in your mind and just relax. Next, don't get upset during your relaxation time this is your time and don't let anyone mess it up.Third, Take control of all of the situations that made you have a bad day see what you can change.

Relaxation techniques are the key to a lot of things that stress us out on an everyday basis.Deep breathing exercisess are one of my favorite ways to relieve my stress and help me to relax and calm down. Breathing deep in an out seems to make me relax more.

Sometimes when I'm too stressed or angry I count backwards 10-dwn.This is a way to relieve stress but sometimes you'll find yourself counting in a mad or sad way depending on the issue and then you will realize maybe its not that serious in the fiirst place.

Exercising your body and mind can help you feel more realxed an not be so stressed, also eating the right foods like fruits and vegetables helps with irritableness,an stress that can weigh our bodies down with grief.

Smiling and being happy wouldn't hurt even if we have a stressful life or situation we have to smile sometime an give our bodies a good laugh this will help us live longer an happier lives.

Relaxation can be done anywhere,anytime, but sometimes we don't know how to relax ourselves but these few techniques will help you relax and in some cases make your day much better.

There are plenty of ways to relax, just make it happen we have to find time because these days a lot of us feel like we are out of it so, pamper yourself with some relaxation techniques and this will help your life go by alot smoother.


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