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Aging with blinders on.

Updated on September 28, 2012

Aging while wearing blinders.

What does it mean to age while wearing blinders? In my experience this could be described as seeing things that actually go on around you but you choose to ignore it. Yes, some things are best left alone but still we have to deal with these types of occurrences in one way or another because they do affect us eventually.

Many of us become bitter and jaded as the years go by, not even noticing the changes that have taken place, not realizing that our outlook on life has been seriously degraded. How do we stop this, can we reverse this process? There is an answer to this and I will elaborate on it further down the article. From my observations there is a certain cynicism that seems to grow as we experience more in life; please excuse me - this does not include every living, aging person on the earth; there are many exceptions.

The sad truth is that the vast majority of us just may be guilty of the above shortness of sight. I am not pointing fingers, I am not saying that I am not at fault for the above crimes, I am and fully admit it. Realizing these things about yourself does not bring about a feeling of joy but it does make you aware of it and you can move forward while trying to make changes in the way we think.

A great movie that has so much meaning is a child's movie, the Lion King, if you have not seen it you really must, there just may be a few words of wisdom there that will live with you always. As an example when Rafiki hits Simba with his walking stick and Simba asks him what he did that for, Rafiki says, 'It doesn't matter, it's in the past'. How much we do hang onto the bad experiences from the past, we remember the good as well, but boy oh boy we can't seem to let go of the bad. Another is Hakuna matata, meaning there are no worries, a Swahili phrase.

Who do we think we are?

We, who are sitting here, blogging away on our computers fret about inane things. We should be happy, we were not one of the Japan earthquake victims or a left behind family member, that is just to name one recent disaster... They also brought another Canadian Soldier home today who lost his life in an explosion in Afghanistan. We have yet another election to face in Canada because the politicians continue to play games with our minds and tax paying dollars; that is getting way off track isn't it?

We live in a world filled with an estimated population of 6,852,472,823 in mid-year 2010, and just who are we and what do we matter in the grand scheme of things? Cultures have different beliefs and just because we think one way does not mean all others should believe and do the same things we do. What makes us right and them wrong? or vice versa? Their minds have been conditioned in one way, ours have been conditioned in another, simple as that.

We have control over ourselves and only ourselves, we cannot control our children, our spouses or any other living being for that matter. We can do our best to try and guide them, if you are doing the guiding please make sure that you have found the best and truest route for them to follow. Always remember, what is right for one is not necessarily right for another, keep an open mind as you travel down the road. See who you are, take off your blinders, realize your actions and try to fine tune your actions so that they bring about the right reaction.

  • Reason, some just cannot be reasoned with, it is not possible in their present state of mind.
  • Compassion, comes from within and a life long journey has brought you to who you are today. Would you say you are overflowing with compassion?

It is sad, I purchased a domain to show respect for some who have fallen while serving their country and it's been a few months now and I cannot get heartfelt comments added in and sent out to those that serve. We seem to be too busy to stop and 'smell the roses'.

Shame on me and shame on you that thinks we are above others, we are the same and created equally. When we cross over, what material possessions we have here mean nothing over there. Will you be there to see those you slighted here on the other side, which way will you go? This is not to say all people deserve our respect, for many do not, but we must withhold our judgment, it is not up to us.

The next time you are out and another person is rude to you, go somewhere else, pray to God that this person will learn right from wrong. Once it is done, it doesn't matter, it's in the past, remember. We cannot just forget our pasts but we can learn and grow from them, use what was good, mend what was bad. Don't let life hold you in a death grip where you struggle to breathe, our time here is short, make the most of what you have been given. Help others where you can, sometimes just holding a door is enough, say Please and Thank You.

Giving to those in need makes you feel good!

If you have a few spare dollars give to those who are in need. I donate yearly to the Mustard Seed, with World Vision I have one sponsor child and also donate to Plan Canada. This does not guarantee you entrance beyond the pearly gates unless of course you are giving because you want to, not because you feel you have to... Give because you can and want to.

God is busy and he could use a little help. I have heard people and here is what they say, 'Why would you give money there, they never see the money anyhow'. I give in hopes that it does help at least one person, if someone steals it from them, it is the thief that will eventually pay the price.

The next time you go out, look around, really look around. All those around you, they have their own life issues and sometimes they direct anger at innocent people; don't worry, it's not your issue. I'm not saying you should take their guff, you have the right to walk away. Look at them, just look at them, read the misery that may be present on their face and hope to heck that you are not and do not become like this. Use it as an example of what you do not wish to become.

All people are different, what is right for one may not be right for another, that does not make us more right than them... we are, we breathe and we continue to go on, make the most of it, bringing happiness to others will bring happiness to you, it does make me feel better, at least try to make that minute difference for the betterment of someone else.

Stop now, do not grow more despondent as you age, you have the power to stop it. We all work, unless of course we are fabulously wealthy, a lot of us go to jobs that don't exactly make us jump for joy, we'll get by. Plan for a happier tomorrow and if you are upset with a co-worker or other person that you encounter, remember this, it's doesn't matter... You can work your way out of having to spend time in their presence, solutions come; sometimes it takes a few minutes, hours or days and at other times it can take a few years perhaps. Things will upset you that you have no control over, you will get over it. "Remember Who You Are".

Sometimes we can't help our Forgetfulness

Talk about aging gracefully, sometimes that is difficult if you forget to put your shoes on before you head out the door? Have you ever walked out of the house in your slippers? You probably won't be the first person to do so or the last. It's hard to make a list for that one, maybe we just need to hang a sign by the door, 'Don't forget to put your shoes on!'

Then again when it comes to packing up for a trip somewhere and you head on out the door and an hour later you go to your other half, "Did you bring my wallet?", "No, didn't you bring your own wallet?" is the answer you receive. Then you realize wow, this is getting pretty silly, need to make more lists.

Are you getting older and feel the need to make lists so you don't forget anything?

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