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Agrimonia Eupatoria

Updated on April 12, 2011

L 'Eupatoria Agrimonia L. is a perennial herb with a small rhizome from which a leafless erect up to 80 cm high.

The leaves are whitish green on the bottom and the top has serrated edge and the base have two different shaped leaves (stipules) that wrap around the stem.

The inflorescence is composed of many small yellow flowers, each having five pieces of a glass tube attached to a height that has a corolla with five yellow petals.

The fruit is composed of two alkenes enclosed in the glass tube. Thanks to the presence of hooks, sticks to the fur of animals that pass by, encouraging their dissemination in remote areas.



It is in large parts of Europe, in south-east Asia and North America, to Mexico. In Italy you can find both in mountain areas, on the edge of woods and pastures, or in areas with Mediterranean climate, especially in open areas, dry and sunny.


The Agromonia is rich in tannins, glycosides, flavonoids, vitanima B and K, iron and essential oils that give this plant anti-inflammatory, astringent, healing, diuretic, hemostatic, analgesic.

In the past this plant was much used (as opposed to today, which remains unknown to most people) to combat diseases of the liver, eyesight and memory loss in addition to being considered an excellent remedy against the poison of snakes.

She is known for its medicinal properties since the times of Pliny the Elder, used for liver diseases. In particular, the flowering tops are used against liver failure. It is then used as a stimulant of bile flow and catarrhal enteritis, as well as general cleansing and decongestant. It can be used for external use against conjunctivitis, inflammation of the mouth and nose, and especially against many skin diseases, due to the presence of a substance, ursolic acid, which has an activity comparable to cortisone


Plant parts used are the leaves of Agrimonia and flowering tops collected at the beginning of flowering and then dried in a well ventilated and dark.

The infusion and decoction of agrimony are used to combat the bleeding, diarrhea, liver disorders and urinary disorders, inflammation of the throat (the singers and actors consider the best to avoid hoarseness and make the voice more clear) , rheumatism, arthritis and diabetes.

Is excellent for outdoor use in case of itching and as a decongestant, for dermatitis and acne. The tablets are very good with the decoction in the case of dislocations and sprains.

In the kitchen is used for the preparation of tea, slightly bitter taste.



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