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Updated on March 6, 2013

Recently there has been a lot of craze in the news with the whole possible cure for AIDS phenomenon. A woman with AIDS gave birth to a baby who was infected initially, but after a series of strong treatments the baby was seemingly cured of aids.

This seems like a miracle almost too good to be true. After all so many people have died of the AIDS over the years. Some people think the baby was cured because the virus did not have a chance to multiply in the system yet.

Well, this whole accident does give us hope. I mean just imagine how many lives can be saved as a result of this research. Now hopefully they will start conducting clinical trials to know more about this possible cure.

Clinical trials are great. AIDS patients can surely use the medication and the money that comes along with the experience. These folks do not have too much to lose, but they can get their life back if cured. Imagine if they get cured for free. It is like a gift sent from heaven.

I hope that cancer treatment can be explored with the same curiosity. I believe this disease can be treated in a similar fashion, but possibly with a different drug cocktail.

AIDS is a strange kind of virus and still we are not sure exactly where it came from. I guess if two clean people have intercourse they are not likely to infect each other. It is the unclean lifestyle of multiple partners coupled with drugs and shared needles that is to blame for this epidemic. Hopefully people can learn to be more responsible with the way they conduct themselves and how they managed their bodies.


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