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Angina Attack

Updated on August 12, 2009

Not a Heart Attack

Angina visited me in Long Beach, CA at a business conference. I had no warning it was coming until I looked back at the circumstances that led to it. My dermatologist who treats a chronic skin condition (eczema) had suggested I get a prescription of tranquilizers before going to the conference. Using "good stress" as a reason for my excitement, was not good. He informed me there's no such thing as "good stress." Stress causes eczema to spread, inflame, ooze, itch, and wreak havoc to my body and mind. I had taken tranquilizers before when this skin disease had worsen to a "hizzy", and vowed I would never do it again. The side effects and everyone knows how mind altering they are, convinced me that life was worth living without them. Off to Long Beach I went with major stress which I had labeled good.

Long Beach Trauma hospital is where I ended up after a pain went through my left back to my chest like a knife. Exploratory testing went on for 5 days in a hospital that places urgency on patients bleeding, not breathing, or dieing. Tests to determine whether or not I had a heart attack were administered. It wasn't a heart attack!

Angina (Pain)

Angina equal pain caused by pinched arteries. My doctor assured me I was not having a heart attack. Angina can lead to heart disease when not treated. In fact, it feels like you're having a heart attack. When there's pain in the chest, back, shoulder, areas, it wise to seek a physician's help.

Get A Second Opinion

I saught advice from two heart doctors. The first one sent me to have several heart tests done to see if I had a heart attack. The second one tested me for heart disease with more emphasis on testings for angina. After the battery of tests in Long Beach Hospital I returned home to St. Louis and later went to a doctor Springfield, IL who had anesthesia administered to me and a laproscope inserted in me. It revealed a pinched blood vein in my shoulder.

My pain took me from Long Beach to St. Louis to Springfield and the good news is it was "not a heart attack."


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