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Aging or Alzheimer Disease

Updated on February 26, 2013

Aging or Alzheimer’s Disease

Aging or Alzheimer’s Disease

Years ago society took the aging process in stride finding members of their family losing some of their daily functions, such as loss of memory and behaving a bit out of norm. Today the first time a family member becomes forgetful, we jump to conclusions they have Alzheimer's disease. That can be a very scary self-diagnosis to a family member, and to the rest of the family.

It is typical when someone is aging to find them becoming forgetful at times, but the critical part of this is if they don’t remember the forgetful incident. Watch to see that the family member doesn’t forget familiar territories when driving and walking, because that may be direct signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

If the family member goes to the kitchen and forgets what they go for, that is much different than walking down the road and forgetting who, or where they are.

Other things to watch for are their behavior in social incidents like going to a party or shopping, while showing inappropriate behavior. If they do something odd like forgetting how to use an appliance or telephone those things may cause alarm.

It is normal to grow old gracefully with a few I forgot this or that; most always the person will remember doing these things. Even those in their twenties or thirties will have their mind on something else and forget what they are doing. That is just a normal multi-tasking failure in most people where their mind is on multiple things.

Its best to alert your family physician and take all medications the patient is taking with you, considering some people have multiple doctors for different ailments. Some medications are known to cause the very symptoms we worry about. If nothing seems out of the normal range of aging, relax and don’t alarm the patient or yourself.

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