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Aftermath of Covid-19 in Schools

Updated on May 28, 2020
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What happens when the outbreak of this global pandemic finally ends?

China- the cause?

Is China really responsible?
Is China really responsible?


As it’s said that there's usually peace before a thunder arises. At present we are sitting in our houses bored because we are unable to enjoy going to theatres or other entertainment places. However, the lockdown is so much more than that; many of us aren’t get basic things of livelihood. In India, a lot of people have been fired, making them go broke. People, who earned money for a day’s living, those who don’t have savings are suffering through a lot. Many people aren’t taking lockdown seriously increasing the risk of its spread.

United States, a superpower is also in the clutches of COVID 19, with the fact that it is one of the countries with widespread COVID 19. United States, being mighty, is declaring a kind of open war on China for being the very cause of the spread of corona virus. Now this could potentially lead to a world war three, which in this modern world might use nuclear weapons.

Social Distancing- a Method Needed to Be Applied

After Lockdown Scenario?

Now, all this affects our after lockdown scenario, we don’t know exactly what would happen, but the world would probably go in a major economic depression. All of us would still be using the method of social distancing, which would reduce our interaction with people in real life and more of us would be using social media as the only place to interact with our friends. Cash would rarely be used as that might spread the infection. Wherever we go, there would be sanitary stations, and people would be trying to stay away from the crowd. There would be many major impacts of lockdown, we don’t know all of them yet as many countries haven’t reached the peak point, which would affect how long the lockdown will go on, to which almost no one knows to answer to right now.

The effect of corona would be in various fields. However, I being a student would like to focus in the field of education that is our schools. Now, to predict an after lockdown situation of our students, we must consider the present situation.

Online Classes - Feat:zoom

Online Classes;helpful or Not?

Many schools have started online classes, one of the platforms being zoom. However, studies aren’t as interactive anymore. Moreover, some students bunk classes and watch Netflix or play online games. A lot of students, on the other hand, are unable to join these classes even if they want to due to unstable internet connections, or the lack of an internet connection itself.

Getting back to those students who do have an internet connection, long hours of online classes would exhaust them both physically and mentally. Physically, their eyes might weaken resulting in a power of eyes to come. Mentally, their brain may start to ache; now I don’t know the cause of that, but it’s a personal experience. Moreover, the classes sometimes automatically disconnect creating an interruption. In addition to all this, online tests don’t exactly test because children can easily cheat, and if the marks are deducted for that it would create unjust for those who did the test honestly.

Now that we know how education is going on in quarantine, we can conceptualize how the scenario would be after the lockdown in schools and the reaction of both the students and faculty.


precautions must be taken during the spread of this deadly infection, but to what extent?
precautions must be taken during the spread of this deadly infection, but to what extent?

Aftermath on Schools?

Starting with the positive side, the students would get to know the meaning of school and would want to go to school, this is what I think from my experience and it obviously might be different for some. Going back to school after such a long time would mean that we would be full of energy and joyful. Extroverts would be the happiest ones to go back and meet their friends, whilst the introverts would take some time to adapt again. Personally speaking, I miss all the fun I used to have back in school, so when school opens I would be able to have all the fun again, won’t I?

The school, for obvious reasons, would change a lot. Students would be required to have minimum interaction along with wearing masks. Academics will take an abrupt turn and the entire burden would mostly fall on the students, but the teachers would also have to prepare themselves for the unforeseen to happen. Even when the students are allowed to go to school, many students won’t attend as a precaution until the disease has calmed down unconditionally. Many parents won't send their children back to school for the fear of the deadly infection.

As for the part, if students would be able to have fun like they used to, I don’t think so. Most of the sports require physical interaction, and so these would be banned. Sharing of any kind would also be prohibited. After months of being in no social interaction with anyone except family, children would face a hard time going back to their pre-corona routine, which I fear might not even be possible.

I hope you like this article, all I have said till now is according to my perspective, and your way of seeing the condition might be different. We don’t know exactly what would happen, but the results would be on the negative side.


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