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Agility Ladder - Improve Your Speed And Agility Exercises

Updated on August 8, 2010
Tanzanian team at the Sports and Science training. Image by Coca-Cola South Africa
Tanzanian team at the Sports and Science training. Image by Coca-Cola South Africa

What is an agility ladder?

Do you even know what an agility ladder is? I do not mean one you lean up beside the house to perform house repairs. The ladder we are referring to would be the one that strength coaches similar to me apply for athletic performance. The agility ladder looks just like a ladder in its outline but it can be built of plastic and a material similar to rope It is crafted from this stuff so you'll be able to arrange it flat over the ground in order to complete speed agility and quickness workout routines.

The purpose

The primary purpose for this agility ladder plan would be to promote a wide range of special foot and movement patterns. These actions become second nature, and so the body is in a position to immediately act in response to the different angles necessary. You'll be able to perfect your quickness by repeating the movements in training and the agility ladder is a practical device in a good agility plan.


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The awesomeness of agility ladder

The awesome feature about performing this sort of agility ladder workout drills is that you are able to do them just about wherever you've got a small smooth open place. Your front yard, a playground, and the local high school football playing field all work as good locations to implement the benefit of these kind of work outs. You are able to develop your footwork along with hand and eye coordination through performing high-knee runs, shuffles, in addition to bounding workouts all through the rungs in the ladder. Most of these drills ought to be executed using appropriate running mechanics along with form. They ought to also be done in an intense fashion to accomplish the full benefit. Agility ladder workouts are excellent and you'll be able to pretty much replicate them in any number of ways to execute both foot speed workouts and agility ladder routines. For those who have a reasonably long driveway or court and you do not want to spend the cash to get a ladder then you can merely build your own with a bit of colored duct tape which you obtain at your local hardware store! Should you go this way ensure that the ladder is not less than 5 yards long.

Agility ladder workouts

You will discover more than 20 distinct quickness work outs that could be used with an agility ladder and all of them help improve fast twitch muscle groups. The workouts range from lateral movement side steps, to front steps including staggered movement. All workouts require swift and explosive actions. These movements are what are behind the development of your fast twitch muscle fibers.

Speed training with agility ladder

Even a track participant will gain from this type of workout. The track participant will be able to get out of the blocks faster which translates into fast race times. The best training program for quickness will consist of an agility ladder, but also some overall speed and agility training, sound nutrition and diet, as well as appropriate core training to get the most out of the athlete's results.

Intermediate Drills

You'll get a quick feel of what genuine cardio is like when it comes to this form of exercise! Upgrade your performance now. Step up your training program to have the outcome you want.


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